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Cheers: Idol and Runway 'Dos and Don'ts

Robbie Carrico courtesy FOX, Chris March by Mitch Haaseth/Bravo

Cheers to hair for helping do in a pair of reality-show also-rans. Robbie Carrico got cut from American Idol on the very same day it was reported that his flowing mane is allegedly a wig. Guess Simon Cowell was right to question his "authenticity" as a rocker. Meanwhile, kitschy Project Runway designer Chris March got clipped from the competition (for a second time!) after his use of human hair in a would-be Fashion Week collection understandably triggered taste guru Tim Gunn's gag reflex. Much as I love Chris, I can hardly say the judges were splitting hairs with this decision. For more on Idol, check out the new Cheers & Jeers vodcast.• Read and react to Bruce's opinions on Top Model's Paulina, MSNBC's Tim Russert and more!• Share your own raves and rants about other shows on the Reader Cheers & Jeers discussion board.• We may feature your Cheer or Jeer on or in TV Guide magazine! read more

Narrowing It Down to the Sweet 16

All right Ill admit it Im disappointed In fact Im seriously bummed I know that Alexandra didnt have the best performance last night but did she deserve to go Not even close I dont think that her If You Leave Me Now was bad at all in fact I thought it was a far bit better than several of the other girls efforts and when she sang it again tonight I was reminded of just how gifted she isDid anyone else notice David Archuleta weeping during Alexandras swan song and then sharing that touching moment with her when she finished singing Could there have been some little sparks flying there perhaps Or were they just really good friends [Update These two have been friends since competing against each other on Star Search years ago] Regardless it was sweet Alexandra showed poise and good humor in her departure even though it was clear how disappointed she was I sincerely hope that she keeps singing because Id love to see how she read more

And Then There Were 16: Who's Your Fave Now?

This week on American Idol, America's second vote was revealed, sending Alaina, Alexandréa, Jason Y. and Robbie home. That brings us to 16 wannabe Idols. Who is your current favorite? Vote now for the best male and female.Poll: The Top Eight Guys: Your TakePoll: The Top Eight Gals: Your TakeRelated:• Read Nina's in-depth American Idol recaps! read more

Things Get Hairy for Idol's Amanda and Robbie

Amanda Overmyer and Robbie Carrico courtesy Fox

It seems to be about that time in the American Idol season.... No, it's not time to start an "If David Doesn't Win, I'll Shave Off All My Hair" campaign; it's that time for all the contestants' skeletons to come stumbling out of their closets. Today, we have two bags of bones for you, and they're pretty darn good. First up, TMZ has uncovered that rocker-chick/nurse Amanda Overmyer was busted for a DUI back in 2006 near her hometown of Mulberry, Indiana. The Harley-riding, gravelly-voiced judges' favorite was given a suspended sentence of 60 days and placed on 180-days probation ending in August 2007. Someone's been a naughty nurse!Next up, former boy-bander (and Britney Spears' ex-flame) Robbie Carrico has been called out for... wait for it... wearing a wig! We wondered why his hair looked so "off," and now it all makes sense. (And it looks like he and Brit still have a lot in common!) According to TMZ, Idol producers are "flipping out" because "Robbie never talks about his matted-d... read more

Idol’s Robbie Teenage Pop Video Surfaces

Talk about a larger than life skeleton in the closet! Idol hopeful Robbie Carrico may seem like a badass with that rugged facial hair, bandana and long wig—we mean hair—but this singer has a past life that goes by the name of Boyz and Girlz. Yes, most of us knew about this way-back-when band (and his fling with Britney), but how many of you have actually seen teenage Robbie in action? Check him out in full force with his hit “Messed Around.” Between the frosted hair and awesome outfits, he couldn’t have possibly been more ‘N Sync if he tried!Your take: What do you think of the 180 Robbie’s pulled? Think he should have kept pushing to make it big in the pop world, or is he better off now? read more

Top 10 Guys

Ah the 70s Like the judges I love this era of music and I was glad no one was tempted to sing disco This is going to sound crazy but I think I actually agreed with Paula most of all the judges tonight She was dare I say it sane wise and insightful Simon meanwhile went on the record Tuesday afternoon even before last nights show to tout David Archuleta as the one to beat this season You can read the full news story in our Great American Idol blog Young Davids take on Imagine perhaps only cemented that opinion But more on that in a bitAll in all this was a more successful performance night than the boys had last week and there were a few standouts But there are still more than two of these fellas who should definitely get the ax before American Idol heads to the big stage and the eliminations get harder and harderAs for the performancesMichael Johns Go Your Own Way Im trying to figure out what it is about Michael I really enjo read more

And Then There Were 20: Who's Your Fave Now?

Last night on American Idol, America's first vote was revealed, sending Garrett, Amy, Colton and Joanne home. That brings us to 20 wannabe Idols. Who is your current favorite? Vote now for the best male and female.Poll: The Top 10 Guys: Your TakePoll: The Top 10 Gals: Your TakeRelated:• Read Nina's in-depth American Idol recaps! read more

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