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Preview: The Return of Karen!

Here are the romantic “fax” of life at the office: Jim and Pam are hot, Dwight and Angela are not, and Andy and Angela are giving it a shot. And this episode marks the return of Jim's ex, the long-missing Karen (Rashida Jones). But she stirs up a biting branch battle when she tries to lure Stanley away from the Scranton facility, causing Michael to return fire. Meanwhile, a “Finer Things Club” impacts the staffers. — Dean Maurer read more

Live Fox Upfront Coverage

Anthony Anderson in K-ville by Rebecca Brenneman/Fox

3:50: Fox upfront. The words still send shivers down my spine. As you recall, the network's presentation last year was widely considered to be the single most grueling upfront in the history of upfrontmanship. The post-traumatic stress still hasn't worn off.3:51: Good news. Fox has clearly learned from their mistakes. In stark contrast to last year, the check-in process was easy-breezy. Even better, the air conditioning is working! Now if we can wrap this thing up in under two hours, almost all will be forgiven.4:01: I'm in complete denial about the VM thing, BTW. Just thought I'd share. Ooooh, the show is starting... with a 24 parody!4:05: Jack Bauer urges Fox president Peter Liguori to keep this year's presentation under an hour! LOL!4:06: They're bringing all their stars out onstage. Fox always has a good talent turnout at these things. 4:08: Well, most years they have a good turnout. The only Prison Breaker in attendance is Sucre (Amaury Nolasco)!4:09: No Kiefer Sutherland, but ... read more

Sound Bites: Rashida Jones on Starting Over

As part of a recent TVGuide.com Q&A, Rashida Jones had this to share about her Fox comedy The Rules for Starting Over, and how it might affect her run on The Office:TVGuide.com: Now tell me about the Fox pilot you just booked, The Rules for Starting Over. What's the concept?Rashida Jones: It's a comedy about friends who are kind of on the other side of the fun dating game — they've been through divorces and failed relationships — and they're now asking, "How do you reinvent your love life when you feel like all the good parts of being in your twenties are over?" I play a divorce lawyer and I basically represent all my guy friends, who have all been divorced twice, thrice....TVGuide.com: And they have all slept with you at one point or another....Jones: No, they haven't! This isn't Showtime. But I'm sort of like a workaholic and I have a boyfriend who I have not been with for a very long time, but I continue to idealize him in my mind and don't give any other guy a sh... read more

Love Notes: Office Romance Rekindled?

Denise Richards, who hooked up with Richie Sambora (much to gal-pal Heather Locklear's horror), and soon after filed for divorce from Charlie Sheen, parted ways with the rocker in March, her rep is now confirming.... The Office's John Krasinski and Rashida Jones appear to have rekindled their 2005 romance, New York Daily News spies at Monday's Shrek the Third premiere report.... Bruce Willis, 52, is now dating Playboy Playmate Tamara Witmer, 23 (aka five years older that Rumer Willis).... Extreme Makeover: Home Edition's Ed Sanders has built himself quite a family. Wife Gioia expanded their clan to six with the May 5 arrival of triplets, all girls. read more

All this talk about expanding ...

Question: All this talk about expanding The Office into a one-hour program and about the new Grey's Anatomy spin-off brought to mind two questions. 1) What do you think of spinning off The Office instead of expanding it to one hour? You could take one of the characters with less screen time, such as Karen (Rashida Jones), and spin her off in some way. She does a good job in her role, and brings a certain realness to her depiction, but her time is limited on the show. 2) Grey's Anatomy's backdoor method of launching the new show seems old-fashioned, but it seems uncommon lately. Back in the day nearly all the major soaps spun off each other in that way. Am I right, or is it still common practice? The only example I can think of is the launch of Boston Legal on The Practice, but that was replacing one show with another. Answer: The most common form of spin-off nowadays is what they call "brand extensions," such as cloning the various CSI and Law & Order shows, in the case of CSI ... read more

Rashida Jones, The Office: Is Karen Fated to Lose Jim?

Rashida Jones, The Office

When last we tuned in to NBC's The Office — which airs at a special time tonight, at 8 pm/ET — Jim seemed to be in harm's way, as Roy, finally clued into fiancée Pam's longings, declared Halpert "a dead man." Subsequent promos have suggested a follow-up more akin to a Law & Order squad-room brawl than our usual fun-loving Dunder-Mifflin gang. Just before TV Guide's Sexy Stars issue hit newsstands, we invited Rashida Jones (aka pages 52-53) to share a sneak peek. Plus, her take on SNL's Office spoof, and the NBC hitcom's parade of big-name directors. TVGuide.com: Tell me about the photo shoot you did for TV Guide's "Sexy" issue....Ras read more

Hot Stuff: Inside TV Guide's Very, Very Sexy Party!

At TV Guide's Sexy Issue soiree, The Office's Kate Flannery, Rashida Jones and Brian Baumgartner with Ugly Betty's Eric Mabius

You won't find many wallflower types at a soiree celebrating TV Guide's Sexy Issue and the eye-candy actors aggregated within its pages. How did the "sexiest" react to their super-hottie status? Who do your favorite stars think should make the cut next time around? And what were the other hot topics on people's tongues? (Hint: Idol, fall pickups.) TVGuide.com hit the Wednesday-night bash at Bar Marmont on the Sunset Strip to soak up the sexiness, and here's who we saw and what we heard. Ugly Betty's Eric Mabius was taking his inclusion in the sexiest-stars list in stride, explaining that no hard-core gym routine is to credit for the admirable arms on display in his TV Guide photo shoot. "No, I'm just a bit of a h read more

In Praise of the SNL Parody

Hello, all. It's been another great week for The Office and the Office drunk. I'm the redhead at the corner desk. Wild week. Not the typical Meredith-takes-her-top-off wild. Just interesting-and-jam-packed wild. The Office has now crossed a new threshold: An SNL parody! That is a milestone. Rainn Wilson hosted this past week and kicked some major ass. He is one of the most talented actors who I will ever work with. The Office sketch in the opening was pretty cool. Lorne Michaels was more like "Lorne Michaels Scott." No Meredith, but that's OK. (It could have been a guy in drag. I love drag, but I am sure it would have been subpar drag.) Anyway, as a comic actress who has had my own SNL "almost" story, I was really happy to see the Office opening. When I was in Chicago in 1991, I was touring with Second City and I did a show called The Miss Vagina Pageant (directed by Jill Soloway, a writer-producer from Six Feet Under) at the Annoyance Theater, and Lorne Michaels came to see it and ... read more

I saw that Rashida Jones — ...

Question: I saw that Rashida Jones — Karen from The Office — was going to be starring in a new pilot. Does this mean she's leaving The Office?

Answer: I think that's a fair assumption.

read more

Fall 2007: Law's on Order for Office, ER Cuties

The latest pilot developments, from Variety and the Hollywood Reporter:• ER's Shane West is one of the half-dozen clerks whose professional and personal lives are chronicled in Fox's Supreme Courtships.• Boston Legal's Mark Valley is one of the two leads in NBC's Business Class, playing a charismatic and thoroughly amoral traveling salesman. Legal partner Craig Bierko, meanwhile, is a newly single guy in the Fox comedy The Rules of Starting Over, which also stars The Office's Rashida Jones as a lawyer looking for a decent fella. Um, Jim Halpert?!• Jane Lynch (A Mighty Wind) has come on board Area 52, NBC's comedy about a secret government research site.• Less Than Perfect's Zachary Levi is NBC's Chuck, and Adam Baldwin (Day Break) is the NSA agent who recruits the computer geek for espionage work.• Rome's Kevin McKidd is NBC's Journeyman.• CBS likes The Man, CSI creator Anthony Zuiker's drama starring LL Cool J as an undercover L.A. cop, while ABC has p... read more

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