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VIDEO: God Bless the Child

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God Bless the Child
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Length: 47:46
Aired: 3/27/1982

It's early morning end 16-year-old Jenny Clark is running for her life from two street-types, Falco and Perez. Her attempts to get help from a passing motorist go ignored and she flees. Hooker and Romano respond to a call reporting a screaming female -- they find Jenny dead, apparently an overdose of heroin, having fallen from a building to her death. Hooker spots two men running away but is unable to really see them or catch them. Back at the Academy Precinct, Hooker has his share of problems. Finding the dead girl, as yet unidentified, has brought to the sur-face his anguish over teenage drug abuse and now he is confronted by Frank Wagner whose 17-year-old son David has been brought in for drug possession. Hooker hopes David might be of some help in the drug-related death of the girl. Later, Falco and Perez turn up at City Hospital and meet with Dr. Damon Segal. Segal has been supplying the two with hard narcotics and they sell them for him to the high school kids. Falco and Perez spot young hospital volunteer Cathy near Dr. Segal's office. It seems Jenny also worked at the hospital and accidentally discovered what was going on and Falco and Perez wonder if Cathy knows what is going on as well. Hooker stops by to see his ex-wife and kids and Cathy turns out to be his daughter. Through Cathy, Hooker gets Jenny's identity. She was not a drug user but a visit to the girl's mother shows she was neglected at home. Hooker is determined to find Jenny's killer and puts heat on local pimp, Willis, to get information for him. Willis comes up with Harry Simpson, who was the man in the car who ignored Jenny's plea for help, and David gives Hooker some information on Falco. The next day, Hooker, Romano and Simpson stake out the high school as Perez and Falco arrive and the kids gather around. Simpson makes a positive identification on Perez, but when Hooker and Romano go after Perez and Falco, the two grab Cathy, who's been hanging around against her father's orders not to try to help. After a frightening chase with. Cathy as a hostage, Hooker manages to free Cathy and arrest Falco and Perez, and shortly after, Dr. Segal. Back at the precinct, Hooker is glad to learn that David Wagner has requested help with his drug problem. watch

VIDEO: T.J. Hooker: God Bless the Child

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T.J. Hooker: God Bless the Child
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Length: 47:56
Aired: 3/27/1982

The safety of Hooker's daughter is jeopardized when his investigation of the murder of a 16-year-old girl leads directly to drug pushers who are operating in his daughter's high school. watch

VIDEO: Bionic Woman: Classic: Welcome Home, Jaime Pt 1

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Bionic Woman: Classic: Welcome Home, Jaime Pt 1
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Length: 48:51
Aired: 1/14/1976

The Six Million Dollar Man episode that launched The Bionic Woman spin-off series, Oscar Goldman arranges a job for Jaime as a schoolteacher, but she also insists on taking on missions for the OSI. watch


God Bless the Child
Bionic Woman: Classic: Welcome Home, Jaime Pt 1

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Year Title Description
1982 T.J. Hooker: God Bless the Child
Season 1, Episode 3
Episode, Actor - Dr. Segal
1976 The Bionic Woman: Welcome Home, Jaime
Season 1, Episode 1
Episode, Actor - Marchetti
Hec Ramsey: Scar Tissue Episode, Actor - Stamp
Hec Ramsey: A Hard Road to Vengeance Episode, Actor - Stamp
The Bionic Woman: Welcome Home, Jaime Episode, Actor - Marchetti

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