Richard Sandoval

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The success behind Arizona State University's free throw defense system
03:15 — For one basketball team in Arizona, the fans are helping the team win games by distracting the opponents. David Begnaud reports on how the action in t (more…)
Teen killed in Madison after altercation with police
00:39 — Questions are being raised about whether police in Madison, Wisconsin used excessive force after an officer shot and killed 19-year-old Tony Robinson (more…)
The growing controversy over testosterone-boosting drugs
06:49 — The FDA issues new warnings over testosterone-boosting drugs. Also, there's newly-developed benefits from coffee. Doctors Jon LaPook and Holly Phillip (more…)
Chef Richard Sandoval brings his Mexican-inspired feast to "The Dish"
04:18 — Chef Richard Sandoval is one of the world's most successful and prolific chefs who has more than 40 restaurants world-wide. He brings a Mexican-inspir (more…)
Two police commanders resign, city court clerk fired in Ferguson
00:31 — There is fresh fall-out in Ferguson, Missouri following the scathing report identifying patterns of discrimination in the city's police department. Tw (more…)
NCAA penalizes Syracuse head coach
00:26 — The NCAA has put the Syracuse University basketball team on probation for five years for several violations. And, long-time Syracuse head coach Jim Bo (more…)
Standards for tracking planes still not in place
03:27 — Nearly one year ago, Malaysia Airlines flight 370 vanished in the Southern Indian Ocean and it's one of the biggest mysteries in modern aviation. Curr (more…)
Seeing Colors
01:12 — Michael Midgley won this challenge in Season 2. See what these chefs can come up with.
The Right Staff
01:26 — The remaining chefs hire their team for the Elimination Challenge.
Bravo Brings Out the Big Knives
00:29 — 22 culinary masters bring on the heat in this new season of Top Chef Masters!
Vending Machine Amuse Bouche
01:19 — For this Quickfire, a favorite from Season 2 comes back into play.
With One Hand Tied Behind Your Back
01:25 — Can these chefs cook a perfect egg dish with only one hand?
Preparing for 300 Dishes
01:32 — The chefs prepare their meal for 100 people and they all seem nervous.
The Final Quickfire
01:10 — We've saved the best for last.
A Lot of Heat in One Room
00:10 — 22 culinary masters bring on the heat!
Missing Stew
01:21 — Carmen Gonzalez realizes at the last minute she left the top chef kitchen without one of her main dishes.
Clash of the Titans
01:00 — It's the ultimate cooking competition Top Chef fans have been waiting for.
Humor and Whimsy
00:55 — Chef Wylie Dufresne believes it's important to have fun with the ingredients.
Mini Three Course Meal
00:53 — Kelly shocks the chefs by announcing they must prepare 100 three course meals by themselves.
Mystery Box
01:09 — Instead of shopping for themselves for this challenge, the chefs shop for each other.
Rick Vs. Michael
01:08 — Michael has a completely different take on how to prepare Rick's dish.
Fridge Fight
01:22 — Things get heated as the teams fight over limited refrigerator space.
The Masters Are Back!
00:51 — Get a sneak peek of what these masters have in store for this second season.
Shopping Problems
01:30 — These chefs aren't used to getting their ingredients like this. Let the hilarity ensue.
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