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Arkansas prepares for double execution
03:40 — Arkansas is set to execute two death row inmates Monday night. CBS News justice reporter Paula Reid joins CBSN to break down the lethal injection lega (more…)
Trump downplays 100-day milestone as "ridiculous standard"
07:27 — The White House may not keep funding for a southern border wall in the budget plan ahead of a potential government shutdown. The Hill's Reid Wilson ex (more…)
Criminal Minds - Unforgettable (Sneak Peek)
02:00 — When several federal government employees, including a close friend of Walker's, succumb to symptoms of a heart attack, the BAU investigates. Also, Re (more…)
Judge blocks Trump's order on sanctuary cities
03:13 — A federal judge in California has blocked a Trump administration order that aimed to withhold federal funding for sanctuary cities. CBS News justice r (more…)
Judge blocks Trump's sanctuary city order
00:23 — A federal judge has blocked President Trump's executive order withholding federal money from sanctuary cities. CBS justice reporter Paula Reid joins C (more…)
Pres. Trump's Threat to Congress Fails
07:08 — President Trump lost his first fight over health care and Monday night he appeared to back off threats to force Democrats and Republicans to pay for t (more…)
Ossoff Runoff Captivates the Nation
08:12 — Terea Tomlinson, the mayor of Columbus, GA, joins Joy Reid telling us that the close race for Health Secretary Tom Price’s former congressional seat s (more…)
Dean: I Get the Feeling It’s Incompetence
06:10 — Why can’t Attorney General Jeff Sessions fill dozens of empty U.S. attorney positions? Joy Reid and former Nixon White House counsel John Dean discuss (more…)
Guest: Most French See Trump As a Flake
14:52 — As the world watches whether far-right candidate Marine Le Pen will win the French presidential election, Joy Reid and her guests discuss the climate (more…)
Report: FOX Boss Made Black Workers Arm Wrestle for Whites
14:46 — New York magazine editor Gabriel Sherman tells Joy Reid that a group of African-American FOX employees have filed suit alleging they were made to arm (more…)
Trump’s Approval Slips to Record Lows
08:31 — With the president reaching new approval lows, Joy Reid and her panel discuss the GOP attempting to negotiate with Democrats to fund the border wall, (more…)
Trump Win Predictor Pens Guide to His Impeachment
06:13 — Professor Allan Lichtman, one of the few experts to predict Trump’s presidential win, joins Joy Reid on his new book, 'The Case for Impeachment.'
Kathy Griffin On FOX: ‘Old People Like People Who Shout’
07:30 — Joy Reid and Kathy Griffin discuss her experience of Americans in the heartland needing Trump jokes more than ever, FOX under fire, and more.
O’Reilly Is Out But FOX Remains FOX
09:43 — Joy Reid and her guests discuss the reported 'cesspool' culture at FOX that many say will remain, even after the ouster of Bill O’Reilly after many se (more…)
Rep. Ted Lieu Trolls Trump’s Immigration Policy
05:51 — Joy Reid and Rep. Ted Lieu discuss what he calls the president’s hypocritical and dangerous immigration policies, including his recent executive order (more…)
Is Dem ‘Unity Tour’ Tearing Party Apart?
16:14 — Joy Reid and her panel heatedly debate: what’s the point of DNC chairman Tom Perez touring with Independent Bernie Sanders, rather than reaching out t (more…)
Thousands March for Science!
05:21 — Bill Nye the Science Guy, the honorary co-chair of Saturday’s March for Science, joins Joy Reid on the politics of science as the Donald Trump adminis (more…)
Criminal Minds - Unforgettable (Preview)
00:20 — When several federal government employees, including a close friend of Walker's, succumb to symptoms of a heart attack, the BAU investigates. Also, Re (more…)
Cheetah baby boom at Smithsonian fueling conservation effort
02:07 — The number of cheetahs in captivity is beginning to swell, thanks to the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Virginia. In the wild, the popu (more…)
Smithsonian boosts cheetah population at Virginia sanctuary
03:08 — CBS News' Chip Reid reports from Front Royal, Virginia, where biologists are working to save the cheetah from extinction.
Large litter of cheetah cubs a victory for vulnerable population
03:57 — Ten new cheetah cubs are making themselves at home in Virginia. The Smithsonian's cheetah reproductive and research program welcomed the cubs at the f (more…)
Big Oil Speaks Up On Trump Call for Comments
02:39 — Joy-Ann Reid reports on the responses to the Trump administration's call for comments on changes to federal rules, including some big asks from BP eve (more…)
VP Pence visits DMZ and warns North Korea
02:56 — Vice President Mike Pence says the U.S. has run out of patience with North Korea's nuclear ambitions. Pence, who arrived in South Korea just hours aft (more…)
Lack of White House transparency a growing concern, critics say
03:08 — Protesters from coast to coast called on President Donald Trump over the weekend to release his tax returns. His refusal to do so is just one reason c (more…)
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