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Exclusive: Crystal Chappell Dishes Her Newest Web Series, Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill

She scored outrageous success with her landmark internet series Venice, now Emmy-winning actress-producer Crystal Chappell (Guiding Light, The Bold and the Beautiful) is about to bring us another web potboiler, Beacon Hill. The series, which begins streaming March 5, is set against the cutthroat world of Massachusetts politics and features lots of lesbian steam and a cast of daytime greats, including Sarah Brown (General Hospital), Alicia Minshew and Ricky Paull Goldin (All My Children), Tina Sloan and Ron Raines (Guiding Light), Melissa Archer, Jessica Morris and John-Paul Lavoisier (One Life to Live), Scott Bryce (As the World Turns) and Louise Sorel (Days of Our Lives). TV Guide Magazine caught up with the über-busy Chappell to get an exclusive preview.

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Exclusive: Ricky Paull Goldin Joins The Bold and the Beautiful

Ricky Paull Goldin

Here comes trouble! TV Guide Magazine has exclusively learned that former All My Children and Guiding Light great Ricky Paull Goldin will hit The Bold and the Beautiful May 15 as Jesse, the badass dude who fathered Maya's child. According to a B&B rep, the baby daddy "will arrive on the scene, see Maya with Rick and immediately get jealous." The hyper-busy ...
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All My Children: Jordi Vilasuso and Lindsay Hartley on the Castillos - And What Might've Been

Jordi Vilasuso, Lindsay Hartley

Cara making out with David? Griffin being bullied by Zach? If you feel like the Castillos are getting the short end of things as All My Children wraps its ABC run, you're not alone.

Before the network announced that it was pulling the home of La Lucci off the air after almost 42 years, Pine Valley's newest residents, a brother-sister team from Doctors Without Borders, were en route to love and happily ever after (for as long as that means on daytime TV). According to Jordi Vilasuso and Lindsay Hartley, who joined the cast as the Castillos last November, Cara was brought in as Jake's estranged wife and "soul mate" (not Tad's, and certainly not David's!), while Griffin was hatched as a love interest for Erica Kane's grieving daughter Kendall. But it was all so very short-lived!

Because of the axing — which spawned the resurrection of AMC superstars Dixie (Cady McClain) and Zach (Thorsten Kaye) — the Castillos have been reduced to being little more than appendages of resident villain David (Vincent Irizzary). What do Vilasuso and Hartley have to say about it? Plenty. The actors spoke with TVGuide.com Friday, just days before the series wrapped production entirely, about being hit with the cancellation curve ball, the Castillos' storyline switcheroo, and the online future of All My Children.

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After a Pit Stop in Smallville, Lindsay Hartley Heads to All My Children

Lindsay Hartley

Lindsay Hartley was dumped by Days of Our Lives and her character, ex-undercover agent Arianna Hernandez, died last week from a hit and run. But shed no tears for this gal! She's moving from Salem to Pine Valley — with a stop along the way to battle Clark Kent. Starting December 8, Hartley will be seen on All My Children as ... read more

Preview: Goldin and Ehlers Light Up All My Children

Ricky Paull Goldin and Beth Ehlers by Heidi Gutman/ABC

All My Children is about to get very political. On July 24, fan fave Beth Ehlers — who recently fled from CBS' Guiding Light — will join the ABC soap as Taylor McBride, an Army lieutenant fresh from a tour in Iraq. She’ll be teamed once again with GL partner Ricky Paull Goldin, who defected from that troubled soap earlier this year. Clearly, ABC hopes to re-create their supercouple magic — but don't expect Jake and Taylor to be another Gus and Harley."Like many great romances, this one will be born of conflict," says AMC’s newly arrived head writer, Charles Pratt, Jr. "Jake and Taylor’s relationship, not unlike our current presidential campaign, is a clash of ideals — the liberal versus the conservative. Taylor represents the modern warrior who is gung-ho military. For her, it's all about her country, her unit, her mission, not about the politics."Jake, on the other hand, spent years working in Africa with Doctors Without Borders and has a "complet... read more

Inside All My Children's Next Two Big Returns

Ricky Paull Goldin by Donna Svennevik/ABC

One All My Children character is coming back from hell, another from heaven. On April 30, daytime megastar Ricky Paull Goldin — who just exited Guiding Light — will join AMC as the new Jake Martin. Viewers will learn that Jake, who left town in 2003 to join Doctors Without Borders in Africa, is currently held captive in Darfur, where he is being forced to treat wounded soldiers in one of the illegal armies. Two episodes later, Emmy-winner Cady McClain will rejoin the show as Dixie Martin — in angel form. Fans were furious when the beloved character was killed last year with a batch of poisoned pancakes.Weirdly, the two returns are connected. AMC exec producer Julie Carruthers, who offered Goldin the gig when she heard he was quitting GL, tells me that Jake will be rescued by Aidan and brought back to America against his will. "Jake comes back emotionally scarred and with a very big secret," Carruthers notes. "He does not want to see his family. He wants to get back to... read more

Ricky Paull Goldin Scrubs In as AMC's Jake Martin

Ricky Paull Goldin by Jim Spellman/WireImage.com

Well that didn't take long. Ricky Paull Goldin, who it was only recently announced is exiting Guiding Light when his deal runs out later this month, has been cast on All My Children in the contract role of Dr. Jake Martin.Jake, of course, is the younger brother of Tad, and in his last two incarnations was played by Michael Lowry and J. Eddie Peck's impeccable hair. Jake's love interests have included Liza, Gillian and (of course) Greenlee.Goldin, who cut his daytime teeth on Another World back in the day, is expected to make his AMC debut by the end of April. — Matt Webb Mitovich read more

Inspired perhaps by the success...

Inspired perhaps by the success of SoapNet's Emmy-winning chat show, Soap Talk, CBS has conceived its own version called CBS Soapbox. The show will feature cohosts Kristoff St. John (Neil, Y&R) and Ricky Paull Goldin (Gus, GL) fielding callers' questions and interviewing suds stars, but only ones who work on the Eye network's four soaps, of course. The other catch? It's only viewable on the Internet at CBS.com — beginning July 19 at 3 pm/ET — so Lisa Rinna and Ty Treadway needn't sweat just yet. Still, it's a smart move. "We are always looking for ways to enhance our relationship with our daytime audience," says CBS Daytime chief Barbara Bloom. "CBS Soapbox provides another connection to the loyal and passionate viewers of our popular series." read more

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