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Part of Trump travel ban goes into effect
04:49 — Part of President Trump's travel ban will go into effect until the Supreme Court hears a case on the executive order this fall. CBS News justice repor (more…)
Trump criticizes Obama over handling of Russia election hack
02:31 — President Trump is blasting former President Obama for not acting sooner when he learned Vladimir Putin ordered hackers to help the Trump campaign. A (more…)
Supreme Court to hear travel ban case
03:49 — The Supreme Court has decided to hear the travel ban case. Ilya Shapiro, senior fellow at the CATO Institute, and CBS News justice reporter Paula Reid (more…)
Supreme Court agrees to hear travel ban case
06:06 — The Supreme Court today voted to hear the case over President Trump's travel ban. The high court will also take up a controversial case involving wedd (more…)
Parts of the travel ban can stand
03:56 — On Monday the Supreme Court announced that parts of President Trump's controversial travel ban can stand. CBS News justice reporter Paula Reid joins " (more…)
What to expect from SCOTUS' last day and retirement rumors
01:32 — The Supreme Court will end their yearly session this week with several important rulings expected -- and possibly a retirement. Paula Reid discusses w (more…)
Cinco de Mayo
13:34 — When Scott Reid and his friend Bryan agree to take his step-sister and her friend camping for the holiday weekend the last thing they expect is to be (more…)
Mercy or Murder
Based on a true story, the film stars Robert Young as Roswell Gilbert, a 75-year-old Florida retiree happily married for 45 years. When Gilbert's wife (more…)
00:39 — Get closer than ever to the Top Gear action with Extra Gear hosted by Rory Reid and Chris Harris.
01:53 — After a perfect date, city girl Mia follows wilderness guide Reid to Alaska, but animal attacks and his jealous ex, are coming between them. Worst of (more…)
Sneak Peek
01:41 — The Lifetime Original Movie William and Kate tells the story of how the friendship between Prince William (Nico Evers-Swindell, NCIS: Los Angeles, Law (more…)
Sen. Sherrod Brown Decries GOP Healthcare Bill
16:01 — Sen. Sherrod Brown joins Joy Reid on why many of his colleagues on the other side of the aisle support a healthcare bill many Americans strongly disli (more…)
Why Are Democrats Attacking Nancy Pelosi?
12:51 — Have the Democrats internalized messaging about Nancy Pelosi that originated with the Republican party? Joy Reid and her panel debate this, and what’s (more…)
Senate Could Vote On Healthcare Bill This Week
11:34 — Joy Reid and her panel discuss whether Senate Republicans will be able to pass their version of the healthcare bill, despite opposition from a handful (more…)
Trump’s Major Foreign Policy Challenges Heat up
08:27 — Col. Larry Wilkerson, former chief of staff for Secretary of State Colin Powell, explains to Joy Reid how many of Trump’s recent actions could be view (more…)
CBC Declines White House Meeting With Trump
08:21 — Congressional Black Caucus Chairman, Rep. Cedric Richmond, joins Joy Reid to discuss why the CBC turned down the invitation to meet with the president (more…)
Chiefs make surprising front office move
01:15 — The Chiefs have decided to part ways with general manager John Dorsey, a move that came on the same day that the team announced an extension for coach (more…)
Media Clamp Down at White House Press Briefings
07:04 — Journalist Masha Gessen and Joy Reid discuss the White House barring TV cameras during recent press briefings, and what this means for press freedoms.
Democrats Regroup After Painful Ossoff Loss
10:08 — Joy Reid and her panel debate where the Democrats went wrong in Jon Ossoff’s Georgia runoff, and the tactics needed in future races to take back the H (more…)
Russia Hacks: Our Democracy Still in Danger
10:12 — Are partisan politics interfering with leaders taking action to protect our voting process from Russian interference? Joy Reid and her panel discuss.
GOP Congressman Defends Healthcare Bill
14:31 — Joy Reid and Republican Rep. Tom Reed debate the controversial GOP healthcare proposals that would give tax breaks to the one percent, while significa (more…)
Airport attack being investigated as terrorism
03:43 — A Canadian-Tunisian man has been accused of stabbing an airport police officer in the neck at the international airport in Flint, Michigan. The FBI is (more…)
Officer injured in Michigan stabbing now in stable condition
04:28 — The officer injured in a stabbing at the Flint, Michigan airport is reported to be in stable condition. CBS News justice reporter Paula Reid joins CBS (more…)
Officer stabbed at Michigan airport in possible act of terror
02:46 — The airport in Flint, Michigan has been evacuated after an officer was stabbed. Investigators are not ruling out terror as they investigate the incide (more…)
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