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I was wondering if you shared ...

Question: I was wondering if you shared my opinion that House has really moved beyond its original status as a delivery system for Hugh Laurie's wonderful performance and become one of the best all-around shows on the air. Starting with the marvelous five-episode arc built around Chi McBride's guest appearance, into the Emmy-winning "Three Stories" episode and now the amazing episode on Sept. 20 about the child cancer patient, it seems to me that the writing, originally just medical procedural filler, has become deeper and more profound. House and Wilson's argument about the nature of courage in the face of death last week was some of the best character stuff I've seen on TV in ages. And don't get me started about the scene where House confronts the girl hoping (or so it seemed to me) to convince her to give up. Genius! Also, when is Robert Sean Leonard going to start to get his due for bringing out what's best about Laurie's? Answer: No argument here. It takes a while for a show to ... read more

Do you happen to have any ...

Question: Do you happen to have any House spoilers? I love that show.

Answer: I have it on good authority that Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) will experience some marital discord and it'll interfere with his job.

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