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Branson Vows to Find Cause of Crash
Richard Branson has paid tribute to the test pilots in Virgin Galactic's space tourism programme after one was killed and another critically injured i (more…)
Playboy Designs Club in Outer Space
The March issue of Playboy Magazine includes conceptual designs for a Playboy Club in outer space. This designer used input from a NASA scientist, as (more…)
Exclusive: Richard Branson and Kate Winslet After The Fire
Check out these exclusive videos and pictures of Sir Richard Branson and Kate Winslet from he sight of his house fire on Necker Island.
Justin Bieber Going To Space
Justin Bieber is the latest celebrity to sign up to head to space following the NASA cuts over the last few years. He will be joining Richard Branson' (more…)
Sir Richard Branson Breaks World Record in Kitesurfing Parade
Sir Richard Branson smashes another Guiness World Record as he joins 318 participants to complete a one-mile kitesurfing course.
NBC Reality Show Will Send Someone to Space
NBC announced Thursday it will partner with Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson and reality TV producer Mark Burnett to create 'Space Race.'
Superman Returns - Trailer #2
Superman Returns - but are Lois and the rest of the world ready for him?
Were You April Fooled by These Fake Announcements?
Among the April Fools' Day pranksters this year are businessman Richard Branson with a modest proposal for Virgin, Belgian TV, Air France and Samsung (more…)
Watch Sir Richard Branson Dance in the Aisles 35,000ft Up with Motown the Musical Cast
Passengers on board Virgin Atlantic's new service from London to Detroit were treated to a performance by the cast of hit Broadway show Motown the Mus (more…)
Behind The Scenes: Superman Returns - 2
Parker Posey gives some insight into her character, Kitty, who is in love with the criminal Lex Luthor.
Richard Branson on Knowing Your Weaknesses
Virgin Group founder Richard Branson talks with The Post's Lillian Cunningham about his dyslexia, his trouble with numbers and why neither has held hi (more…)
Richard Branson Determined to Learn from Spaceship Crash
Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson said he was working with U.S. authorities to determine what caused a passenger spaceship being developed by hi (more…)
Virgin Unveils Deep Sea Submarine
Virgin Group's Richard Branson introduced a project that features a single-person submarine able to reach the oceanic depths no other sub can.
NBC Reality Show Will Send Someone to Space
NBC announced Thursday it will partner with Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson and reality TV producer Mark Burnett to create 'Space Race.'
Superman Returns - Trailer 3
Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey) plots to create a new planet, but little does he know that Superman (Brandon Routh) is back to stop him once and for all.
How to Succeed in a Recession
In this WatchMojo video Richard Branson gives suggestions for how entrepreneurs can survive the current recession.
'You Got Me!', Branson Admits
Virgin founder Richard Branson had described his school years to School Reporters, but their first question had him flummoxed.
Virgin Galactic Rocket Breaks Sound Barrier
Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo successfully broke the sound barrier Thursday. Billionaire Richard Branson's company hopes to use a single rocket engin (more…)
Richard Branson Breaks World Record
RIchard Branson and some friends have set the world record for the most people up on one kite board.
Sir Richard Branson: 'Satellite Array Will Get 3 Billion Online'
Sir Richard Branson says a plan to create an 'enormous array of satellites' around the earth will 'help reach three billion people in this world who d (more…)
Richard Branson on Virgin's Branded Ventures
In this video Sir Richard Branson outlines how his company has branched out into various industries on the strength of the Virgin brand.
Justin Bieber Books Trip to Space
Together with his manager Justin Bieber signed up for a trip to space with Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic program.
Richard Branson Breaks Guinness World Kite Surfing Record
Richard Branson and some bikini clad ladies break the Guinness World record for most people on a kite surfboard at one time.
Virgin Galactic Spaceship Crashes During California Test Flight
Helicopters and trucks rush across the Mojave Desert in California... to the site of a suborbital passenger spaceship that crashed during a test fligh (more…)
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