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I'll Give You a Show
01:29 — Erich Blunt warns Inspector Hildy Mulligan about charging him with murder.
Zelena Steals Mary Margaret's Baby
01:46 — Zelena takes Mary Margaret and David's newborn baby.
Stop Smiling
00:31 — Blunt retorts to Chief Prosecutor Mario Siletti's questioning.
Smug Is Dangerous
00:32 — Blunt's defense attorney paves a plan.
00:31 — Blunt questions Jimmy's loyalty.
We Were Right
00:32 — Inspector Terry English and Inspector Hildy Mulligan watch footage of Erich Blunt being interrogated.
Cinderella and Thomas Reunite in Storybrooke
00:36 — Cinderella and Prince Thomas finally have their baby.
Catching Breaks
00:45 — Warren Daniels questions Blunt's qualities.
3 Words I Don't Want to Hear
00:32 — Lieutenant Jim Koto warns his team not to screw up.
Blood On Your Hands
00:33 — Inspector Terry English instills fear in Blunt's defender.
Time of Death
00:35 — Warren Daniels questions the victim's exact time of death.
Did You Kill Him?
00:35 — Inspector Terry English and Inspector Hildy Mulligan interrogate Erich Blunt.
A Stranger Comes to Storybrooke
01:12 — Emma and Henry meet a mysterious man.
Rumple Proposes to Belle
03:03 — Rumplestiltskin returns his dagger to Belle and asks her to marry him.
Rumplestiltskin Won't Leave Emma Alone
01:39 — Emma just can't shake Rumple's voice in her head.
Rumple Meets His Newborn Son
02:39 — Rumplestiltskin makes a promise to his newborn son Baelfire.
First Look: Merida Comes to Storybrooke
00:59 — Get a first look at Merida and her archery skills.
Preview: Kristoff Stops Elsa
01:08 — Kristoff stops Elsa on the next episode of Once Upon a Time.
A Mother's Love: Emma, Regina, and Snow White
01:40 — Emma, Regina and Mary Margaret show the power of a mother's love.
Emma Fights the Snow Queen
02:57 — Emma uses her magic to try to save Hook from the Snow Queen.
Mulan Joins Forces With Emma and Snow
02:14 — Mulan and her former captives battle Cora and Hook.
August Tells Neal He Must Leave Emma
02:45 — August tries to convince Neal that Emma is the savior.
Three Who Stayed
03:45 — Storybrooke residents give candid interviews.
Regina Shoves Cora Into the Portal
01:52 — After Rumplestiltskin gifts Regina a looking glass, Regina proceeds to shove her mother into the portal. From Once Upon a Time's season 2 episode, "We (more…)
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