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CSI Renewed, Ted Danson's Contract Extended

Ted Danson

CBS has extended Ted Danson's contract for another season of CSI, the network announced on Wednesday.

Elisabeth Shue will also be back, along with original cast members George Eads, Jorja Fox, Eric Szmanda, Paul Guilfoyle and Robert David Hall. Wallace Langham, Elisabeth Harnois, David Berman and Jon Wellner will also return.

Fall TV Scorecard: What's renewed and what's canceled?

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Marg Helgenberger Says Goodbye to CSI

Marg Helgenberger

It's not every job where having your boss call you "the perfect ex-stripper/cokehead" could be considered a compliment, but for 12 seasons now, that's exactly what CSI exec producer Carol Mendelsohn has thought of her departing star, Marg Helgenberger. "Some actresses might shy away from playing a part like Catherine Willows, but Marg turned all of Catherine's negatives into positives. I miss her already." Helgenberger exits the series this week after a dozen... read more

Advocates for the Disabled Speak Out Against Glee's Wheelchair Episode

Kevin McHale, Glee

In Wednesday's episode of Glee, the glee club members spend time in wheelchairs to get a feel for what their pal Artie (Kevin McHale) does on a daily basis. The story line has caught the attention of actors with disabilities and their advocates, according to The Associated Press.

Advocates see the casting of McHale, who is not disabled, as a lost chance for someone with an actual disability to get the role... read more

April 26, 2007: Happy

As I begin, it's now exactly 34 minutes past the end of this week's episode and I'm still laughing. What a riot this was. You know Brass always brings a little bit of humor and he dominated this episode from the start. So, let's see. Our boxer "Happy" gets injected with snake venom, then has a severe allergic reaction to shellfish, which transferred to him via some "very special first-aid." Then as his lungs are tightening and he's about to lose all his air, he gets an arrow through the throat that actually keeps him alive and then he takes a crowbar to the skull. Oh, and that didn't kill him, either. A broken pool chair did. The scenes inside the Sugar Cane Ranch were so funny. Right from the start when Brass is interviewing the owners, Binky and Doris, I was rolling with laughter. Between Binky telling Brass the last time he saw Happy was when he was being rolled away and Doris saying that she fixed his favorite meal — meat — you could just tell that stupidity was going ... read more

On CSI, Lab (and Other) Rats Rule

It's easy to take shows like the original CSI for granted. (I often hear from viewers wondering why no one makes a bigger fuss over the better procedurals of the day, from Cold Case and Without a Trace to the various incarnations of Law & Order. The simple answer: Glut exhaustion.) Which is why I found Thursday night’s “Lab Rats” episode of CSI so captivating. Switching up the formula a bit, adding welcome doses of humor and even a bit of slapstick, while never losing sight of the joy of the puzzle, CSI delivered one of the most purely enjoyable episodes of anything this season.The idea was to give the lab-bound geeks a moment in the spotlight, taking advantage of Grissom’s absence in the morgue to do their own digging into the crime-scene miniatures that have haunted the show most of the season. (The episode was also a nifty primer of this mystifying case for those who might have missed an episode along the way. Which in this age of Grey’s Anatomy compe... read more

January 18, 2007: Gil Who?

No, no, no. I'm just kidding with the title of my blog. I wouldn't want to start a quarterback controversy here. Is the show better off without William Petersen? Is the fresh blood of Liev Schreiber a nice jolt of energy? Can no one ever match up with Gil Grissom? All very good questions, which I can let you decide. But let me share my thoughts. Hello, Mr. Mike Keppler. A nice dark, mysterious intro followed by him walking up to the body and touching it. Good start, buddy. And right there we begin a show filled with attitude, as Catherine chastises him for touching and explains how they do things in Vegas. Ain't no messing around in the Vegas crime lab. It wasn't just Cat, though. Almost everyone seemed a little on edge with the new guy in town. There was Sofia telling the Doc not to whistle as he cuts people open. Sara, jawing a bit with the slacker detective. Even Keppler was able to get in on it when Catherine asked him how he knew all the deaths were related, and he firmly said,... read more

November 23, 2006: Road Pizza

"Mashed potatoes, gravy and cranberry sauce. Whoooooo!"Gobble gobble everybody. For those of you outside of the celebrating country, you really are missing out on a wonderful day. This tryptophan is going to let me get a great night sleep. I wish the day didn't have to end but it does, so what better way than with an entertaining CSI. Let me say it up front and get it out of the way now. If CBS was going to show a repeat next week, then why not push the new episode off of Thanksgiving Day and show it 7 days from now instead? Shame on TV programmers for putting new shows on a holiday. Anyway, overall this was a fun show with some great acting, some funny moments and some of the cheesiest scenes of the season. It started out with those silly moments with the bad news station graphics and the barely audible Mexican guy claiming to have found the car of legendary Las Vegas mob boss, Mickey Dunn. And after the guy in the wheelchair got pushed into the street, Brass calls it a "homicide r... read more

November 16, 2006: Double Take

Okay, so I'm going to need your help with this one. "But Dave, why would you need my help writing your blog" you ask? Why? Because I didn't get it. It's as simple as that. I could lie and write something up that I think gives the impression that I knew what I was talking about and then all of you guys would see right through that. So instead, I tell the truth. I didn't understand this episode at all. Well, I did get the last 5 minutes. This reporter feels he'd be exposed by his boss for fake journalism so he kills her only to see "her" later and kills "her" again (in reality it's her twin). I also got the commericals. Nothing hard to understand about them. But take that scene and the ads out and I was lost for the rest of the hour. Here's what I do know: 1. The only person who really knew both twins existed was their mother who gave them up for adoption when she got put away. The twins didn't even know the other half existed. 2. Dr. Robbins had a twin that died while still in the wo... read more

September 28, 2006: Malibu Barbie Did It?

So now we know why we sat through the boring part of last week — the suicide was only half the story. The conclusion of the season-opener was exciting, creepy and confusing — everything that makes a good episode of CSI. Last week ended with a blood-soaked Danny Bonaduce dead on a table with a model of the kitchen, down to the utensils and the blood splatter, right next to him. In the investigation we get a very talkative "Annie the nanny" walking about in the house in just her bra, and later we find out she was sleeping with the dead guy. We get a suspect list of pretty much everyone who knows how to build, fix or clean something and we learn that Home Depot can make a key just from an X-ray of it. Might I say that Danny Bonaduce should have more roles like this? He was brilliant, wasn't he? It might have been his best role ever. C'mon, it was at least better than Starface. Anyway, he swallows the key to his safe so that his gold-digger wife (she ain't messin' with no bro... read more

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