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Season 3 — Episode 7 (Season Finale)

This season finale was the perfect way to end the much too brief third season. Yes, we got one more episode this season than last, but Bravo, throw us a bone next season — how about twice as many episodes? Kathy brings in both the ratings and the Emmy nominations, so I think this D-lister-that's-actually-a-C-lister deserves a longer season, don't you?The promos indicated that Kathy would head to Ireland with her father's ashes. But so much else occurred before the poignant ending, so there were jam-packed highlights galore:— What's a Kathy episode without at least one Oprah diss? Would anyone else on this planet have the guts to say on national television things like: "Oprah thinks she's Jesus"? Nothing's funnier than Kathy-as-Oprah-as-Jesus getting a paper cut (holding her hand out): "Stigmata?" Oops. I'm wrong — there was something funnier. Kathy saying "I don't have the mansion in Montecito that she does. I don't have the hot girlfriend. But I can give." I had to r... read more

Star Jonesing for the Riverses

As any true fan of the Emmys knows, the arrivals are almost holier than the show itself. It's our first look at who's wearing what, who's had some work done — and who needs to — not to mention where we find proof that certain former costars aren't so cozy anymore. And for years, the keepers of that sacred land have been the mom-daughter mess of Joan and Melissa Rivers. Tacky, tough and maybe a little tanked, the red-carpet commandos made every mistake in the book. And we loved them for it. So much so that we hired them away to the TV Guide Channel. Unfortunately, due to a few legal loopholes, our picky pair had to sit out this season's kudosfest, leaving Payless queen Star Jones to fill their shoes for Live from the Red Carpet, E!'s annual parade of pretty people piling into L.A.'s Shrine Auditorium. And while she probably won't win a statue for cloying her way down the carpet, there were a few bits leading up to TV's 56th annual p read more

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