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Sat Apr 29 10:30am
M*A*S*HAre You Now, Margaret?(Season 8, Episode 2) AMC

A visiting Congressional aide (Lawrence Pressman) gets extremely personal during what he claims is a routine fact-finding tour. Igor: Jeff Maxwell. Nurse: Jennifer Davis. Margaret: Loretta Swit. Potter: Harry Morgan. B.J.: Mike Farrell. The teleplay, by Th (more…)

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Sat Apr 29 11:00am
M*A*S*HGuerrilla My Dreams(Season 8, Episode 3) AMC

A South Korean officer (Mako) harasses a wounded woman (Haunani Minn) he claims is an enemy guerrilla. Meanwhile, Margaret is surprised to find Scully (Joshua Bryant) among the casualties. Nurse: Connie Izay. Soldier No. 1: George Kee Cheung. Soldier No. 2 (more…)

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Sat Apr 29 11:30am
M*A*S*HGood-bye, Radar(Season 8, Episode 4) AMC

Part 1 of two. The generator goes on the fritz while quick-fix artist Radar is on R & R; Potter and B.J. improvise with a patient's treatment. Patty: Marilyn Jones. Zale: Johnny Haymer. Olsen: Michael O'Dwyer. Lagrow: Tony Cristino. Hough: Arell Blanton. R (more…)

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Sat Apr 29 12:00pm
M*A*S*HGood-bye, Radar(Season 8, Episode 5) AMC

Conclusion. Despite Radar's hardship discharge, the urgency of finding a generator makes him think he's needed more in Korea than at home. Van Kirk: Lee de Broux. Hondo: Whitney Rydbeck. Dispatcher: David Dozer. Radar: Gary Burghoff. Potter: Harry Morgan (more…)

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Sat Apr 29 12:30pm
M*A*S*HOld Soldiers(Season 8, Episode 18) SUND

While the camp treats a number of Korean refugees, Potter returns from Tokyo in a foul mood after visiting a sick friend. Betty: Jane Connell. Rita: Sally Imamura. Fudge Boy: Jason Autajay. Potter: Harry Morgan. Hawkeye: Alan Alda. Margaret: Loretta Swit.

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Sat Apr 29 12:30pm
M*A*S*HPeriod of Adjustment(Season 8, Episode 6) AMC

Klinger has a tough time getting used to being company clerk; B.J. learns some discouraging news about Radar's visit with his family. Rosie: Eileen Saki. Igor: Jeff Maxwell. Baker: Jan Jorden. Nurse: Gwen Farrell. Klinger: Jamie Farr. B.J.: Mike Farrell. M (more…)

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Sat Apr 29 1:00pm
M*A*S*HMorale Victory(Season 8, Episode 19) SUND

Charles counsels a patient (James Stephens) with a very special gift; Potter puts B.J. and Hawkeye in charge of morale. Rizzo: G.W. Bailey. Igor: Jeff Maxwell. Nurse: Connie Izay. Charles: David Ogden Stiers. B.J.: Mike Farrell. Hawkeye: Alan Alda.

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Sat Apr 29 1:00pm
M*A*S*HNurse Doctor(Season 8, Episode 7) AMC

Mulcahy helps a nurse (Alexandra Stoddart) with her studies for medical school, but is unnerved by her warm display of appreciation. Meanwhile, the camp deals with a water shortage, but Charles has somehow remained remarkably clean. Igor: Jeff Maxwell. Kel (more…)

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Sat Apr 29 1:30pm
M*A*S*HLend a Hand(Season 8, Episode 20) SUND

Hawkeye clashes with a know-it-all surgeon (Robert Alda) and then must work with him under fire at an aid station. Jarvis: Antony Alda. Sgt. Herbert: Daren Kelly. Nurse: Shari Saba. B.J.: Mike Farrell. Potter: Harry Morgan. The episode was written and dire (more…)

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Sat Apr 29 2:00pm
M*A*S*HGood-bye, Cruel World(Season 8, Episode 21) SUND

Sidney (Allan Arbus) is called when an Asian-American war hero (Clyde Kusatsu) reacts violently to news he's being shipped home. Meanwhile, Klinger applies a touch of Toledo to his office. Col. Hedley: Philip Bruns. Kelly: Kellye Nakahara. Courier: James L (more…)

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Sat Apr 29 2:30pm
M*A*S*HDreams(Season 8, Episode 22) SUND

Staff members steal away for a few moments of sleep during a long haul in the OR, but their pleasant dreams turn into nightmares. The episode was written and directed by Alan Alda, who was nominated for an Outstanding Directing Emmy. Gen. Coogan: Ford Rain (more…)

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Sat Apr 29 3:00pm
M*A*S*HWar Co-respondent(Season 8, Episode 23) SUND

B.J. can't deny his attraction to a popular war correspondent (Susan Saint James) and struggles to remain faithful to his wife and child in California. Written and directed by Mike Farrell. Pvt. Scott: Brad Wilkins. Pvt. Jackson: Calvin Levels. Hawkeye: Al (more…)

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Sat Apr 29 3:30pm
M*A*S*HBack Pay(Season 8, Episode 24) SUND

Incensed by stateside medical fees, Hawkeye bills the army for services rendered; Charles shows a trio of Korean doctors around camp, and learns something about medicine---and himself. Capt. Snyder: Richard Herd. Jin: Sab Shimono. Po: Peter Kim. Wu: Jerry (more…)

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Sat Apr 29 4:00pm
M*A*S*HThe Best of Enemies(Season 9, Episode 1) SUND

On his way to Seoul, Hawkeye is captured by a North Korean (Mako) intent on saving his wounded comrade. Meanwhile, a bridge tournament rages at the 4077th between Potter, Charles, B.J. and Margaret. Korean Soldier: Steven Lum. Hawkeye: Alan Alda. Potter: H (more…)

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Sat Apr 29 4:30pm
M*A*S*HLetters(Season 9, Episode 2) SUND

The camp eagerly answers letters from fourth-graders in Hawkeye's home town of Crabapple Cove, Maine. Meanwhile, Klinger convinces Potter to go for the unit's consecutive free-throw record. Capt. Bainbridge: Richard Paul. Rosie: Eileen Saki. Dr. Breuer: Mi (more…)

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Sat Apr 29 5:00pm
M*A*S*HCementing Relationships(Season 9, Episode 3) SUND

Klinger supervises the pouring of a concrete floor in the operating room; Margaret is wooed by an amorous patient (Joel Brooks). Cochran: Alan Toy. Driver: Mel Harris. Margaret: Loretta Swit. Klinger: Jamie Farr. Hawkeye: Alan Alda.

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Sat Apr 29 5:30pm
M*A*S*HFather's Day(Season 9, Episode 4) SUND

A nervous Margaret tries to whip the camp into shape before a visit by her ultra-regular-Army father (Andrew Duggan). Meanwhile, the MPs have a “beef” with a GI's gift to the camp. Sgt. Morgrove: Jeffrey Kramer. MP: Art LaFleur. Corpsman: Roy Goldman (more…)

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Sun Apr 30 6:00am
M*A*S*HPrivate Finance(Season 8, Episode 8) AMC

A mother accuses Klinger of disgracing her daughter (Denice Kumagai); Hawkeye has a hard time keeping a promise to a dying soldier. Mrs. Li: Shizuko Hoshi. Hastings: Mark Kologi. Vitello: Philip Simms. Crosetti: Joey Pento. Dolan: Art Evans. Klinger: Jamie (more…)

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Sun Apr 30 6:30am
M*A*S*HMr. and Mrs. Who?(Season 8, Episode 9) AMC

A hungover Charles tries to remember his R & R in Tokyo; the doctors are hindered by new treatment guidelines for a deadly fever. Donna: Claudette Nevins. Shaw: James Keane. Charles: David Ogden Stiers. Potter: Harry Morgan. Hawkeye: Alan Alda. Directed by (more…)

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Sun Apr 30 7:00am
M*A*S*HThe Yalu Brick Road(Season 8, Episode 10) AMC

Hawkeye and B.J. get lost rushing antibiotics back to camp, but they pick up a North Korean prisoner (Soon-Teck Oh) on the way. Meanwhile, most of the 4077th has come down with food poisoning from Klinger's Thanksgiving turkey. Rizzo: G.W. Bailey. Igor: Je (more…)

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Sun Apr 30 7:30am
M*A*S*HLife Time(Season 8, Episode 11) AMC

Surgeons race the clock (which is seen on screen) to save a soldier with a lacerated aorta. This episode contains no laugh track, and was written by Alan Alda and Walter Dishell, M.D. Roberts: Kevin Brophy. George: William Berton Snider. Pilot: J.J. Johnst (more…)

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Sun Apr 30 8:00am
M*A*S*HDear Uncle Abdul(Season 8, Episode 12) AMC

Klinger describes his duties to an uncle; Mulcahy tries to write a war ditty about Korea; a slow-witted soldier comes looking for his buddy. Eddie: Richard Lineback. Dave: Kelly Ward. Hank: Alexander Petale. Corpsman: Bob Hill. Klinger: Jamie Farr. Mulcahy (more…)

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Sun Apr 30 8:30am
M*A*S*HCaptains Outrageous(Season 8, Episode 13) AMC

The doctors tend bar after a brawl hospitalizes Rosie (Eileen Saki); Mulcahy awaits a long-denied promotion. Muldoon: John Orchard. Turk: Sirri Murad. Sgt. Cutrifiotis: Paul Cavonis. Suni: Momo Yashima. Nurse: Joann Thompson. GI: G.W. Bailey. Charles: Davi (more…)

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Sun Apr 30 9:00am
M*A*S*HStars and Stripe(Season 8, Episode 14) AMC

B.J. and Charles go ego-to-ego while collaborating on a medical paper; Margaret gets a visit from a demoted Scully (Joshua Bryant). Igor: Jeff Maxwell. B.J.: Mike Farrell. Charles: David Ogden Stiers. Potter: Harry Morgan. Morgan's direction was nominated (more…)

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