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VIDEO: Angel: Damage

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Angel: Damage
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Aired: 1/28/2004

Angel learns that a girl (Navi Rawat) with a tortured past is a vampire slayer; Andrew (Tom Lenk) arrives with surprising information about Buffy; Spike thinks he can prove he is destined to be the vampire champion. watch

VIDEO: Damage

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Length: 43:25
Aired: 1/28/2004

A deranged vampire slayer is convinced that Spike is the man who kidnapped and tortured her when she was a child. watch

VIDEO: Damage

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Length: 43:26
Aired: 1/28/2004

When Angel and Spike try to help a young woman who escaped from an asylum, they discover she’s actually a potential slayer empowered by the spell Willow cast back at the Hellmouth in Sunnydale. watch


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Year Title Description
2013 The Middle: The Drop Off
Season 5, Episode 1
Episode, Actor - Saleslady
2009 The Mentalist: Bloodshot
Season 1, Episode 16
Episode, Actor - Carol Gentry
2006 Eve: Girlfriends
Season 3, Episode 19
Episode, Actor - Phyllis
2006 Nip/Tuck: Diana Lubey
Season 4, Episode 12
Episode, Actor - Abby Mays
2004 Angel: Damage
Season 5, Episode 11
Episode, Actor - Nurse

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November 28, 2006: Reefer

So right away I was thinking Its not even December why are we getting a Christmas episode already Then I remembered that we only have two more episodes left for this season the season finale airs as early as December 12 and December begins this Friday Happy holidays Actually this episode was more like Halloween meets Christmas Id like to officially place Jacqueline Bissets James character in the category of TVs all-time creepiest characters As soon as Sean asked Reefer the homeless man Charles Haid to stay the night at McNamaraTroy after Sean stitched up his face I knew that James would make Reefer her next victim But I didnt expect her to kill him by removing just about all of his organs how refreshing Then I thought about it of course she had to kill him and strategically remove his body from the premises without the knowledge of the FBI surveillance guards If she kept him alive with just an organ or two removed it wouldve been too obvious read more

November 21, 2006: Diana Lubey

There are two types of NipTuck dream sequences The first is the kind used on most TV shows when a character is asleep and is dreaming or having a nightmare and we get to watch what theyre dreaming about The second is the kind weve been seeing more and more on this show and it usually involves Christian or Sean They either have a daydream or a hallucination theyre just envisioning someone in the room and that certain someone talks to them and sometimes Christian or Sean talk back This happens to Sean quite often because of Escobar which confuses him when its the real thing Tonight it was Christian who had an ongoing daydream involving a collection of his former loves and lusts mostly lusts of course Not surprising since Christian seems to finally be in love and is moving in with his new fiance Michelle so he is literally saying goodbye to his infamous bedroom and figuratively saying goodbye to the women hes bedded in the room I was impress read more

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