An Ogre Attacks Emma
01:42 — An angry ogre comes after Emma in the Enchanted Forrest.
Emma and Elsa Uncover the Snow Queen's Plan
02:46 — Emma and Elsa are shocked to learn what the Snow Queen is really after.
Robin Kisses Regina
00:48 — Robin is tired of fighting his feelings for Regina.
The Snow Queen Gets Emma & Elsa's Powers
03:57 — Emma's reunion with her family is cut short by The Snow Queen.
Should the Savior Give up Her Magic?
01:49 — David and Mary Margaret consider what is best for Emma.
Emma Asks Rumple for Help
03:07 — A desperate Emma turns to Rumple. Can she trust his motives?
Regina Thanks Emma
01:14 — Regina thanks Emma for believing she did not cast the curse.
Regina Warns Robin About the Spell
01:30 — Regina doesn't want Robin to see the bad in her.
Emma Gives Hook a Goodbye Kiss
01:45 — As she prepares for the spell, Emma says goodbye to Killian.
Elsa and Anna Say Goodbye to Storybrooke
02:02 — Elsa and Anna return to their home in Arendelle.
Once Upon a Time: Robert Carlyle Interview
02:22 — Robert Carlyle talks Rumpel/Gold and his many character versions for the Once Upon A Time lead with Dan Fienberg from Paleyfest 2013.
Will Robin Choose Regina?
02:37 — Robin is torn between his feelings for Regina and his obligation to Marian.
Emma Loses Control
02:00 — The Snow Queen pushes Emma until she snaps.
The Snow Queen Makes a Tragic Mistake
03:32 — Ingrid's beloved sister pays the price for her magic. From the Once Upon a Time season 4 episode, "The Snow Queen."
Rumple Sets a Trap for Emma
04:28 — Rumplestiltskin lures Emma toward the Sorcerer's Hat.
Rumple Captures the Snow Queen
02:55 — After capturing Ingrid, Rumple reveals his plan to go after Emma.
Rumple Says Goodbye to Belle
01:37 — On his deathbed, Rumple thanks Belle for seeing the good in him.
Regina Returns to Her Evil Ways
00:53 — Under the spell, Regina becomes the Evil Queen again. From Once Upon a Time season 4 episode 10, "Shattered Sight."
Emma Rips Out Merida's Heart
03:14 — Merida takes the wisp and Dark Swan emerges.
Belle Turns Against Rumplestiltskin
02:19 — The mirror brings out the dark side in Belle and she turns on Rumple.
Regina Tells Robin Hood to Forget Her
01:26 — Regina tells Robin Hood he must move on to save Marian.
Elsa & Emma Interrogate the Snow Queen
02:14 — Elsa & Emma want to know the Snow Queen's agenda. From the Once Upon a Time season 4 episode, "The Snow Queen."
Regina and Robin Spend the Night Together
04:11 — After a night of passion, Regina shows Robin the Storybook.
Emma Hurts Henry
02:16 — Unable to control her powers, Emma accidentally hurts her son.
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  • Birth Name: Robert Carlyle
  • Birth Place: Glasgow, Scotland
  • Birthday: April 14, 1961, Aries
  • Profession: Actor

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