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Singer Robert Goulet Dead at 73

Robert Goulet by Denise Truscello/

Singer Robert Goulet, whose career was launched in 1960 with Broadway's Camelot, died on Tuesday while awaiting a lung transplant. He was 73. Goulet last month had been diagnosed with a rare form of pulmonary fibrosis, but remained in good spirits to the very end. As his wife relates to the AP, he told doctors, "Just watch my vocal cords" before they inserted a breathing tube. Longtime friend Wayne Newton remembers Goulet for his sense of humor, saying he "kept my spirits up in some of the lowest valleys in my life.... God now has another singing angel by his side." read more

Super Bowl Sunday: Après le Déluge

The best thing I saw on Super Bowl Sunday? Pan’s Labyrinth. But that’s a different story (or a different column). Anything to get out of doors (even in the frigid cold) to skip the first few hours of pre-Super Bowl hype.The worst thing I saw on Super Bowl Sunday? A typically unpleasant, thoroughly predictable episode of Criminal Minds that followed the big game. More on that later.In between, we had a game played in torrential rain that had plenty of reversals (how slippery was that football, anyway?) and was plenty exciting, especially to a former Indiana resident and current Peyton Manning fan. The buzz about Super Bowls is that this is usually the one night of the year when you actually watch the ads and zip your TiVo through the game. This year, that would have been a mistake.I lost count of the number of moronic Bud Light ads I had to sit through just to get to the two memorable ads for classic Budweiser. As usual, there was a classy one involving Clydesdales, this ye... read more

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