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"The Great Leap Forward"

Welcome to Promise City: Built on the graves of 9,000 people.What a sad yet awesome episode. We said goodbye to the Bill Gates look-alike NTAC geek, Danny Farrell, Mrs. Farrell, Isabelle and Penny Johnson’s Rebecca Parish. For whom did I shed the most tears (yes, that was me you heard bawling through the whole episode)? Danny Farrell. He was estranged from his brother for so long because of Shawn’s abilities, and yet his newly acquired ability caused the deaths of at least 9,000 — and he went to all that trouble to make sure it didn’t kill him. Maybe it was only fitting that he had his brother kill him, in some twisted sort of poetic justice. It didn’t make it any less sad. As Shawn put it, he didn’t want to lose his brother and his mother on the same day. At least it’s brought the whole remaining Baldwin/Farrell clan closer — perhaps our only consolation.And what has become of those who didn’t die? Everyone in Seattle who survived now ha... read more

"Tiny Machines"

Let’s take stock of where we stand going into the season (series?) finale: Tom, Meghan and Diana are no longer pretending that Tom is really Tom, and in order to save him, Diana may have killed him. Kyle distrusts Cassie more than ever now that pretty much everyone she’s told him to trust has betrayed him. Shawn and Danny’s mother could be dying, and Collier is possibly Marked. Think they could have packed any more in?The Baldwin/Farrell clan really can’t catch any breaks, can they? On the upside, Shawn, Kyle and Danny are now all Promicin-positive with few ill effects. On the downside, it looks like Mrs. Farrell may be dying from the shot and Tom is lying in the back room of a home-goods store with two bullets in him courtesy of Diana. Isabelle needs to extract herself from that extended family posthaste.On the whole, the episode really was one of those good-news/bad-news kinds of nights. We got Curtis Peck back (good), then Tom killed him (bad). We can kill off... read more

"No Exit"

I wanted to like this episode, really I did, but was there even an episode there? All I can remember is what seemed like hundreds of commercial breaks. Perhaps I’m just profoundly disappointed in this episode. It was such a great setup: The NTAC-ers and Collier & Co. wake up in NTAC headquarters with the place in lockdown with no knowledge of how any of them got there. Before we’ve even reached the end of the first half hour, Megan and Shawn are dead. And then, with bated breath we wait for the big reveal (Is it the people from the future? The Marked?), only to find out that it’s all the work of... PJ’s dream? PJ, the third anonymous member of the NTAC geek squad? It almost made me want to flip to the rerun of that Pussycat Dolls show.PJ, despite being a government agent with access to sensitive materials regarding the 4400 and Jordan Collier, apparently decided a couple of months ago to take the shot for no discernible reason whatsoever. His power allowed hi... read more

"The Marked"

In honor of the upcoming Simpsons Movie, can I just say it? Best. Episode. Ever. There was a wonderful, vintage X-Files vibe running the whole way through, complete with Lone Gunmen analogue and everything. Plus, that final shot of Tom staring into the mirror while the evil software CEO proclaimed, “When we need him, he’ll be there for us,” gave me goose bumps.OK, I admit it: This show has me psyched again in a way that I haven’t really been this season. The idea that there are nine other Matthew Rosses out there — 10, if you count Tom — doesn’t bode well for our original-recipe 4400s. I’m not sure what it means for the extra-crispies, but I doubt it’ll be all sunshine and rainbows for them either. Plus, I’m going to venture a guess here, but somehow I doubt that Gabriel Hewitt’s newly restored health means that he’ll change his mind on the 4400, despite the fact that it was Shawn who cured him. In fact, how do we know that... read more

June 17, 2007: The Extra Crispies

I suppose it’s time to add Seattle to my running list of the most dangerous places on television. As if Meredith Grey and Co. weren’t bad enough, we were almost subject to growing legions of 16-year-olds with really bad taste in clothing and music (and gym class activities — thumb wrestling, anyone?). But seriously, this Promicin distribution is shaping up to be a catastrophe in and of itself.The past three seasons have all been about controlling a limited group of people with unpredictable powers, but now the whole premise has been turned on its head. What do you do when people are given a choice in the matter and that group expands? The 4400 were all torn away from their families, and many seemed at best ambivalent and at worst downright scared regarding their abilities. Remember Maia just wanting to be a normal kid two years ago? Graham Holt reveled in his power and grew more ambitious by the minute. Basically, the third-season finale (“50/50”) and last n... read more

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