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Have Any Burning Questions About House?

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Got burning questions for Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard about the new season of House and how House and Wilson can fix their relationship? Send 'em our way and we'll ask the actors directly for a coming story!House returns to Fox Tuesday, Sept. 16 (9pm/ET). read more

Can House's Wilson Forgive and Forget?

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In last seasons stunning House finale a grieving Wilson Robert Sean Leonard was in no mood to forgive his self-centered pal House Hugh Laurie whod been tangentially involved in the death of Wilsons girlfriend Amber Anne Dudek To gear up for the premiere Sept 16 at 8 pmET Fox we asked Leonard about the future of their friendshipTV Guide Give us some scoop on the relationship between House and Wilson when the show returnsRobert Sean Leonard Well Im allowed to say that I got to go home for a while Houses selfishness indirectly caused a major tragedy in Wilsons life Even if he doesnt blame House its still heartbreaking Wilson just wants to move onTV Guide How will the relationship change when Wilson returns He took a lot of abuse from HouseLeonard And he will continue to do so House is the Phantom of the Opera a mysterious brilliant antisocial jazz-loving bourbon-sipping cant-hold-a-woman lead guy read more

Finale Fever: Bones, House and More

Robert Sean Leonard in House by Greg Gayne/Fox

As the season rushes to a close, so do the fates of many characters in one wrenching season finale after another. This is the time of year when terrible things tend to happen to terrific characters, and that was certainly the case on Fox’s Monday night shows.Starting with the best: House. Kristi Yamaguchi wasn’t the only one clocking a perfect score last night—yes, I played back Dancing With the Stars to come down off my emotional House high. House scored a “10!” (mimic Bruno’s fist pump) with this gripping two-part finale, which shockingly and movingly pulled the plug on the character of Amber, whom we will no longer refer to as Cutthroat You-Know-What. She stole Wilson’s heart, and ultimately ours, and Anne Dudek was magnificent throughout. When it was made clear that nothing could save her from the multiple traumas triggered by that bus crash that fractured House’s memories, painful goodbyes were in order for a truly memorable character. (T... read more


How does being beautiful — or deformed — make others treat you differently? That was the central theme in tonight's episode, and it brought out some unexpected twists and revealing moments for House, as well as the POTW.Kenny is on his way to Princeton-Plainsboro for surgery to correct the major congenital facial deformity that keeps him from being "just another face in the crowd." The catch is that the entire experience is being filmed (and bank-rolled) by a documentary crew. Everything's set to go in the OR and Chase is about to perform the surgery when the kid has a heart attack, followed by a host of other symptoms that seem to jeopardize his facial surgery.Meanwhile, Dr. Terzi (Michael Michele) has shown up for "class" with the rest of the Wannabes, who immediately start trying to figure out whether she's guaranteed one of their coveted spots. House, who clearly has the hots for her, can't stand the fact that he's sort of hired her, and has a little heart to heart wit... read more

The House Wimp: Why Robert Sean Leonard Loves His Job

Robert Sean Leonard, House

TV Guide spoke with House's friend and tormentor on sparring with Hugh Laurie, making Wilson more prickly and vegging out with Dog Whisperer. (House airs Tuesdays at 9 pm/ET on Fox.) TV Guide: It seems your character, Dr. Wilson, is finally giving it to House as good as he gets. But why is he friends with such a curmudgeon? Robert Sean Leonard: House is brilliant, self-deprecating and witty. What's not to like? OK, he mistreats people — but in a really amusing way. Almost every­thing the guy does is for some purpose. And Wilson's a lot more secure in his friendship with House now. I think that has changed, as Hugh and I have changed on the show, too. TV Guide: Your real-life relationship has changed? Leonard: Sure. W read more

Do You Have Any Burning Questions About House?

NO MORE QUESTIONS ARE BEING ACCEPTED AT THIS TIME. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION.As high-sterical as the Hugh Laurie interview in the new issue of TV Guide is, it may have left you wondering a thing or two about the new season of House. As part of an upcoming TV Guide Network special, we're going to have some of the folks over at the Fox series answer several of your "burning questions, as submitted here in this blog.As always, we ask that you limit yourself to two questions per user. read more

May 29, 2007: It's Tuesday

It wasn't the most exciting finale I've ever seen. It was subtle yet managed to surprise with a twist: House was left with no ducklings on his payroll. But even that move raised only my eyebrow and not my heart rate — as, say, last season's finale did.First of all, House fired Chase. Just when I started to like him. I blame Wilson. He's always buzzing in House's ear about this or that. Now it's about House and his fear of change. Next thing you know Chase has no job. Nice work, James. Then there was Marina (Mercedes Renard) and her mysterious illness. Roiling seas aside, Esteban (Omar Avila)and Marina's desperate voyage from Cuba to New Jersey for treatment at the hands of Princeton-Plainsboro's foremost diagnostician resulted in a case that flatlined pretty quickly. After all the focus on losing Marina's medical records at sea, this didn't have an impact on her treatment. Then Esteban, the husband shown to be extremely concerned about the love of his life, would only raise a l... read more

May 15, 2007: The Jerk

Just ask him to stay already! Am I the only one who wanted to reach through the screen and scream this at House? Foreman wants to stay, House wants him to stay, but they are both too stubborn to make that happen without the other asking for that privilege. Men. The funny thing is, Foreman is leaving because he doesn't want to turn into House, yet here he is acting just like the man. Methinks it's time for a little self-reflection, Eric.How funny was this week's patient? Nate, played with finesse by Nick Lane was an obnoxious teenager suffering, it turns out, from hemachromatosis — too much iron in his blood — which had him in excruciating pain. Much to his beleaguered mother's (Colleen Flynn) dismay, Nate's personality problems were not a side effect of his illness. Nate's prickly style had Chase declaring him evil and Foreman sedating him purely to shut him up. Is it any wonder that House liked him? In the midst of figuring out Nate's problem, Foreman tried to solve a li... read more

May 1, 2007: Family

Timing really is everything. Could Matty (Dabir Snell), on the verge of donating his life-saving bone marrow to Nick (Jascha Washington), his leukemia-stricken brother, have picked a worse time to get sick? Sure, it wasn't Matty's fault that his house was built on chicken droppings and that he played in dirt filled with gross bacteria that infected him with hystoplasmosis. But still, tick tock. Nick's got four days to live and Matty needs to be healthy to be a donor. What's worse is that it's taking his doctors nearly all of those four days to make a diagnosis.Maybe if Foreman, still reeling from the loss of last week's patient, wasn't, understandably, pussyfooting around his diagnoses, things might get done faster. You see, he's reluctant to kill again — and who wouldn't be? But this irks House, who, of course, has turned on the countdown clock to Foreman's dismissal. You only get so much time to lick your wounds in this hospital. With that in mind I'm glad that Foreman pulled... read more

April 17. 2007: Act Your Age

Hi everyone,I’m so sorry to have missed recapping this week's house but as Angel posted I was flat on my back reenacting my very own NyQuil commercial complete with nighttime sniffling, sneezing, coughing and aching. But I'm back at work now with a recap in hand and though it's a couple of days late hopefully you won't find it to be a dollar short. Thanks for keeping the discussion going in my absence.-RhodaSeriously, what show am I watching? From the daycare-teacher-doing dad (Erich Anderson) to the off-again Cameron-Chase pairing to the Wilson-Cuddy-House triangle I am on relationship overload. Add Wilson's should-I-shouldn't-I-does-she-doesn't-she back and forth and there is too much relationship stuff swirling around this show. I half expected Chase to drop a 'McSurly' on House. I know there are a lot of 'shippers' out there rooting for a Hameron sandwich or a Huddy huddle, but I'm telling you now, we need to keep that stuff in Seattle. In its own over the top manner Ho... read more

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