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I recently watched a marathon ...

Question: I recently watched a marathon of Andy Griffith shows, and on one Goober does an imitation of Cary Grant where he says "Judy, Judy, Judy!" Can you tell me what movie that line is from?

Answer: Cary Grant never said the line "Judy, Judy, Judy" in any movie, although in Only Angels Have Wings (1939) his sultry ex-wife's name is Judy (played by Rita Hayworth), and he does say "Susan, Susan, Susan" (to Katharine Hepburn, whose speech patterns were equally distinctive) in Bringing Up Baby (1938). And yet it's the st read more

I am wondering which movie ...

Question: I am wondering which movie you think has the sexiest/most erotic strip scene. Not some XXX-rated porn movie, but a mainstream movie.

Answer: In addition to leaving out hard-core porn, I'm eliminating direct-to-video soft-core pictures because I don't think they're what you have in mind, either. Two candidates spring immediately to mind, one old and one relatively recent.

The old movie is Gilda (1946), starring Rita Hayworth as a slinky man-eater. Her celebrated strip number, which she performs while singing the suggestive "Put the Blame on Mame" (Mame's sex appeal is blamed for everything from the 1906 San Francisco earthquake to the fire that ripped through Chicago in 1871) barely involves any stripping. She starts out in an evening gown and a pair of elbow-length gloves and is interrupted afte read more

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