Sen. Brown, Reggie Love shoot hoops for charity
00:40 — Sen. Scott Brown (D-Mass.), Education Secretary Arne Duncan and the White House's Reggie Love lead a congressional team in a charity basketball game a (more…)
NOW: President Obama’s body man opens up
Few people know President Barack Obama the man better than Reggie Love. Love shares some of his favorite uncensored anecdotes about the president (more…)
Reggie's Reply
00:59 — The guys receive a hopeful email from Obama's wingman, Reggie Love.
Spreading The Word
00:51 — After an unsuccessful search for Obama's wingman, Reggie Love, the guys use a local D.C. radio station to get his attention.
November 07, 2012 - Web Extra: Reggie Love
Former Obama body man Reggie Love says the President not only won reelection, he won his election day basketball game as well.
'You only make a first impression once'
03:52 — Reggie Love, former personal aide to Barack Obama, shares advice on success.
Obama's friend: Perspective is powerful
03:33 — Wolf Blitzer talks with Obama's former personal aide, Reggie Love, about the president's comments on Trayvon Martin.
DNC: Reggie Love
Former assistant to President Obama on 2012 Election.
Reggie Love on Obama's re-election
04:50 — CNN's Suzanne Malveaux talks with President Obama's former body man Reggie Love on Obama's re-election.
Ex-assistant: Obama leads like he plays
01:57 — Former assistant to President Obama, Reggie Love, talks to CNN's Jessica Yellin about the president's leadership style.