Rhonda Britten



Starting Over with No Memory

Amnesia plots are commonplace on TV. Even ABC's Lost features a castaway who has misplaced her memory. That's nothing compared to Bethany, the real-life amnesia sufferer on NBC's daily reality soap, Starting Over. The 21-year-old North Carolinian recalls nothing about her life or personality before the age of 17, when she was stricken by encephalitis. Here, TV Guide Online rings up Bethany's peppy life coach, Rhonda Britten, to learn more about her unusual story. TV Guide Online: Bethany's 21 and can't recall most of her life. Is this your toughest case ever?Rhonda Britten: I don't consider Bethany my most difficult case. I consider Bethany my most innocent case. Her innocence is just so overwhelmingly endearing and heart-opening. Here is this young girl who does not remember at all who she was. She's created an identity based on what oth read more

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