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Criminal Minds' Matthew Gray Gubler Directs "Eerily Cerebral" Episode

Matthew Gray Gubler

Sorry, Matthew Gray Gubler fans. The Criminal Minds star has found his perfect match in show writer Sharon Lee Watson — professionally at least.

"She is like my sister," he tells of Watson, who wrote Wednesday's episode, which Gubler directed. "She's new writer this year and I didn't really know her that well at first, but she and I have gotten so close the last few months, and now we're like the same person."

Criminal Minds Exclusive: American Graffiti star to play JJ's mom

The "love connection" was born late last year via Criminal Minds showrunner and "matchmaker" Erica Messer. Gubler — who first directed two years ago and last year helmed Paget Brewster's first exit (she's leaving again in the season finale) — was originally scheduled to direct a different episode this season. But then Messer, who wrote Gubler's directorial debut, "Mosley Lane," heard ...
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Criminal Minds Scares up Robert Englund for a Guest Spot

Robert Englund

Freddy Krueger is coming to Criminal Minds.

Robert Enguld, who has long portrayed the razor-handed villain in A Nightmare on Elm Street, will guest-star in an upcoming episode of the CBS procedural, Entertainment Weekly reports.

The 64-year-old actor... read more

Critic's Guide to Monday TV: Rock Center, Halloween Marathons, and More!

Rock Center with Brian Williams

The biggest TV news of the night comes from a network's news division, as NBC News launches Rock Center With Brian Williams (10/9c), the first high-profile network newsmagazine with serious intent to premiere in a long while, closer in tone to 60 Minutes than Dateline's lurid true-crime fixation. How serious is this? No less a legend than Ted Koppel has signed on as ...
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V's Morris Chestnut Introduces the Fifth Column

Morris Chestnut, V

Longtime fans of the alien-invasion drama V knew not all Visitors are bad even before ABC's revamp of the NBC hit. In the original miniseries, some of the Visitors even banded together to form a rogue anti-V group called the Fifth Column. In Tuesday's episode of the new V, Ryan (Morris Chestnut) attempts to unite the anti-V Visitors once again.

Add full episodes of V to your DVR player

Chestnut sat down with to discuss the Fifth Columnists, other double agents, and Ryan's upcoming efforts to save the Earth. He also revealed that despite the promos showing the return of Dale (Alan Tudyk), there may be something slightly off about him when he comes back...

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Robert Englund Opens Up About Fear Clinic and Nightmare on Elm Street, V Reboots

Robert Englund, FEARnet's Fear Clinic

Take actors from three of Hollywood's biggest horror film franchises, add an old abandoned hospital as the setting, and even Robert Englund can get scared.

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Online Series Fear Clinic Premiering Oct. 26

Fear Clinic

Get ready to check into and check out Fear Clinic — online.

The new Internet show premieres Oct. 26 on FearNet, just in time for Halloween. The 25-minute series, split into five episodes, stars Robert Englund (A Nightmare on Elm Street) as Dr. Andover, a maniacal genius who uses unorthodox ...
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Movie News: Heigl-Butler, a New Nightmare and More

Katherine Heigl by Todd Williamson/

Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler (300) will costar in The Ugly Truth, a romantic comedy about a chauvinistic TV correspondent who enlists his producer to prove his theories about relationships.... One, two, Freddy is coming back for you! That's right — New Line is relaunching the Nightmare on Elm Street horror series that, among other things, gave Johnny Depp his big break in Hollywood (watch video). Michael Bay will produce; no word on whether or not Robert Englund will reprise his iconic role as Freddy Krueger.... Kevin Nealon (Weeds) is Ashley Tisdale's dad in the comedy They Came From Upstairs. — Mickey O'Connor read more

Jason, Michael or Freddy: Who Has the Fright Stuff?

Halloween is almost upon us — Rob Zombie's remake of the John Carpenter classic, that is — and thus my (sometimes dark) thoughts have turned to the big screen's best bogeymen.I am not at liberty to "review" per se the new Halloween, which I had the opportunity to screen a few weeks back, but I will say that Tyler Mane (a past cohort of Zombie's, and X-Men's Sabretooth) makes for a most imposing Michael Myers. I always gave Michael a fair shake, as he does the most with the mentally wrong and silent type. One of the best screams came from Carpenter's original, when Michael, coat hanger still in his eye, propped himself up in the background, as an oblivious Jamie Lee Curtis cowered.Freddy Krueger of the Elm Street pics always had an unfair advantage over mute murderers, able to win over the audience with his clever barbs and puns so bad they themselves nearly killed you.Jason Voorhees, most memorably committed to celluloid in several of the Friday the 13ths by Kane Hodder (o... read more

October 27, 2006: Tonight's Damned Thing

Robert Englund Gets His Freak On

Tobe Hooper's got some serious shoes to fill with tonight's Masters of Horror premiere, The Damned Thing. Season 1's premiere is still very vivid to me, even though it's been a year since I've seen it; that's pretty impressive. Incident On and Off a Mountain Road literally hit the ground running last season, providing relentless tension, lots of gore, and one of the best twist endings of all season 1 entries. Within one hour, this inaugural episode set the standard: This series is not for lightweights. Entertainment Weekly's preview of The Damned Thing graded Mr. Hooper's work with an uncomfortable [red] "D." However, the same review called the Masters of Horror show open "cliché," which I take issue with [*cough* Emmy© winner *cough*], so I'm just going to say that "D" is for Damned Thing.Tobe Hooper's season 1 episode, Dance of the Dead, received mixed reviews in the horror community, but it remains one of my favorites, so I'm hopeful about tonight. As HHH [horror-hound ... read more

Tobin Bell's Killer Saw III Preview

Tobin Bell as John Kramer/Jigsaw

Has the Saw franchise's Tobin Bell joined the ranks of Bela Lugosi and Robert Englund by becoming the newest famous face in frightdom? Judging by his MTV Movie Award in the best-villain category, it would seem so. (For good measure, Bell also had the likes of Frank Spotnitz, who worked with the actor on both The X-Files and read more

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