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Burn After Killing
11:01 — Kove's little black book is stolen by someone from her past and the only NTSF agent talented enough to help her is dead. Or is he?
Tijuana, We've Got A Problem
11:18 — A stripper-astronaut steals the space shuttle plans and sells them to Mexico. Now NTSF must go into Mexico and stop the evil President Felipe Caldero (more…)
Femme Fatale
Extra Terrorist-rial
11:15 — Trent's nephew harbors a seemingly peaceful extraterrestrial, but the NTSF team knows there's no such thing as a peaceful illegal alien.
Dolphinnegan's Wake
10:49 — A dolphin serial killer is on the loose and the NTSF don't have any leads until Trent visits the deadliest dolphin serial killer in captivity to get a (more…)
Hawaii Die-O
11:14 — On the eve of delivering the commencement address at USSD, The President of the Navy has three big problems: He can't speak in public without a river (more…)
The Risky Business of Being Alone in Your Home
11:13 — Trent is suspended from NTSF and his old nemesis, wheelchair bound Agent Van Damme, replaces him. While Trent is home alone he must fend off terrorist (more…)
Godsend - Trailer
Movie trailer for dramatic thriller Godsend, starring Robert De Niro, Greg Kinnear and Rebecca Romijn-Stamos. Parents lose their son in an accident an (more…)
Exes and Oh-No's!
11:13 — Trent discovers one of his ex-wives has undergone a sex change AND is trying to steal a San Diego national treasure. Now he must navigate Kove's jeal (more…)
Back to Cool
When Cleveland Jr. bonds with Donna's ex-husband, Robert, Cleveland becomes jealous that Jr. thinks Robert is so much cooler than him. In order to pro (more…)
The Birthday Party that was Neither
11:15 — Each member of NTSF gets a mysterious call from a person who claims they have secret information about them. Unbeknownst to the other members, they e (more…)
Rebecca Romijn Flaunts Insane Bikini Bod
01:06 — The actress' tummy is flat as can be (reminder: she's the mother of twins).
Rebecca Romijn Flaunts Insane Bikini Bod
01:06 — The actress' tummy is flat as can be (reminder: she's the mother of twins).
After Show: Rebecca's Fave "Housewives"
Season 10 Episode 21: Part II: Rebecca Romijn reveals her favorite 'Housewives,' Jacqueline Laurita dishes on her daughter, and Jerry O Connell makes (more…)
How Does Rebecca O-C It?
Season 12 Episode 160 Show Highlight: Andy Cohen gives actress Rebecca Romijn some of the hot-button issues that have happened on this season of #RHOC (more…)
Rebecca Romijn Talks Housewives!
Show Highlight: Rebecca Romijn spills the tea on all things Housewives: the Beador takedown, Leg-gate, and if Sonja is indeed delusional.
Rebecca’s Super Model Reunion
Show Highlight: Rebecca Romijn discusses which supermodels she still keeps in touch with from her modeling days, along with what went down at the shoo (more…)
Going Dutch
Season 10 Episode 21 Show Highlight: Rebecca Romijn reads famous 'Housewives' lines in Dutch and Jacqueline Laurita tries to translate.
After Show: Jerry O'Connell Calls in LIVE!
Season 12 Episode 160: Part II: Rebecca Romijn s husband, actor Jerry O Connell, calls into the Clubhouse to discuss the Housewives, including his man (more…)
After Show: Would Rebecca Romijn be a Housewife?
Season 12 Episode 72: Part II: Actor Jerry O'Connell tells a WWHL caller that he and his wife, actress Rebecca Romijn, have discussed being on the Rea (more…)
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