Rob LaDuca Celebrity Watchlist

Sat Nov 28 7:00am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseSpace Adventure(Season 3, Episode 22) DISNEY

Mickey and his pals travel into space to search for intergalactic treasure.

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Sun Nov 29 8:00am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseMickey's Mousekeball!(Season 4, Episode 17) DISNEY

Professor Von Drake introduces the Clubhouse pals to a high-tech new game.

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Mon Nov 30 7:00am
Jake and the Never Land PiratesMonkey Tiki Trouble; Jake's Cold-Hearted Matey DISNEY

Captain Hook and King Zongo switch bodies when the powers of the Monkey Tiki are released; ChillyZack uses his frozen powers to try and capture Jake and his crew.

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Mon Nov 30 7:30am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseGoofy's Giant Adventure(Season 3, Episode 18) DISNEY

Goofy searches for a magical elixir to cure Willie the Giant's stomachache and meets some enchanting fairy-tale characters along the way.

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Mon Nov 30 8:30am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseMickey's Treasure Hunt(Season 1, Episode 13) DISNEY

Mickey gets help from Minnie and Daisy---and a number of nifty gadgets---searching for a treasure hidden somewhere in the clubhouse.

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Mon Nov 30 9:00am
Mickey Mouse ClubhousePluto's Dinosaur Romp(Season 3, Episode 7) DISNEY

A baby dinosaur travels through time to the clubhouse, and Mickey and his friends try to return it to its prehistoric home.

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Mon Nov 30 11:30am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseMickey and Minnie's Jungle Safari(Season 2, Episode 11) DISNEY

Minnie wants to photograph a rare flower in bloom, so the gang sets off on a jungle safari to find it.

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Mon Nov 30 12:00pm
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseDonald's Lost Lion(Season 1, Episode 25) DISNEY

Donald loses his favorite toy lion and Mickey helps him retrace his steps in order to find it before bedtime.

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Tue Dec 1 6:00am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseThe Golden Boo-Boo(Season 3, Episode 32) DISNEY

The clubhouse pals search for the legendary Golden Boo-Boo statue.

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Tue Dec 1 6:30am
Mickey Mouse ClubhousePrince Pete's Catnap(Season 3, Episode 29) DISNEY

Prince Pete experiences trouble falling asleep, so the clubhouse pals pitch in to help him.

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Tue Dec 1 7:00am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseThe Go-Getters(Season 3, Episode 23) DISNEY

Minnie, Daisy and Clarabelle round up a group of baby chicks that running loose in a park.

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Tue Dec 1 8:30am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseDonald's Special Delivery(Season 2, Episode 8) DISNEY

Donald gets upset when all of his friends receive mail except for him, so Mickey arranges for him to receive some special-delivery packages from various pals.

I’ll Watch27 Watching
Tue Dec 1 9:00am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseGoofy's Hat(Season 2, Episode 7) DISNEY

Goofy just doesn't feel like himself after he loses his hat, so Mickey and the gang help him search for it.

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Tue Dec 1 11:30am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseMickey-Go-Seek(Season 1, Episode 11) DISNEY

Mickey and Donald play a game of hide-and-seek.

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Tue Dec 1 12:00pm
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseThe Friendship Team(Season 2, Episode 28) DISNEY

Minnie and Daisy search for missing party hats for the clubhouse's Friendship Day celebration.

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Wed Dec 2 6:00am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseMinnie's Mystery(Season 2, Episode 23) DISNEY

Minnie attempts to find out who took her fresh-baked muffins from the clubhouse.

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Wed Dec 2 6:30am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseSecret Spy Daisy(Season 2, Episode 20) DISNEY

Daisy protects Clarabelle's secret recipe for raisin cookies from a thief.

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Wed Dec 2 7:00am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseMickey's Clubhouse Rocks(Season 4, Episode 10) DISNEY

Mickey and his pals participate in a Clubhouse battle of the bands.

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Wed Dec 2 8:30am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseMickey's Little Parade(Season 3, Episode 13) DISNEY

Mickey and his pals search for three wind-up toy musicians after they run about due to being wound too tight just before a parade appearance.

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Wed Dec 2 9:00am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseGoofy the Homemaker(Season 2, Episode 2) DISNEY

Goofy builds a birdhouse for Baby Red Bird and his family.

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Wed Dec 2 11:30am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseDonald the Genie(Season 3, Episode 10) DISNEY

Donald becomes a magical genie who is able to grant each friend one wish.

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Thu Dec 3 6:00am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseSuper Goof's Super Puzzle(Season 3, Episode 3) DISNEY

Goofy uses his alter ego Super Goof to help his friends solve Puzzler Pete's challenging puzzles.

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Thu Dec 3 6:30am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseDaisy's Dance(Season 1, Episode 10) DISNEY

Mickey and Minnie help Daisy build the confidence she needs to overcome a case of stage fright and perform her dance routine in a talent show.

I’ll Watch39 Watching
Thu Dec 3 7:00am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseMickey's Message From Mars(Season 2, Episode 29) DISNEY

Mickey, Goofy, Daisy and Pluto fly to Mars and help a Martian find treasure.

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