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18 Was a Big Year for Wilmer Valderrama & Shawn Mendes
02:20 — After recapping Shawn Mendes' big year, including turning 18, James turns back the clock and asks Wilmer Valderrama about being 18 and having to buy a (more…)
The First Presidential Debate Lives Up To the Hype
09:44 — At the first debate the candidates delivered plenty of barbs, insults, and one of the biggest lies of the entire campaign.
Emma Willmann Performs Stand-Up
04:50 — Straight outta rural Maine, Willmann finds the laughs in small-town life, her mom's voicemails, and her struggles with dyslexia.
Yankees Fan Boots Stadium Proposal
04:04 — James looks at a roundup of stories including a Yankee Stadium proposal that almost went very wrong and some frisky burglars.
Gary Johnson Pulled a Gary Johnson
03:22 — After James looks at Gary Johnson's world leader gaffe, James explains why National Coffee Day has to go.
Late Late Captions: Usain Bolt
07:24 — After James reads his favorite Instagram captions for a photo he posted of himself and Usain Bolt after a race, he lists off all the places on the Int (more…)
Kal Penn Actually Gave Donald Trump A Legitimate Chance
06:28 — The actor and former White House aide Penn couldn't tell if Trump was saying "a tax" or "attacks" during the debate, but decided it didn't matter beca (more…)
Rob Lowe Needs To Work On His Trump Impression
10:27 — The star of 'Code Black' is no stranger to politics, but tells Stephen the only office he's interested in is president of the Screen Actors Guild.
Corporate Acronyms: IKEA, Craigslist
04:13 — You may not know it, but some of the world's most recognizable apps and brands are all acronyms.
Emoji News
05:43 — James tests the audience on the latest headlines by presenting them in emoji form.
With Time Running Out, An Undecided Voter Struggles To Choose
04:04 — Rob Lowe portrays an American voter who still hasn't made up his mind between two historically unpopular choices for president.
A Voter Registration Day Message From The Late Show
01:33 — Not sure whether to vote this year? Let Stephen Colbert, John Cena, Anna Gunn, George Takei, Tituss Burgess, Trevor Noah, America Ferrera, Joseph Gord (more…)
Stephen Watched the Debate With Abraham Lincoln's Ghost
01:25 — Presidential politics may have changed since Honest Abe's day, but the debates are still as vicious as ever.
Is the World Ready for a Shawn Mendes-Niall Horan Collaboration?
00:48 — Shawn Mendes confirms that he and Niall Horan have every intention to write music together, but explains what's been delaying them.
Will Max Greenfield Open for Tig Notaro at Carnegie Hall?
05:48 — After Tig Notaro explains why doing comedy about your children is inevitable, Max Greenfield unearths an old bit from his one attempt at stand-up. And (more…)
Better Then/Better Now Riff-Off w/ Shawn Mendes & The Filharmonic
08:28 — When Shawn Mendes mocks James' love for 90s hits, the two decide to find out which era produced better music with a riff-off, featuring the Spice Girl (more…)
David Boreanaz Looks Back at 12 Seasons of Hair
01:35 — David chats with Seth about 12 seasons of Bones and how his hair has changed throughout.
David Boreanaz Is in a Fight With His Washing Machine
02:08 — David tells Seth about being back home after wrapping Bones, and fighting with his appliances.
Moonlight Wins Best Picture, National Kahlua Day
03:10 — Seth Meyers' monologue from Monday, February 27.
Matthew Broderick Was Asked to Be in the Manhattan Jewish Hall of Fame
02:55 — Matthew chats with Seth about his off-Broadway play Evening at the Talkhouse and an interesting proposition he received before a show.
SJP Tells Matthew Broderick to Stop Stuttering
02:52 — Matthew tells Seth about being married to fellow actor Sarah Jessica Parker and how he appreciates her criticism, and mistakes he made during his firs (more…)
Matthew Broderick Grew up With Kenneth Lonergan
01:40 — Matthew tells Seth about his friendship with director and screenwriter Kenny Lonergan, Kenny's Oscar win for Manchester by the Sea and the roles Kenny (more…)
Amber Says What: the Oscars
01:58 — Late Night writer Amber Ruffin reviews her reactions to the 2017 Academy Awards.
Matthew Broderick Is Scared to Play a Real Person
01:49 — Matthew tells Seth about playing former FEMA chief Michael Brown in Ryan Murphy's new show about Hurricane Katrina.
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