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Tue Feb 20 6:30pm
Two and a Half MenThe Sea Is a Harsh Mistress(Season 4, Episode 3) IFC

Charlie nearly drowns while surfing and has a vision of his father's floating head, which tells him to do the unthinkable---take care of his mother.

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Wed Feb 21 1:32am
Two and a Half MenWhat A Lovely Landing Strip(Season 9, Episode 11) NIK

Bridget reappears just as Walden is romancing a new love interest.

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Wed Feb 21 11:00am
That '70s ShowMy Fairy King(Season 8, Episode 16) COMEDY

Red refuses to go quietly when a national muffler chain threatens his business; Hyde learns the naked truth about his marriage to Sam; and Jackie surprises herself with her list of an ideal man's qualities. Hilary: Lara Everly. Larry: Sam McMurray.

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Thu Feb 22 2:04am
Two and a Half MenNot In My Mouth!(Season 9, Episode 17) NIK

A brush with death drives a wedge between Walden and Zoey; Alan wonders about Lyndsey's drinking habits.

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Fri Feb 23 10:00am
Ancient AliensUnexplained Structures(Season 2, Episode 8) HIST

Mysterious structures whose purpose and method of creation are unexplained are explored. Included: the Gobekli Tepe archaeological site in Turkey, where stone structures forming perfect circles are thought to be 12,000 years old.

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Fri Feb 23 11:00am
Ancient AliensThe NASA Connection(Season 4, Episode 5) HIST

Researchers probe NASA-related information in the search for proof of alien contact in the recent and ancient past.

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Fri Feb 23 12:00pm
Ancient AliensSecrets of the Pyramids(Season 5, Episode 1) HIST

Examining a potential link between Earth's pyramids and otherworldly beings.

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Fri Feb 23 1:00pm
Ancient AliensMysterious Relics(Season 6, Episode 8) HIST

Examining ancient relics that are thought to possess otherworldly powers.

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Fri Feb 23 2:00pm
Ancient AliensAlien Breeders(Season 7, Episode 8) HIST

Examining a theory that early humans mated with aliens.

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Fri Feb 23 3:00pm
Ancient AliensCircles From the Sky(Season 10, Episode 8) HIST

Crop circles are investigated.

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Fri Feb 23 4:00pm
Ancient AliensThe Tesla Experiment(Season 8, Episode 6) HIST

Examining a theory that inventor Nikola Tesla communicated with extraterrestrials.

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Fri Feb 23 5:00pm
Ancient AliensDestination Mars(Season 11, Episode 2) HIST

A look at the possibility of extraterrestrials on Mars.

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Fri Feb 23 6:00pm
Ancient AliensThe Returned(Season 11, Episode 14) HIST

Featuring reports of humans who've been abducted by space aliens and returned to Earth.

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Fri Feb 23 7:00pm
Ancient AliensCity of the Gods(Season 12, Episode 7) HIST

The ancient Aztec site of Teotihuacan in central Mexico is explored as the possible remnants of a highly advanced, perhaps extraterrestrial, civilization.

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Sat Feb 24 8:10am
The Iron Giant FREFM

In this animated sci-fi tale set in 1957, an imaginative 9-year-old boy discovers and quickly befriends an enormous robot from outer space. Later, he must protect his mechanical pal from a paranoid G-man.

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Sat Feb 24 9:00pm
Criminal MindsAftermath(Season 2, Episode 5) WE

The team profiles a serial rapist who attacked young women at religious schools before taking a six-week break and resuming his crimes, but targeting a different demographic. Maggie: Dahlia Salem. William Lee: Jason London. Alicia Jordan: Mandy June Turpin (more…)

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Fri Mar 2 12:00pm
Ancient AliensMysterious Places(Season 2, Episode 1) HIST

The second-season opener examines mysterious places on Earth connected with UFO sightings, including the Bermuda Triangle; Mexico's Zone of Silence in the Chihuahuan desert; and Peru's Puerta de Hayu Marca.

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Fri Mar 2 1:00pm
Ancient AliensAliens and Mysterious Rituals(Season 3, Episode 5) HIST

Ancient rites and rituals and their possible connection with aliens are explored.

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Fri Mar 2 2:00pm
Ancient AliensAliens and Forbidden Islands(Season 6, Episode 9) HIST

A theory linking lost civilizations to aliens is examined.

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Fri Mar 2 3:00pm
Ancient AliensMysteries of the Sphinx(Season 9, Episode 2) HIST

A theory linking the Great Sphinx in Giza, Egypt, to aliens is examined.

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Fri Mar 2 4:00pm
Ancient AliensDark Forces(Season 10, Episode 4) HIST

A look at purported dark forces.

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Fri Mar 2 5:00pm
Ancient AliensThe Alien Agenda(Season 9, Episode 12) HIST

A look at the possibility that history has been impacted by an alien agenda.

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Fri Mar 2 6:00pm
Ancient AliensPyramids of Antarctica(Season 11, Episode 1) HIST

Season 10 opens with a study of possible pyramids in Antarctica.

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Fri Mar 2 7:00pm
Ancient AliensThe Mystery of Rudloe Manor(Season 12, Episode 3) HIST

An exploration of the possibility that files related to the history of UFO phenomenon are locked up in a manor house in the Wiltshire, England, countryside.

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