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Keck's Exclusives: Desperate Housewives Hunk to Play Hot Conjoined Twin

Richard Burgi

Well, I for one can't recall ever seeing this on a television sitcom before. And I imagine it's a safe bet that this "ground-breaking" episode will not win any sensitivity awards.

TV Land's Hot in Cleveland has cast former Desperate Housewives actor Richard Burgi, who played Susan's ex-husband Karl, as one half of conjoined twin brothers, Timothy and Richard. Burgi will play Timothy, who is set up on a date with Victoria (Wendie Malick). Victoria is, of course, unaware that her date is bringing along a little extra baggage.

How do you feel about Hot in Cleveland's most outlandish plot yet? And who would you like to see attached to Richard Burgi? read more

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Dana Delany by Randee St. Nicholas/ABC, Ed Westwick by Andrew Eccles/The CW and Ali Larter by Paul Drinkwater/NBC

Senior editors Matt Mitovich and Mickey O'Connor answer your questions! E-mail us your own scoopy needs.The Housewives premiere is still weeks away! Tide me over with some scoop? – SusanMatt: A near-death experience is going to set up a major health crisis for one of the male residents of Wisteria Lane. And that’s about all I can say without Marc Cherry getting all angry like he did last spring when I spoiled the time-warp.What does Season 2 have in store for Gossip Girl's Jenny and Chuck? I heard they might get together. XOXO. — SamanthaMickey: In the name of American Apparel, bite your tongue! Jenny will be too busy toiling away at a dress form anyway, as Season 2 fleshes out her fashion-related ambitions, which may or may not include Blair's mom. The Basshole, on the other hand, will avenge the loss of Victrola — that "classy" burlesque club in which he wanted his dad to invest — by turning his sights on an equally seedy Brooklyn venue, and with help from... read more

November 12, 2006: Children and Art

Well, you knew that after last week's standout shoot-out episode, tonight was going to be somewhat of a letdown no matter what. How can you top last week? Since my expectations were already lowered, I was able to enjoy tonight for the most part — especially the Bree and Orson scenes. Continuing in the tradition of casting the very best actresses in the business to play the mothers of the characters, Dixie Carter acted up a storm as Gloria, Orson's mother of a mother. As soon as Bree started talking to Gloria as though she were senile, you knew there was going to be hell. I like that we still don't know exactly why Orson wants to keep his mother in the nursing home, yet Gloria has something over Orson — something that could get him in big trouble: "I gave you life. You know I won't hesitate to take it away." Maybe we'll find out next week.It was great to see how frustrated Orson was getting around Gloria, which just frightened Bree and humored Andrew: "So — can we call... read more

Um, I hate to break it to ABC,...

Um, I hate to break it to ABC, but the wives are becoming less desperate and more psychotic. Seriously, I understand the horror of a messy house, but Lynette's releasing a rat in her own home to "bend Tom to her will" has me fearing that she shares a few too many attributes with certain serial killers who tortured animals in their youth. Then there's Susan "accidentally" backing her car over Edie. Unless it was the Suzanne Somers roller-disco finery that sent her into a rage blackout. That I can understand. Otherwise, nobody deserves a broken tibia just for shacking up with her neighbor's ex. Who, by the way, is aging very nicely. Well done, Richard Burgi. (Now give 'Cooler's Rhoda Charles a call, would ya? She wants to… uh, talk about In Her Shoes. Yeah, that's it.) I'll give a break to Gaby and Bree, though. Bree is in enough trouble now that the Arzt guy who blew up on Lost is keeping tabs on her coziness with crazy George read more


While we're on the subject of the tube's revolving door, Desperate Housewives is rolling out the welcome mat for Richard Burgi, who recurred last season as Susan's obnoxious ex, Karl Mayer. This go-round, he'll be a regular and a love interest for Edie. But wait, wouldn't a love interest for Wisteria Lane's temptress be, at best, a short-term gig? read more

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