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The Odd Couple - Felix the Great
01:32 — Felix has a magical evening planned with Emily that quickly goes up in smoke.
The Odd Couple: Make Room For Dani Trailer
00:55 — Oscar reluctantly agrees with his agent that it’s time to shake things up on his radio show and allows Dani to have a bigger role after a rival host, (more…)
Overheard at Coachella: Inebriated Nonsense
01:42 — Anna Akana, Flula Borg and Ben Gleib eavesdrop on drunken exchanges between hipsters at Coachella.
#HashtagWars: #BeforeYouTube
01:46 — Somehow the Internet once existed without YouTube, so Anna Akana, Flula Borg and Ben Gleib reminisce about life before the video site.
Rapid Refresh: Ghost in the Hell No
01:45 — In response to the whitewashing of the "Ghost in the Shell" remake, Anna Akana, Flula Borg and Ben Gleib suggest controversial casting choices for oth (more…)
Panderdome: Hillary Clinton's Endorsement & Shouting Tweets
03:52 — Rich Eisen, Annie Lederman and Mike Lawrence find out about Hillary Clinton's latest "celebrity" endorsement and yell at office assistants to compose (more…)
Just the Tax Tip: Masochists and Old Receipt Enthusiasts
01:56 — In preparation for Tax Day, Rich Eisen, Annie Lederman and Mike Lawrence offer bizarre, last minute tax filing tips.
#HashtagWars: #AddSportsRuinASong
02:00 — In honor of the NBA playoffs, Rich Eisen, Annie Lederman and Mike Lawrence put an athletic spin on beloved hit songs.
Hollywood Game Night: Football Game Night Trailer
01:11 — Two contestants will lead a team of three celebrities, which include Al Michaels, Rich Eisen, Apolo Ohno, Tara Lipinski, Nate Burleson, Maurice Jones- (more…)
Go On: Go For The Gold Watch Trailer
00:46 — Mr. K's history comes to light as his compatibility algorithm wreaks havoc on Lauren Ryan plays yenta for Danny and Sonia.
The Odd Couple: Secret Agent Man Trailer
02:27 — Felix convinces Oscar to appear on a sports television show with Rich Eisen and Kenny Smith, even though Teddy is advising Oscar to pass on the opport (more…)
Rich Eisen Is Headed to the NFL Scouting Combine
04:50 — Eisen is set to cover the event and run the 40-yard dash in a Prada suit.
Rich Eisen On Interviewing Madonna, Mick Jagger and Billy Joel
02:49 — Rich Eisen has interviewed huge music stars at the Super Bowl.
That's Pretty Corny
04:59 — Popcorn? More like explosion-corn. Can Rich Eisen and team handle the volatility of this Popped Quiz?
#HashtagWars: #SexyScience
01:54 — Adam Savage, Rich Eisen and Ron Funches give the world of science an erotic makeover.
Live Challenge: Uber Copter
00:57 — An Uber ride could be a lot different in a helicopter, so Adam Savage, Rich Eisen and Ron Funches imagine a typical pilot-to-passenger conversation in (more…)
#OscarsSoWhite: More White Than a Chardonnay Line at a Coldplay Concert
01:35 — The Oscar nominations for this year's awards included no African American actors, so Adam Savage, Rich Eisen and Ron Funches weigh in on the snubs via (more…)
Rapid Refresh: Obvious Internet Discoveries, GuyFi & #FurryandFamous
03:04 — Adam Savage, Rich Eisen and Ron Funches make glaring Internet observations, give a name to workplace self-love and discover a self-aware cat.
ESPNSYNC: We've Got a Cure for That
04:33 — Professional athletes take a break from sports to work on their futures as troubadours, so Adam Savage, Rich Eisen and Ron Funches elaborate on their (more…)
Bears Didn't Like Brandon Marshall's Inside the NFL Appearances.
Brandon Marshall's frequent in-season appearances on Showtime's Inside the NFL 'were a source of friction' for the Bears last year.'Sometimes Brandon (more…)
A Mustard Situation
Rich Eisen and Hank Azaria on the art of changing diapers
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  • Birth Place: Brooklyn, NY
  • Birthday: June 24, 1969, Cancer
  • Profession: Sports anchor

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