Sat Oct 17 4:00am
One Man's Justice FLIXe

An Army sergeant goes after the gunrunners who slaughtered his family, with the help of a wily preteen kid.

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Mon Oct 19 11:00am
CSI: MiamiManhunt(Season 9, Episode 4) A&E

The man who murdered Horatio's wife five years ago escapes from prison and goes on a killing spree as he tries to locate his missing daughter, who is in foster care. The investigation reveals his victims may all be connected to the girl.

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Thu Oct 22 11:00am
CSI: MiamiLast Stand(Season 9, Episode 13) A&E

The state attorney is gunned down during a press conference following a drug raid and a public defender appointed to represent one of the suspects is murdered. The investigation leads Horatio to the man who murdered his wife and who wants to reclaim Miami (more…)

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