Robin Celebrity Watchlist

Now You See Me 2 - Trailer
02:25 — THE FOUR HORSEMEN Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco, Lizzy Caplan return for a second mind-bending adventure, elevating the limits of stag (more…)
Red Robin's Sam Adams Octoberfest Beer Milk Shake
03:04 — In honor of Oktoberfest, Red Robin throws down the tuba-and-suspenders Germanic festival gauntlet with a Sam Adams Octoberfest beer milk shake, a pret (more…)
Supertaster Daily: Red Robin's Fiery Ghost Burger Will Kick Your Ass
02:38 — The bhut jolokia (or "ghost pepper" is reputedly the world's hottest—so what's it doing on a Red Robin hamburger? And is it lethal, boring, or balance (more…)
Slice and Dice Showdown: Episode 5
02:35 — Robin and Ron compete to sort out the most green cereal.
Jason Is Dead
01:20 — Robin tells Patrick that Jason is dead.
Robin Thick Caught by the TMZ Tour
01:05 — It was a really quick interaction with the tour bus … so let’s replay it! Now … slow mo!
Robin Williams: Irrepressible Actor Dies at 63
02:20 — Robin Williams was one of the most explosively, exhaustively, prodigiously verbal comedians who ever lived, says film critic A. O. Scott. And the only (more…)
Jason Wakes Up
01:18 — Robin is shocked when Jason comes back to life.
This Week's Movies: August 15, 2014
03:26 — The New York Times film critics review "The Giver," "Abuse of Weakness" and "Frank." Produced by: Robin Lindsay
Gilbert Gottfried Remembers Robin Williams
00:49 — Gilbert Gottfried told our camera guy his favorite Robin Williams memory at a press conference in Germany.
Billy Crystal Will Present Robin Williams Tribute at the Emmys
01:37 — A good friend of Robin Williams, Billy Crystal will present a tribute to him at the 2014 Primetime Emmys on Monday, August 25....
This Week's Movies: Aug 29, 2014
03:11 — The New York Times film critics review "Starred Up," "Through a Lens Darkly" and "The Notebook (Le Grand Cahier)." Produced by: Robin Lindsay
Billy Crystal Pays Tribute to Robin Williams
03:13 — Whoopi and Billy Crystal talk about "Comic Relief" and pay tribute to Robin
Robin Kisses Regina
00:48 — Robin is tired of fighting his feelings for Regina.
Regina Warns Robin About the Spell
01:30 — Regina doesn't want Robin to see the bad in her.
Top Google Global Searches: Robin Williams, Ebola
10:45 — In TODAY’s Take, Natalie Morales, Willie Geist, Al Roker and Tamron Hall talk about some of the top global searches of 2014 on the search engine, incl (more…)
01:10 — Robin Lord Taylor recaps Fish’s downfall and teases the big changes that are to come.
Top 8 Girls: Tyanna Jones
01:38 — From the start, Tyanna has wowed us with her vocally powerful, high-energy performances. Nothing has changed on the Fillmore stage, where she puts on (more…)
Robin Thicke Celebrates His Big Loss
01:55 — Robin Thicke knows how to throw a party — even an “I just lost a $7 million lawsuit” party.
Bat-Nipples: Chris O'Donnell Talks About 'Batman & Robin'
02:09 — Actor Chris O'Donnell talks about the two Batman films he appeared in and comments on the controversial Bat-nipples.
Robin Lord Taylor On His ‘Gotham’ Journey
02:11 — The actor notes that his Oswald Cobblepot began his journey in the “Gotham” pilot as a low-status underling, but soon was making his first steps towar (more…)
The Heroes Fight the Fury
01:27 — Regina and the heroes help save Robin.
Dylan Penn Shares Acting Advice She Got from Her Famous Parents
01:09 — The daughter of Sean Penn and Robin Wright is stepping into acting for the horror flick 'Condemned.'
Can Robin Save Emma?
00:38 — Robin is shown footage of Emma in danger.
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