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Wed Sep 20 8:00pm
Happy Gilmore AMC

A tepid hockey player takes up tournament golf to raise cash for his grandmother, who is about to lose her house.

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Wed Sep 20 10:00pm
Happy Gilmore AMC

A tepid hockey player takes up tournament golf to raise cash for his grandmother, who is about to lose her house.

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Thu Sep 21 8:00am
Pawn StarsSteaks at Stake(Season 1, Episode 20) HIST

A sales incentive is offered, and the competition begins. Among the items examined: a motorcycle, and 200-year-old buttons.

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Thu Sep 21 8:30am
Pawn StarsPlane Crazy(Season 1, Episode 12) HIST

A map of Colonial Boston is considered; the shop's first plane is purchased.

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Thu Sep 21 9:00am
Pawn StarsBare Bones(Season 3, Episode 12) HIST

A custom motorcycle frame; a collection of Mazon Creek fossils; and a blackjack table from the Stardust casino in Las Vegas.

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Thu Sep 21 9:30am
Pawn StarsMessage in a Bottle(Season 2, Episode 30) HIST

Items evaluated include a whiskey flask from the Civil War, 19th-century dueling pistols, and the original contract for the Who's Woodstock performance.

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Thu Sep 21 10:00am
Pawn StarsTeacher's Pet(Season 4, Episode 33) HIST

A World War II bombsight; a 1930s stock ticker.

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Thu Sep 21 10:30am
Pawn StarsMaking Cents(Season 4, Episode 19) HIST

A script from "The Godfather" signed by Al Pacino; a 1950s coin-operated children's ride; and a vintage Excelsior accordion.

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Thu Sep 21 11:00am
Pawn StarsPut Up Your Dukes(Season 3, Episode 22) HIST

A 450-year-old book once owned by Isaac Newton; an Army jacket from the Spanish-American War; and a collection of John Wayne memorabilia.

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Thu Sep 21 11:30am
Pawn StarsGuns Blazing(Season 5, Episode 26) HIST

A rare revolver; a tire signed by NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt; a classic Nintendo game from the 1980s.

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Thu Sep 21 12:00pm
Pawn StarsFree Willie(Season 6, Episode 24) HIST

A taxi built for the 1992 movie "Freejack"; a San Francisco Giants uniform owned by Willie Mays; a brass hand cannon.

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Thu Sep 21 12:30pm
Pawn StarsWoah Pilgrim(Season 8, Episode 41) HIST

A card-playing book from 1866; the hat John Wayne wore in the film "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance."

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Thu Sep 21 1:00pm
Pawn StarsLunch Larceny(Season 7, Episode 27) HIST

An 1838 Colt Paterson revolver; a letter written by Franklin D. Roosevelt.

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Thu Sep 21 1:30pm
Pawn StarsMcKinley Family Jewels(Season 9, Episode 20) HIST

A Felix the Cat sparkler toy; a tiara that belonged to the wife of President William McKinley.

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Thu Sep 21 2:00pm
Pawn StarsPonies and Phonies(Season 9, Episode 34) HIST

A rare Bible; an R2-D2 Pepsi machine.

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Thu Sep 21 2:30pm
Pawn StarsCan't Buy Me Love(Season 9, Episode 6) HIST

A Beatles management contract; a high-altitude suit from the Cold War era.

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Thu Sep 21 3:00pm
Pawn StarsGame Over(Season 10, Episode 35) HIST

A hovercraft; a set of Beatles bobblehead dolls from the 1960s.

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Thu Sep 21 3:30pm
Pawn StarsLocked and Loaded(Season 11, Episode 26) HIST

Items include a 1763 flintlock pistol, an 1890s telescope cane and "Star Wars" props.

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Thu Sep 21 4:00pm
Pawn StarsThe Smoking Gun(Season 11, Episode 7) HIST

A Brown Bess musket; a guitar that was smashed by KISS front man Paul Stanley.

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Thu Sep 21 5:00pm
Pawn StarsPawn Another Day(Season 13, Episode 20) HIST

Items include Madonna's 1988 day planner; a 1910 phrenology head; an 1800s locket with preacher Henry Ward Beecher; and a 1980s egg chair used for hearing tests.

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Thu Sep 21 5:30pm
Pawn StarsFrontier Fortune(Season 13, Episode 49) HIST

Items inlcude a Gibson lap-steel guitar; a letter from pioneer Ezra Meeker; a set of commemorative Oregon Trail coins; a Victorian snuff box; and Colonial bone dice.

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Sat Sep 23 12:00pm
Pawn StarsOff to the Races(Season 10, Episode 34) HIST

The book "The Big Bonanza"; an ancient Tibetan door.

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Sat Sep 23 12:30pm
Pawn StarsWake Up Call(Season 10, Episode 29) HIST

A 1964 Amphicar 770; a 1939 National Bowling Association championship ring.

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Sat Sep 23 1:00pm
Pawn StarsIn the Doghouse(Season 9, Episode 50) HIST

A coin featuring Roman emperor Caligula; hand-drawn maps from the Normandy invasion of World War II.

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