Rebecca Herbst

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Rebecca Ann Liberty Herbst
  • Birth Place: Encino, California, United States
  • Profession: Actor
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Drew Learns About Oscar
01:01 — It's now up to Drew to decide what happens next.
GH Sneak: Andre Counsels Franco
01:01 — Franco gets a reality check from Andre.
Jake Remembers Jason Morgan
01:13 — As Jake is put under the anesthesia, he remembers that he's actually Jason Morgan. He manages to tell Elizabeth that he remembers who he is… just befo (more…)
Goodbye Helena
02:12 — Helena is impressed that Nikolas has kept his mouth shut about Jake really being Jason. The tables are quickly turned when Nikolas banishes Helena to (more…)
Maxie Throws Spinelli Out
01:19 — Spinelli is not giving up on Maxie, even after she throws him out.
"I Faked It"
01:09 — A classic love story. Nina tells Franco that in order to remain by his side she faked the episode at the courthouse. Franco tells Nina that he is fak (more…)
Spencer Arrives at Shriners Hospital for Children
02:51 — Nikolas is comforted by a doctor at Shriners Hospital for Children.
Ava Watches Her Memorial
00:43 — Ava sneaks to Ryan's bar where her own memorial is taking place.
It's Tough to Be a Parent
00:39 — Shriners Hospitals for Children is changing lives every day through innovative pediatric specialty care, world-class research and outstanding medical (more…)
Silas Gives Ava an Option
01:19 — Ava refuses to further traumatize Avery, even if it may save her life.
Will Spinelli Leave Port Charles?
01:13 — Nathan finds Spinelli at the gym and tells him to pack up and leave town.
Nathan & Spinelli's Boxing Match
01:10 — Spinelli will leave Port Charles on one condition: Nathan fights him in a boxing match, and the winner gets Maxie.
Hayden Kisses Jake
00:26 — Hayden kisses Jake..just as Carly and Liz open the door.
GH True Port Charles Story: Luke Spencer
04:13 — The good, the bad & the ugly. This is the story Luke Spencer.
Ellie Wants Spinelli Back
01:39 — Ellie comes back to Port Charles to see Georgie...and Spinelli.
Hayden Throws Herself at Nikolas
00:39 — Hayden arrives at Wyndemere and makes her intentions very clear to Nikolas. He tries to resist but eventually gives in to temptation.
Hayden & Nikolas Almost Have Sex
00:23 — Hayden & Nikolas begin to go at it before Alexis interrupts them.
Nathan & Ellie's Plan
01:18 — Thanks to Lucy, Nathan & Ellie are attending the Nurses' Ball together. Nathan realizes that this is a great way to make Spinelli & Maxie jealous.
Nina' Baby Meltdown
01:03 — "AJ! How did you get out of my purse?"
The 2015 Nurses' Ball
00:55 — Thank you Aveeno for sponsoring the 2015 Nurses' Ball.
Courtney Matthews Visits Spencer
01:12 — Courtney gets Spencer to take off his mask.
Nathan & Maxie Get Back Together
01:42 — Maxie & Spinelli face the truth - they are both in love with other people.
Olivia Has the Baby
01:03 — Patrick realizes it's too late to get Olivia to the hospital; the baby is on its way. Olivia gives birth to a boy...but is the baby okay?
Will Hayden Wake up?
00:35 — Patrick breaks the news about Hayden's condition.
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  • Birth Name: Rebecca Ann Liberty Herbst
  • Birth Place: Encino, California, United States
  • Profession: Actor