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I Love Lucy - Value of a Dollar
04:53 — Lucy hides new furniture from Ricky in the kitchen.
I Love Lucy - Catching Slippery Sam
02:15 — Lucy hatches a plan to help her friend Dorothy trap a man.
I Love Lucy - Too Young To Go
03:44 — The gang loses hope after an avalanche traps them inside a cabin but little do they know that help is on the way.
I Love Lucy - Pass the Poison
05:04 — Lucy tries to pull a fast one on Ricky and intends to 'rub' him out.
I Love Lucy - How To Attract the Opposite Sex
04:00 — Lucy comes up with a plan to get the local grocer, Mr. Ritter, to fall out of love with her.
I Love Lucy - Ricky's Don Juan Girls
04:53 — Lucy's jealousy gets the best of her as she tries to horn her way into Ricky's publicity shoot.
I Love Lucy - Lucy's Bendable Nose
04:16 — Lucy uses a fake nose to disguise herself from Bill Holden after she gets pie thrown in his face.
I Love Lucy - Catching Slippery Sam
02:15 — Lucy hatches a plan to help her friend Dorothy trap a man.
I Love Lucy - Him, Him, Him
05:04 — A reporter convinces Lucy that her life's purpose is to make Ricky happy now that he is a big time movie star.
I Love Lucy - They Make Me Sick
05:04 — Lucy and Ethel try to prove their innocence down at the police station, meanwhile Ricky and Fred have yet to notice anything.
I Love Lucy - John Wayne's Massuer
05:02 — Lucy tries to take a pair of John Wayne's boots from his trailer but ends up giving him a rub down instead.
I Love Lucy - Must Stay on Schedule
05:04 — Lucy makes a mockery of Ricky's schedule.
I love Lucy - No More Matchmaking
04:37 — Ricky finds Lucy in a bachelor's room wearing a negligee.
I Love Lucy - Best Dressing I've Ever Had
04:41 — Lucy and Ethel go on television to promote their old fashioned salad dressing.
I Love Lucy - Vitameatavegamin, Just Like Candy
04:17 — Lucy finally gets her chance to be on television.
I Love lucy - Mink's Paradise
04:59 — Ethel spills the beans about the fur coat.
I Love Lucy - Women From Mars
04:53 — Ethel and Lucy dress up as aliens to make some extra money.
I Love Lucy - Hostess Pants
05:05 — Ethel unknowingly insults Lucy's taste level.
I Love Lucy - Dance of Amour
05:03 — Ethel finds Lucy a real live Frenchman to rehearse the Apache Dance with but Ricky comes home early and the trouble ensues.
I Love Lucy - We Won't Pay for a Lemon
05:02 — Ricky and Lucy sell Fred and Ethel a washing machine that's on the blink..
I Love Lucy - Insult to Injury
05:02 — Lucy writes her first novel and insults everyone in the process.
I Love Lucy - Switched and Then Switched Back
05:03 — Lucy plans to secretly switch apartments behind Ricky's back.
I Love Lucy - Supply and Demand
03:45 — Lucy and Ethel figure out a way to finish out the orders they have and get out of the salad dressing business.
I Love Lucy - Lucy Gets Stuck in a Port Hole
04:59 — Lucy figures out a way for Ricky to spend time with her but her plan goes sour when Ricky has a surprise for her too.
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