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Thu Jan 29 9:00am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseDonald's Clubhouse(Season 3, Episode 19) DISNEY

Mickey leaves Donald in charge of the clubhouse and it quickly turns into a disaster area when he and Goofy make a huge mess just before Mother Goose Clarabelle is to visit.

Thu Jan 29 12:00pm
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseMickey's Mystery!(Season 4, Episode 7) DISNEY

Kansas City Mickey returns to help the clubhouse team solve a mystery in the Hidden Jungle.

Thu Jan 29 12:30pm
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseDonald's Ducks(Season 2, Episode 33) DISNEY

Donald helps some ducks find a warm winter retreat at a beach.

Fri Jan 30 7:00am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseMickey and the Enchanted Egg(Season 2, Episode 36) DISNEY

Mickey finds an egg that hatches a baby dragon, and he tries to return the dragon to its home.

Fri Jan 30 8:30am
Jake and the Never Land PiratesFollow the Bouncing Bumble!; Sandy and the Clams DISNEY

Captain Hook and his crew dress up as Bouncy Bumbles to steal Queen Bumble's golden treasure; Jake tries to rescue Sandy and his trio of singing clams after Hook scoops them up to use as decorations for a picnic he is planning for Red Jessica.

Fri Jan 30 9:00am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseMickey's Handy Helpers(Season 2, Episode 3) DISNEY

The Handy Helpers go limp and Mickey must repair the machine to keep the clubhouse working.

Fri Jan 30 12:00pm
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseA Surprise for Minnie(Season 1, Episode 2) DISNEY

Mickey receives help creating and delivering a special card for Minnie.

Fri Jan 30 12:30pm
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseGoofy's Super Wish(Season 2, Episode 39) DISNEY

Goofy trains to be a superhero and uses his skills after Clarabelle's moo-muffin maker breaks.

Sat Jan 31 6:00am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseMickey's Comet(Season 2, Episode 24) DISNEY

Everyone wants to view Mickey's Comet, but first they have to find Professor Von Drake and his telescope.

Sat Jan 31 6:30am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseMickey's Big Band Concert(Season 2, Episode 6) DISNEY

The Sensational Six Polka Band plan to play at Mickey Park, but everyone is playing to a different beat, so they use Pluto's tail as a metronome to get in tune.

Sat Jan 31 7:00am
Jake and the Never Land PiratesPirate Pals!; Treasurefalls! DISNEY

Red Jessica's art collection is stolen; Cubby finds a map to Never Land's mythical Treasurefalls.

Sun Feb 1 6:00am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseMickey's Big Surprise(Season 2, Episode 40) DISNEY

Mickey surprises his friends with a fireworks display after they solve a series of puzzles.

Sun Feb 1 6:30am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseAround the Clubhouse World(Season 4, Episode 16) DISNEY

Mickey, Minnie and Pluto travel around the world to collect stamps for a special passport.

Sun Feb 1 7:00am
Jake and the Never Land PiratesSand Pirate Cubby!; Song of the Desert DISNEY

Cubby auditions to become a Sand Pirate; Hook tries to steal Captain Flynn's treasure.

Mon Feb 2 7:30am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseDaisy's Grasshopper(Season 3, Episode 11) DISNEY

Daisy searches for her new friend, Wilbur the Grasshopper.

Mon Feb 2 8:00am
Jake and the Never Land PiratesF-F-Frozen Never Land!; Little Stinkers DISNEY

A blizzard hits Never Land and Skully catches the flu; Jake and Hook's crew work together to lure a stinky skunk bug away from Never Land.

Mon Feb 2 8:30am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseClarabelle's Clubhouse Carnival(Season 2, Episode 10) DISNEY

Clarabelle needs to collect corn to feed some chickens so Mickey organizes a carnival where visitors pay with kernels of corn to go on rides and play games.

Mon Feb 2 9:00am
Mickey Mouse ClubhousePluto to the Rescue!(Season 2, Episode 21) DISNEY

Pluto comes to the rescue when Donald and Goofy build a snowman so big they can't climb around it or over it.

Mon Feb 2 12:00pm
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseGoofy's Petting Zoo(Season 1, Episode 24) DISNEY

Animals escape from a petting zoo after zookeeper Goofy falls asleep on the job. With Mickey's help, Goofy tries to find the missing animals and return them to the zoo.

Mon Feb 2 12:30pm
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseGoofy in Training(Season 2, Episode 12) DISNEY

Goofy tries to run an obstacle course and gets help from his friends.

Tue Feb 3 7:30am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseMickey and Minnie's Jungle Safari(Season 2, Episode 11) DISNEY

Minnie wants to photograph a rare flower in bloom, so the gang sets off on a jungle safari to find it.

Tue Feb 3 8:00am
Jake and the Never Land PiratesCubby's Crabby Crusade; The Never Sands of Time DISNEY

Crabs kidnap Cubby to help stop Captain Hook from stealing their most precious treasure, the Golden Claw; night and day gets mixed up when Hook messes with the legendary Never Sands of Time.

Tue Feb 3 8:30am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseMickey's Round-Up(Season 2, Episode 15) DISNEY

Mickey and the gang dress in cowboy outfits to round up wild numbers that get loose.

Tue Feb 3 9:00am
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseMickey's Art Show(Season 2, Episode 13) DISNEY

Goofy learns to sculpt, paint and draw so he can compete in an arts-and-crafts show sponsored by Mickey.

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