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Young the Giant: Something to Believe in
03:55 — Young the Giant Performs "Something to Believe in"
Grouplove Performs "Welcome to Your Life"
04:15 — Welcome to Your Life
Grouplove: Borderlines and Aliens
04:00 — Grouplove Performs "Borderlines and Aliens"
Miranda Lambert: Vice
03:55 — Miranda Lambert Performs "Vice"
Wyatt Russell Reads a Text Goldie Hawn Sent Him
02:01 — Wyatt shares a text from his mother Goldie Hawn and talks about what it was like to grow up with famous parents.
Kimmel Staffers Read Texts from Their Moms
03:22 — Mother's Day is a chance to honor the women who gave us life, who love us, who leave us long voicemails and send us nonsensical texts. Jimmy loves the (more…)
Donald Trump Is Choosing a Vice President
00:39 — Now that Donald Trump is the presumptive GOP nominee, speculation about who he’ll pick as his VP is on the rise. The way he's planning to do this is g (more…)
Wyatt Russell Had a Professional Hockey Career
01:41 — Wyatt talks about playing minor league hockey and recalls his dad Kurt Russell coaching him in baseball.
Julie Bowen Wore a Latex Catsuit to a Fancy Party
06:44 — Julie talks about her husband's jury duty and shares an embarrassing story about attending a party thrown by her "Modern Family" co-star Sarah Hyland.
Can Julie Bowen Identify Her Kids by Feeling Their Faces?
04:43 — Julie does her best to guess which children are her own.
Wyatt Russell's Embarrassing First Acting Gig
01:30 — Jimmy surprises Wyatt with video of his very first acting gig.
Julie Bowen's Kids Are Too Tech Savvy
02:50 — Julie talks about spray tanning, texts from her mom and the fact that one of her kids made a slightly naughty website.
Salma Hayek's First Time Playing a Lesbian Taco
02:24 — Salma talks about her unconventional role in the film "Sausage Party".
Drunk Donald Trump: Harrisburg, PA
00:28 — We slowed Trump way down for another edition of Drunk Donald Trump.
Nikki Glaser Spent 24 Hours at a Strip Club
04:26 — Nikki recalls some of the crazier things she's had to do for her talk show, including spending 24 hours in a strip club.
Hugh Grant Explains Kimmel Liqueur
03:47 — Hugh talks to Jimmy about a bad-tasting liqueur called "Kimmel."
Britney Spears Pranks Jimmy Kimmel in the Middle of the Night
02:57 — Britney assembles a team of dancers and marches over to Jimmy's house.
Commercial for Captain Morgan's Under 35 Movement With Guillermo
01:38 — Guillermo travels through time to speak with the founding fathers.
Steve Martorano & Jimmy Kimmel Cook Crabs
07:25 — Steve teaches Jimmy and Guillermo how to make two different dishes.
Bachelorette Jojo's Parents Are Called For Their Blessing
00:49 — Both Robby and Jordan met Jojo's parents.
Hugh Grant Is Bringing Back Mooning
01:19 — Hugh talks about how he likes to moon his kids.
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