Rob LaDuca Celebrity Watchlist

Sun Apr 19 6:00am
Mickey Mouse ClubhousePluto's Playmate(Season 2, Episode 32) DISNEY

Salty the Seal joins Mickey's circus and the gang members teach him some new tricks.

Sun Apr 19 6:30am
Jake and the Never Land PiratesNanny Nell; Izzy and the Sea-Unicorn DISNEY

Mr. Smee feels he is no longer needed when Hook's childhood nanny arrives to help get the Jolly Roger in ship-shape condition; Jake and his crew try to rescue a magical sea unicorn, after she is captured by Hook.

Sun Apr 19 8:00am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseDonald Jr.(Season 4, Episode 11) DISNEY

Donald teaches a duckling a dance for a school talent day.

Mon Apr 20 7:30am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseGoofy on Mars(Season 1, Episode 9) DISNEY

Mickey leads a mission to Mars to rescue Goofy, who has crash-landed on the Red Planet.

Mon Apr 20 8:00am
Jake and the Never Land PiratesThe Golden Twilight Treasure; Rock the Croc DISNEY

Jake rescues a firefly from Captain Hook; Jake and his crew try to retrieve a map in a bottle that landed in the mouth of a crocodile.

Mon Apr 20 8:30am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseMinnie's Bee Story(Season 2, Episode 31) DISNEY

Mickey and his friends help Minnie's friend, Buzzby the Bee, find her way back home after a strong wind blows her off a sunflower.

Mon Apr 20 9:00am
Mickey Mouse ClubhousePluto's Ball(Season 1, Episode 12) DISNEY

Mickey helps Pluto retrieve his favorite bouncy ball before it bounces into the lake.

Mon Apr 20 12:00pm
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseDoctor Daisy, MD (Medical Duck)(Season 1, Episode 23) DISNEY

Word spreads quickly after Daisy helps Goofy get rid of an ache, and soon she has a long line of patients waiting to be treated; Mickey volunteers to be her assistant and together they help everyone feel better.

Mon Apr 20 12:30pm
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseThe Go-Getters(Season 3, Episode 23) DISNEY

Minnie, Daisy and Clarabelle round up a group of baby chicks that running loose in a park.

Tue Apr 21 7:30am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseMickey's Silly Problem(Season 2, Episode 18) DISNEY

The clubhouse's "silly switch" gets stuck and makes everyone act in comical ways, such as Mickey only speaking in rhyme and Pluto mooing like a cow.

Tue Apr 21 8:00am
Jake and the Never Land PiratesCaptain Hook's Hooks; Mr. Smee's Pet DISNEY

An octopus snatches Captain Hook's collection of hooks; Mr. Smee's pet chameleon Blinky goes missing.

Tue Apr 21 8:30am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseGoofy's Gone(Season 3, Episode 24) DISNEY

Detective Minnie, secret spy Daisy and captain Clarabelle search for Goofy when he goes missing.

Tue Apr 21 9:00am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseDonald's Ducks(Season 2, Episode 33) DISNEY

Donald helps some ducks find a warm winter retreat at a beach.

Tue Apr 21 12:00pm
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseClarabelle's Clubhouse Carnival(Season 2, Episode 10) DISNEY

Clarabelle needs to collect corn to feed some chickens so Mickey organizes a carnival where visitors pay with kernels of corn to go on rides and play games.

Tue Apr 21 12:30pm
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseDonald Hatches an Egg(Season 3, Episode 31) DISNEY

A mysterious egg is found in Goofy's rock collection and the clubhouse pals try to find out what kind of animal is inside so they can return it to its mother. Meanwhile, Donald Duck serves as a reluctant babysitter for the egg.

Wed Apr 22 7:30am
Mickey Mouse ClubhousePluto Lends a Paw(Season 3, Episode 15) DISNEY

Mickey and Pluto help Minnie search for her missing cat.

Wed Apr 22 8:00am
Jake and the Never Land PiratesIzzy's Pirate Puzzle; The Never Land Games DISNEY

Captain Hook swipes Izzy's puzzle box because he believes it's a treasure chest; Jake, Izzy and Cubby challenge Hook on an obstacle course to win the Never Land Games trophy.

Wed Apr 22 8:30am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseMickey and Minnie's Jungle Safari(Season 2, Episode 11) DISNEY

Minnie wants to photograph a rare flower in bloom, so the gang sets off on a jungle safari to find it.

Wed Apr 22 9:00am
Mickey Mouse ClubhousePete's Beach Blanket Luau(Season 2, Episode 30) DISNEY

Mickey and his friends throw a beach party to cool off on the hottest day of the year.

Wed Apr 22 12:00pm
Mickey Mouse ClubhousePluto's Puppy-Sitting Adventure(Season 1, Episode 14) DISNEY

Mickey and Pluto agree to puppy-sit Clarabelle Cow's new pooch, Ginger, who is quite rambunctious and likes to be the center of attention---much to Pluto's dismay.

Wed Apr 22 12:30pm
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseMickey's Show and Tell(Season 3, Episode 20) DISNEY

Martian Mickey visits the clubhouse for a show-and-tell presentation.

Thu Apr 23 7:30am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseGoofy's Coconutty Monkey(Season 2, Episode 34) DISNEY

The gang searches for coconuts in the jungle when Goofy's friend, Coco the Monkey, can't find any there.

Thu Apr 23 8:00am
Jake and the Never Land PiratesFree Wheeling Fun; The Race to Never Peak! DISNEY

Captain Hook steals the gang's bicycle built for three; Hook swipes Jake's soccer ball.

Thu Apr 23 8:30am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseSecret Spy Daisy(Season 2, Episode 20) DISNEY

Daisy protects Clarabelle's secret recipe for raisin cookies from a thief.

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