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Extra Extras: The Brilliant HBO Sitcom Returns for Its Series Finale

George Michael, Ricky Gervais and Gerard Kelly, Extras

We're thrilled that Ricky Gervais is resurrecting his bloody genius HBO series Extras for a one-shot finale this week, but we can't help feeling dejected. Soon, Extras will be gone for good. Here's what we'll miss most. (The Extras series finale airs Sunday, Dec. 16, at 9 pm/ET on HBO.) Extras features TV's most delightfully dysfunctional duoThat would be Gervais' serious-actor wannabe Andy Mill­man and his idiotic agent, Darren Lamb (Gervais' col­laborator, Steven Merchant). In creating the duo's mad­dening attempts at commu­nication, Gervais harkened back to comedy's legendary mismatched duo Laurel and Hardy. "They nailed it," Gervais says simply. It showcases TV's sweet­est relationship "People know that she's vulnerable, because she's a bit stupid," Gervais says of Andy's best friend, Maggie (Ugly Betty's Ashley Jensen). Particularly refreshing is the absence of will read more

When Emmy Winners Attack!

OK, first off, how freakin’ hilarious was The Bachelor Monday night? Holy human desperation, I loved it! And Hillary from my hometown made the first cut. Represent, Philly ‘ho!Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk last week’s Emmys. Yes, the in-the-round stage was a hot circular mess and why so many statues went to TV-movies, I’ll never know. It’s not like any of the good Sci Fi Originals get nominated. Hello, Mansquito? So robbed. But Seacrest didn’t totally suck, the opening Family Guy number was inspired and some of the winners were deserving.So if you’re like me and think you suffered a stroke that made the word Gandolfini sound like “Spader,” or ya can’t get your head around anyone from Torque ever winning anything, you might want to grab the champs on DVD. Turns out that the slights are, in fact, slight.Ugly Betty — Much like Betty’s Guadalajara poncho, you could spot America Ferrera’s Outstandin... read more

Emmy Spreads the Love to Sopranos, 30 Rock

Tina Fey by John Shearer/WireImage.com

I pity the fool who wagered on a send-off Sopranos landslide in their office Emmy pool. Although the HBO hit walked away with best-drama, writing and directing statuettes, Boston Legal barrister James Spader beat James Gandolfini for best actor, while Brothers & Sisters mom Sally Field won best actress over Edie Falco.On the lighter side, 30 Rock took best comedy, Ugly Betty star America Ferrera won best actress, and Extras mastermind Ricky Gervais was awarded best actor. (OK, Steve Carell actually took that last one, because Gervais wasn't there to collect it himself.)For a complete list of winners, click here. And if you missed a minute of the ceremony, click here, because I didn't, and I'm gonna have the nightmares about Ryan Seacrest dressed up like Jonathan Rhys Meyers to prove it. — Reporting by Ben KatnerRelated: Emmy Ratings... Out! Smallest Audience Since 1990, Backstage with the Winners read more

Live Emmy Blog

10:35: Stephen Colbert joins Jon Stewart on stage with a leaf blower. Ah, another bit about the "green" Emmys. The leaf blower, Colbert says, runs on "Al Gore's tears. He's a crybaby."10:37: Colbert accuses Stewart of flying to L.A. in his "private jet sandwich." Eesh. They're trying too hard. Where's Bruce Vilanch when you need him? I mean, I love me some Stewart and Colbert, but this feels forced.10:39: Kyra Sedgwick clearly agrees with me. She's smiling so hard, I feel her pain.10:40: Ricky Gervais wins Lead Actor, Comedy. "Ricky couldn't be here tonight, so instead we're going to give this to our friend Steve Carell," Stewart says. See? Right there, that was funnier than the whole leaf blower bit. Especially when Carell runs on stage.10:40:30: Felicity Huffman is presenting with House. God, those Housewives really do hate each other, don't they?10:41: Sally Field wins Lead Actress, Drama. Terrified of the Muzak, Sally is talking faster than a teenager after a double latte. The v... read more

Buck Rogers Flies Again, and More Movie News

Gil Gerard and Erin Gray courtesy MCA/Universal City Studios Inc.

Deebee-deebee-deebee! Buck Rogers alum Erin Gray says "a producer who has a few comic-book movies under his belt" is working on getting the license for a feature-film redo. MovieHole.net also reports that another big screen-bound show, Kung Fu, is actively seeking a "male, 20-35, a handsome mix of East meets West," for its lead.... Sex and the City: The Movie has been tagged with a May 30, 2008 release date, says MTV.com.... Cillian Murphy will be mentored by Al Pacino's acclaimed painter in the biopic Dali & I: The Surreal Story.... Ricky Gervais will star in This Side of the Truth, about a world where no one has ever fibbed — until, that is, Gervais' character realizes how productive it can be. read more

Season 3 — Episode 6

As I expected, Kathy's trip to the U.K. was a nonstop laugh fest. Didn't it seem like there were more scenes with Kathy narrating than usual? The more the merrier, I say. I love when Kathy gets tips from experts in the field of wherever she is heading, and this time she got advice from some of today's best British comedy whizzes. Could Ricky Gervais have looked any more uncomfortable? You could tell he wanted to play the politically correct card, especially when he freaked out that Kathy was dissing Oprah ("the most powerful woman in the world"). You knew Kathy was in the wrong place when Ricky mentioned how he wasn't a fan of media whores (as Kathy looked at the camera and pointed to herself). You've got to give Ricky credit for being a sport. Luckily, Kathy was able to make Ricky legitimately laugh a few times.Graham Norton seemed like he was having more fun with Kathy than Ricky. She certainly chose the right Pied Piper to walk through the gay-populated Old Compton: "Just being w... read more

At the Movies: Dougray Scott, T-Bag Game for Hitman

Per Variety, Dougray Scott (Desperate Housewives) is in talks to join Deadwood's Timothy Olyphant in an adaptation of the video game The Hitman. Robert Knepper (Prison Break) is also on board.... Darren Aronofsky (The Fountain) is in talks to direct Mark Wahlberg and Matt Damon in The Fighter, based on the story of "Irish" Mickey Ward.... Per the Hollywood Reporter, Little Miss Sunshine's Greg Kinnear will star opposite another Office boss — this time, Ricky Gervais — will star in Ghost Town, a comedy about a dentist who starts to see dead people after he briefly dies during orthodontic surgery. read more

Bringing "Extras" Back!

Please sing the title to the music of JT's "Sexy Back". Hi all, sadly Extras is NOT coming back for a third season, but the award winning comedy duo of Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant have decided to give us one final send-off episode of the brilliantly funny, Extras. No details have been leaked yet, but as they did with the original The Office, they are planning on ending with a one-off show for our viewing pleasure. Last week, Stephen Merchant, who gave the most brilliant performance for his role as agent Darren Lamb, received the comedy award at the Royal Television Society's awards ceremony. Be on the lookout as Ricky and Stephen "bring Extras back"! read more

It's a Wrap: Ricky Gervais Ends HBO's Extras

Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant have elected not to do a third season of Extras, and instead will wrap up the HBO series with a "one-off" special, as they did before with the U.K. edition of The Office, says the Hollywood Reporter. Explaining that the idea to end the run was in its very early stages, a rep for the duo says no timetable is in place for the series ender, but that Gervais and Merchant "will, at some point, sit down... and write it." Oooh, I love how mysterious and exotic the TV-making process sounds! read more

February 18, 2007: "Poppa Johnnie Loves Wossy"

Extras, Extras, Read All About It!So, it’s official, according to Ricky Gervais, it is “unlikely” that Season 2 of the fantastic British comedy Extras will be followed by a corresponding Season 3. Boo-hoo is all I have to say. And as I watched the opening sequence of this week’s episode, I felt the telling was in the tale. As Andy sits in Jonathon Ross’ hot seat, a foreshadowing of things to come sets the tone. (Jonathan Ross — known to everyone as “Wossy” — is the host of a very popular British talk show that I only saw once when Jim Carrey was on, and it was ludicrous. Jim Carrey is a ridiculous amount of fun, and Jonathan was a good sport as well.) One can only assume that Ricky has set his sights on other options. Jonathan asks Andy if it will be more of the same or will he branch out. Andy replies he’d like to do some serious acting with the “greatest actor in the world,” Robert De Niro. Little did I know that Mr. De N... read more

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