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Turner Classic Birdman
11:25 — Turner Classic Movies' Robert Osborne introduces a recently "discovered" episode of the "classic" "Birdman" series. In this very special Birdman, a p (more…)
TCM Presents And the Oscar Goes To - Official Trailer
00:30 — Fathom Events and Turner Classic Movies invite you to relive great moments in Hollywood’s history with the acclaimed documentary And the Oscar® Goes T (more…)
Robert Osborne on TCM Launch Day
Tavis Smiley on the #OscarsSoWhite debate
02:09 — For the second consecutive year the Academy Awards did not honor actors of color among its nominees. The lack of racial diversity has provoked a lot o (more…)
What's in the Oscar swag bag?
01:35 — An L.A. marketing firm dispenses a bounty of luxury goods, travel packages and other gifts to the top Oscar nominees - everything from plastic surgery (more…)
Happy Leap Year Day
01:19 — On February 29th we celebrate that quadrennial anomaly known as Leap Year Day. Jane Pauley reports on how the day originated.
Who will win this year's Oscars?
02:47 — Film critic David Edelstein offers his picks on the actors and films that will take home an Academy Award.
Kramer vs. Kramer (1979)
Robert Osborne Introduces Kramer vs. Kramer, 1979.
Steel Magnolias (1989)
Robert Osborne Introduces Steel Magnolias, 1989.
Broadcast News (1987)
Robert Osborne Introduces Broadcast News, 1987.
Tootsie (1982)
Robert Osborne Introduces Tootsie, 1982.
Under The Volcano (1984)
Robert Osborne Introduces Under The Volcano, 1984.
Seven Days In May (1964)
Robert Osborne Introduces Seven Days In May, 1964.
Broadcast News (1987)
Robert Osborne introduces Broadcast News, 1987.
Being There (1979)
Robert Osborne Introduces Being There, 1979.
Divine Madness (1980)
Robert Osborne introduces Divine Madness, 1980.
Billy Budd (1962)
Robert Osborne Introduces Billy Budd, 1962.
Smile (1975)
Robert Osborne introduces Smile, 1975.
Easy Rider (1969)
Robert Osborne Introduces Easy Rider, 1969.
The Green Berets (1968)
Robert Osborne Introduces The Green Berets, 1968.
And The Oscar Goes To... (2014)
Robert Osborne Introduces And The Oscar Goes To …, 2014.
Sense And Sensibility (1995)
Robert Osborne Introduces Sense And Sensibility, 1995.
The Caretakers (1963)
Robert Osborne Introduces The Caretakers, 1963.
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