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On the Set: Inside the World of Fall's Coolest New Hit Gotham

Bem McKenzie

Gotham city — Sources close to the Gotham City Police Department have confirmed that the crime rate in the area has nearly tripled in the past month. Many attribute this spike to the recent murders of billionaires Thomas and Martha Wayne, as well as rising interest in the city's infamous Arkham district, home of the failed Arkham Asylum and turf-war favorite of organized crime.

There are those, too, who blame the increase in back-alley homicides, child trafficking... read more

New Season in Review: Black-ish a Truly Modern Family


Comedies with an actual point of view are as rare as they are welcome — especially in a fall awash in mediocre new cookie-cutter romantic comedies. Even in a better season, ABC's provocative and very funny Black-ish (9:30/8:30c) would stand out for its broad and biting satire of an uneasily post racial society seen through a very modern-family prism. (It's also about time ABC scheduled a smart family comedy after its multiple-Emmy-winning champ Modern Family.)

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Amazon Adds Steven Soderbergh Comedy to Pilot Season

Steven Soderbergh

Steven Soderbergh is getting in the Amazon business: The company has added his new comedy to its third pilot season.

Red Oaks, a coming-of-age comedy set in 1985, stars Craig Roberts as a college student who gets a summer job as an assistant tennis pro at the Red Oaks Country Club in suburban New Jersey. While there, he meets a colorful cast of misfit co-workers and wealthy club members, including ... read more

Thursday Review: IFC's Spoils of Babylon; More (and Better) Comedy on Network TV

Tobey Maguire, Tim Robbins

Here's the thing about satire: Parody has a sharper sting if what's being ridiculed is actually relevant. And while it looks like everyone's having a grand time lampooning the old-school histrionics of the classic TV miniseries "epic" in IFC's elaborate all-star Funny or Die put-on The Spoils of Babylon, I'm afraid the fun isn't all that contagious, in part because the joke is such a stale one to begin with.

The whole enterprise, which consists of six half-hour chapters (the first two airing back-to-back starting Thursday at 10/9c), has the musty whiff of one of those movies derived from so-so Saturday Night Live sketches. Each installment opens with a staged intro, featuring a heavily made-up Will Ferrell as a rotund Orson Welles-like egomaniac impresario (described as "author, producer, actor, writer, director, raconteur, bon vivant, legend, fabulist" — and that's just the first episode's credits) who sinks further and further into his (wine) cups as he reflects on his lost late-'70s "masterpiece," which he self-financed as if he were Scrooge McDuck.

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HBO Tries Its Luck With David Milch Drama Starring Dustin Hoffman

Dustin Hoffman

HBO has picked up the gritty drama Luck.

From executive producers David Milch and Michael Mann, the show looks at denizens of the horse-racing world such as... read more

Trauma's Cliff Curtis: "Playing the Macho Guy Starts to Implode"

Trauma - Cliff Curtis

After a three-month hiatus — near cancellation — NBC's Trauma is back (Monday at 9/8c) and creator Dario Scardapane promises a much different show. Star Cliff Curtis, who plays Reuben "Rabbit" Palchuk, told how the next 10 episodes will dig deeper into the characters' development and what we'll learn about Rabbit's past as well as his future with co-worker, and new love interest, Nancy (Anastasia Griffith). How will this half of the season be different from the first half?
Cliff Curtis: The first had a very big concept that involved a lot of action and extreme circumstances with explosions. As a format it didn't leave much time per episode for getting to know the characters. The next 10 episodes we go...

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Casting About: Kidman Denies Nip/Tucking, and More

• A spokesperson for Nicole Kidman tells the New York Daily News it's "not true" that the Aussie beanpole will guest on the coming season of Nip/Tuck, as claimed last week by series creator Ryan Murphy. Intriguing!• Peyton Manning hosts Saturday Night Live on March 24, with musical guest Carrie Underwood.• Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger puts in an appearance on this Sunday's The Apprentice, as part of the winning team's reward. • Kevin Nealon, Jane Lynch, Richard Kind and Wendie Malick are among those who have been added to the guest-star lineup for Thank God You're Here, NBC's improv comedy-challenge series debuting April 9. read more

January 9, 2007: Privilege

As a criminal procedural, this was a solid (but not outstanding) episode, with all of the standard ingredients for a good potboiler: murder, money, power, sex, drugs and even a little rock and roll. OK, maybe that song that played over the opening yoga sequence wasn’t exactly rock and roll, but it was haunting and pretty in a melancholy sort of way, and I really dug it. Who was that mysterious troubadour?While the plot felt a little too familiar — as I’ve said before, how many scheming, whiny rich kids bumping each other off for money do we really need to see? — the acting redeemed this episode. The obvious standout was Doris “Marie Barone” Roberts, whom it was weird to see bedridden and nearly mute (especially after watching an Everybody Loves Raymond episode at 8:30 in which she was her usual feisty self). But once they got her on the right meds, she was as spry as ever — though (slightly) more regal and commanding than her sitcom counterpart... read more

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