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Wed Jun 28 11:45am
That '70s ShowMy Fairy King(Season 8, Episode 16) COMEDY

Red refuses to go quietly when a national muffler chain threatens his business; Hyde learns the naked truth about his marriage to Sam; and Jackie surprises herself with her list of an ideal man's qualities. Hilary: Lara Everly. Larry: Sam McMurray.

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Thu Jun 29 10:00am
M*A*S*HDear Comrade(Season 7, Episode 12) AMC

Charles' new houseboy (Sab Shimono) is an enemy spy sent to discover the secret of the 4077th's success in medicine. Cimoli: Larry Block. Welch: Robert Clotworthy. Latimer: Todd Davis. Groves: David Dozer. Corpsman: Dennis Troy. Korean Soldier: James Saito (more…)

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Fri Jun 30 8:00am
Ancient AliensAliens and Mega-Disasters(Season 4, Episode 4) HIST

The role of extraterrestrials in world catastrophes is explored.

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Fri Jun 30 9:00am
Ancient AliensThe Viking Gods(Season 5, Episode 11) HIST

Examining a theory that aliens helped guide Viking voyages.

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Fri Jun 30 10:00am
Ancient AliensAliens and Monsters(Season 3, Episode 2) HIST

The theory that ancient stories about monsters may have been rooted in alien encounters is explored. Included: the flying creature Garuda in Hindu mythology; and the myth of Medusa.

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Fri Jun 30 11:00am
Ancient AliensAliens and Mysterious Mountains(Season 6, Episode 11) HIST

Examining a theory that early humans communicated with extraterrestrials from mountain peaks.

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Fri Jun 30 12:00pm
Ancient AliensThe Evidence(Season 1, Episode 1) HIST

The legacy of aliens and speculation that alien technology inspired modern inventions are explored. Included: ancient Indian texts describing flying machines; and Egyptian megaliths that show evidence of precision saws.

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Fri Jun 30 2:00pm
Ancient AliensSecrets of the Pyramids(Season 5, Episode 1) HIST

Examining a potential link between Earth's pyramids and otherworldly beings.

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Fri Jun 30 3:00pm
Ancient AliensThe God Particle(Season 8, Episode 7) HIST

Examining a theory about the origins of the universe.

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Fri Jun 30 4:00pm
Ancient AliensThe Star Children(Season 7, Episode 3) HIST

A theory about gifted children and a potential link to aliens is examined.

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Fri Jun 30 5:00pm
Ancient AliensThe Genius Factor(Season 9, Episode 4) HIST

A theory linking human genius to extraterrestrials.

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Fri Jun 30 6:00pm
Ancient AliensDark Forces(Season 10, Episode 4) HIST

A look at purported dark forces.

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Fri Jun 30 7:00pm
Ancient AliensCity of the Gods(Season 12, Episode 7) HIST

The ancient Aztec site of Teotihuacan in central Mexico is explored as the possible remnants of a highly advanced, perhaps extraterrestrial, civilization.

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