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Line of the Week: Snakes in Your Hair
00:51 — Spencer gets lippy with his great-grandmother Helena. “Father said I’d know you by the snakes in your hair.”
Sneak Peek: Molly Still Blames Julian
01:07 — Present wrapping takes a sour turn when Alexis arrives.
Streusel and Chocolate Mit Shlag!
01:00 — “You and Nikolas were reunited, the boy embraced the return of your maternal influence – everything was streusel and chocolate mit shlag (hot chocolat (more…)
Maxie's Early Christmas Miracle
00:30 — Maxie is granted shared custody of Georgie.
Carly Vents to Jason
01:14 — Carly blames herself for the destruction of her family.
Ric Returns
00:44 — Alexis is about to tell Molly the truth...just as Ric arrives.
Bonus Scene: Minibar Confessions
00:54 — Julian confides in Olivia about his situation with Alexis. The two take advantage of the minibar and bond over being alone on New Year's Eve.
Larry's Great Escape
00:42 — Larry runs away and hops into a getaway car.
Sonny Runs Into Johnny Zacchara
00:54 — Carlos is free & Sonny crosses paths with his old enemy.
Britt Says Goodbye
02:01 — Obrecht and Britt prepare to leave town on Helena’s boat. Jake delivers Faison, who informs Obrecht of Nathan’s shooting. Obrecht is unable to leave N (more…)
Sneak Peek Ava vs Nina
01:45 — Ava and Nina come to verbal blows. Ava taunts Nina about never having a child of her own.
Morgan Kisses Kiki
00:54 — In a moment of grief, Morgan kisses Kiki.
Fluke Is Unmasked
00:52 — Anna and Dante unmask Fluke to reveal Faison.
Sam & Jason Talk About Carly
02:22 — Sam’s at the Metro Court waiting for Spinelli to try to hack into the PCPD’s computer to procure security footage when Jake arrives. Meanwhile, Sonny (more…)
Are You Into Jake?
01:12 — Sam questions Liz about her feelings for Jake.
Sneak Peek: Carly Vents to Jason
01:14 — Carly blames herself for the destruction of her family.
Sgt Matthew Biesman Represents Toys for Tots
00:22 — Sgt Matthew Biesman explains the importance of the Toys for Tots Foundation.
Toy Donation Presentation
00:39 — Frank Valentini leads the toy donation presentation to the Marines from the GH cast.
Obrecht's Tale of Krampus
02:40 — Instead of telling the children the story of Christmas, Obrecht tells the tale of Krampus, the Christmas devil who eats children.
The 12 Days of GH
00:57 — Sing along to our holiday song "The 12 Days of GH."
You Are NOT the Father!
02:37 — The results are in and Sonny is the father of Ava's baby.
Toys for Tots Comes to Port Charles
01:15 — Frank Valentini gets into the holiday spirit by giving to Toys for Tots.
General Hospital Now: Coming in January!
00:37 — A new talk show with your favorite GH stars dishing about daytime drama!
Sonny Breaks Carly's Heart
02:42 — Sonny surprises Carly by telling her that their relationship is over.
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