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CSI: Miami Says "Happy Birthday" with Its 200th Episode

David Caruso

For most network shows today, producing 200 episodes is a rarity. So, how did CSI: Miami, which accomplishes that feat with Sunday's episode, celebrate?

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"There was a lot of hype surrounding Episode 100 way back when. I remember we all thought, we've got to do something big: spectacle, spectacle, spectacle!" co-executive producer Marc Dube recalls. "Turns out at Episode 200, it's not about spectacle so much as just doing what we do well: tell a good mystery and tug at some heartstrings along the way."

So Dube and fellow co-executive producer Barry O'Brien penned an episode that did just that. In the episode ... read more

December 12, 2006: Gala Gallardo (Season 4 Finale)

I dont know about you but unlike last years Carver-involved finale I thoroughly enjoyed tonights season finale and its ending with Christian surprisingly joining Sean in LA And I of course will tell you just why I enjoyed itBye-bye Escobar its been nice knowing ya I was overjoyed that Escobar was finally killed and not by Liz For a brief moment I really thought Liz was going to pull the trigger It wouldve been a good way to get revenge on the person responsible for her lack of a kidney But having Escobars wife Gala Idalis DeLeon convince Liz to put the gun down and then taking the gun and shooting Escobar to death made more sense Gala married Escobar to protect her children not because she was madly in love with him More on the fabulous Idalis laterNo evidence The way Christian Sean and Liz disposed of Escobars body was quite appropriate Feeding him to an alligator by wrapping him up and tying a bunch of meat to his entire body just like Christi read more

December 5, 2006: Willy Ward

Weeks ago when Escobar said goodbye to Sean and told him Were even now and that he wouldnt be back you knew that was too good to be true Tonight after James shot herself to death you knew that would not be the end of Michelles troubles But who knew James would be working for Escobar Nice twist Now Escobar wants Michelle to take over for James Thats not going to fit into Christian and Michelles perfect new family life with little Wilber We all knew as soon as Michelle got into her car that someone was going to be inside but did any of you expect it to be Escobar Yes Robert LaSardos name was in the opening credits but I thought hed be seen in one of Seans dream sequences Well have to wait until next weeks season finale to find out more about Escobars diabolical plans but lets cross our fingers that those plans dont involve one of Wilbers kidneys How about James gifting Wilber tonight with an Operation game board and pointing out the tiny little read more

November 7, 2006: Merrill Bobolit

Let me get this out of the way Merrill Bobolit was always a real pain in the ass to McNamaraTroy Who knew hed come to them because of a wait for it real pain in the ass OK I feel much better And I hope Bobolit felt much better after his anal-retread surgery Ouch When he walked in very slowly as though he was in agony I knew right away his pain had to be due to his being repeatedly raped in prison I didnt expect him to admit that he became Escobars prison wife and that Escobars name had been branded on his butt All joking aside I was looking forward to the return of Bobolit Joey Slotnick and Escobar Robert LaSardo ever since last weeks previews And not just Seans imagination of Escobar the real thingWhat a dastardly plan of Escobars to escape prison by burning his already redesigned face making it look like it was done by his fellow prisoners requesting corrective plastic surgery by none other than his nemeses Christian and Sean and then m read more

October 10, 2006: Faith Wolper, Ph.D.

Well Sean certainly got his wish His conscience in the form of Escobar Robert LaSardo told him to kill Monica suggesting he slit her throat or gas her Then poof A bus ran into her and killed her I screamed No f---ing way while my roommate Jason shouted Sooooo Mean Girls Its those shocker scenes I enjoy the most on this show Dylan Walsh did a fantastic job showing how frustrated Sean was getting and Jennifer Hall played the perfect psycho Monica morphed into Alex Forrest from Fatal Attraction when she threatened to tell Julia about their affair and how very Hand That Rocks the Cradle-esque to have Sean walk in on her with baby Conors mouth on her nippleWho knew thered come a day that both Sean and Christian would have women obsessed with them I think I liked Dr Faith Wolper Brooke Shields better when she seemed tougher and not into Christian I was hoping she was just using him for the sex a few weeks ago but no Faiths a diagnosed sexual compulsive and read more

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