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South of Nowhere Siren Turns What About Brian Home-wrecker

Valery Ortiz

Nothing's more refreshing amid a dizzying spell of addictive TV shows and budding stars than a young, vibrant actor who still becomes speechless at the thought of her success, and has a ways to go before she'll ever grow out of it. Luckily, 22-year-old Valery Ortiz — known for her role as popular cheerleader Madison Duarte on South of Nowhere — was in the mood to gab when TVGuide.com asked her about South of Nowhere's tragic upcoming finale, her stint on ABC's What About Brian (starting tonight at 10 pm/ET), and "dating" Hollywood hotties. TVGuide.com: I'm definitely excited to see you on What About Brian!Valery Ortiz: I watched the promo last night and my whole family was like, "Oh, my god! read more

October 9, 2006: "Marriage Is Kind of Like a Dirty Coffee Mug...."

We didn't need a voice-over (all my respect to Meredith Grey) to spell out the symbolism cutting through this episode, and I'm feeling everyone's in for a rocky road (check out my interview with Rick Gomez for more). But it's all about second chances, right?Side note: I know it's supposed to be about Brian (Barry Watson), but can I just say that Dave (Rick Gomez) is the one who has me watching? The quiet guy. The guy who had the real thing and wants it back. The guy who calls his wife in the middle of a bachelor party. And I'm sure if she asked him to, he'd keep those fuzzy red handcuffs around his wrists for days, despite the embarrassment, if it meant helping his marriage. Handcuffs aside, everyone's hoping for another crack at happiness in this opener....Nic's (Rosanna Arquette) worry about pending motherhood is hovering over any baby joy she should be feeling. Deena (Amanda Detmer) tries to rediscover the romance she and Dave once had. Marjorie (Sarah Lancaster) visits a psychic... read more

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