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Fmr. Debate Moderator: ‘I Have No Words’ On Trump
08:34 — Two former debate moderators, Carole Simpson and Ray Suarez, talk about the fact that more than three dozen Republicans have called for Donald Trump t (more…)
Tales from a Bike Ride Across Iowa
03:25 — Inside Story's Ray Suarez talks about his 500 mile bike ride across the state of Iowa. He said the trip allowed him to cover the state at a leisurely (more…)
Is GOP 'Delegate Revolt' On the Horizon?
04:56 — Longtime political observer Ray Suarez speaks with Alex Witt about the likelihood of a “delegate revolt” brought on by the Republican Party and the fa (more…)
Sanders, Trump and the Brexit Vote
07:21 — Ray Suarez and Kasie Hunt join Morning Joe to discuss Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and the outcome of the Brexit vote.
Al Jazeera America exclusive: Carly Fiorina's connection to Merck
Ray Suarez has learned that Fiorina's has ties to a drug company that was using stem cell lines from aborted fetuses
Despite deal, unfinished business remains between the US and Cuba
Ray Suarez dives into the new relationship between the US and Cuba and takes a look what work still needs to be done
A new rash of black church fires in the South
Ray Suarez looks at the history of arson at African-Americans places of worship
All eyes turn to referendum in Greece
On Inside Story, Ray Suarez discusses the financial chaos Greece faces
Political fight over huge trade agreement
Ray Suarez explains the negotiations that could affect workers who may be displaced as a result of the deals
A case of foul play at FIFA
Ray Suarez takes a closer look at the bribery, corruption and fraud that have stained the world s most popular sport
Examining faith in decline
New poll shows most Americans still identify as Christian, but the numbers are dropping. Ray Suarez takes a look at why
Republicans gain footing for Senate showdown
04:36 — On Tuesday, voters headed to the polls for midterm election primaries in North Carolina, Indiana and Ohio. Republican contenders backed by the Washing (more…)
Is Putin trying to diffuse the Ukraine crisis?
09:31 — Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that he has pulled his military forces from Ukraine s border, and called on pro-Russian separatists to post (more…)
Capitalism in Cuba
13:56 — PBS NewsHour economics correspondent Paul Solman traveled to Cuba in 2001 to report on the economy's early flirtations with capitalism.
Can outside nations help rescue missing Nigerian girls?
07:26 — A small team of U.S. specialists will head to Nigeria to help efforts in locating more than 270 girls who were kidnapped from a boarding school -- a p (more…)
News Wrap: Thai leader forced out of office by court
03:24 — In our news wrap Wednesday, Thailand s constitutional court ordered Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to leave office. The court ruled that she had a (more…)
Wednesday, May 7, 2014
53:43 — Tonight on the program, we take a look at Russian President Vladimir Putin, who announced that he was pulling back Russia's military troops from Ukrai (more…)
U.S., U.K. pledge help finding abducted Nigerian schoolgirls
02:34 — Deadly unrest continued in Nigeria, where hundreds of people were killed in another militant attack. The uncertain fate of more than 270 abducted scho (more…)
Syrian opposition: We just want weapons to defend ourselves
08:15 — The war in Syria seems to be tipping in favor of Assad's forces, despite some rebel strongholds. Ties to extremists among some rebel factions have mad (more…)
Outlining the urgent risks of global warming for U.S.
10:16 — In its most comprehensive report on climate change yet, the White House forecasts the likely negative effects facing each of the eight regions in the (more…)
Once nearly eradicated, polio makes fresh comeback
08:36 — Signaling a new public health emergency, the World Health Organization warns that if polio is not completely eradicated it could become endemic again. (more…)
Tuesday, May 6, 2014
52:56 — Tuesday on the NewsHour, the U.S. government s comprehensive new report on climate change finds the effects are already occurring and will get worse. (more…)
Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba unrolls IPO in U.S.
05:37 — A Chinese e-commerce giant called Alibaba filed an initial public offering that many experts say could rank among the largest ever. The company operat (more…)
Why some schools still insist on lessons in elegant cursive
06:15 — Starting in the 1970s, and under the recent implementation of the Common Core, a former pillar of elementary education has been largely forgotten. But (more…)
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