Robert Irvine

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  • Birth Place: Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
  • Profession: Chef, Host
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Fri May 26 3:00pm
The Robert Irvine ShowI Think You're Sleeping with My Sister(Season 1, Episode 62) CW

A woman accuses her boyfriend of having an affair with her sister.

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Mon May 29 3:00pm
The Robert Irvine ShowWe Think Our Younger Sister Is a Prostitute(Season 1, Episode 63) CW

A woman confronts her sisters after they accuse her of being a prostitute.

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Tue May 30 3:00pm
The Robert Irvine ShowI'm in Love with My Best Friend(Season 1, Episode 64) CW

A newly wed man learns his wife is in love with her best friend.

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Wed May 31 3:00pm
The Robert Irvine ShowYou Got Beat Up Because You Deserved It CW

Sisters try to mend their relationship following a physical altercation between them and their mother that ripped their family apart.

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Thu Jun 1 3:00pm
The Robert Irvine ShowI Have Anger Issues and It's All Your Fault(Season 1, Episode 65) CW

A man battling anger issues and leading an out of control lifestyle confronts his sister about their childhood relationship, which he says is the root of his problems.

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Fri Jun 2 3:00pm
The Robert Irvine ShowThe Engagement is Off Until I Know the Truth(Season 1, Episode 88) CW

A man tries to make his fiancé prove she hasn't cheated on him by refusing to return the engagement ring he gave her.

Mon Jun 5 3:00pm
The Robert Irvine ShowHelp! My 12-Year Old Son Steals, Smokes Weed and Watches Porn(Season 1, Episode 67) CW

A single mother seeks looks for advice about helping her out-of-control son.

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Tue Jun 6 3:00pm
The Robert Irvine ShowI Think My Husband is Cheating on Me With Men(Season 1, Episode 68) CW

A wife confronts her husband about his alleged affairs finds with men.

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Wed Jun 7 3:00pm
The Robert Irvine ShowWeight Loss Intervention(Season 1, Episode 69) CW

A man who struggles with obesity seeks help in order to lose weight and get healthy.

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Thu Jun 8 3:00pm
The Robert Irvine ShowMy 16-Year Old Is Smoking Pot and Calling Me a Bitch CW

A mother seeks guidance in helping her teenage daughter, who is disrespectful to her and abuses marijuana.

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  • Birth Place: Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
  • Profession: Chef, Host