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On Stage: Rinna and Hamlin Extend Chicago Stay

Real-life marrieds and Dancing stars Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin have extended their Broadway run as Chicago's Roxie and Billy Flynn, and now will appear through Aug. 5.... Randy Quaid will make his Broadway musical-comedy debut playing Col. John Falstaff in Lone Star Love, a Wild West variation on Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of Windsor. The musical will open Dec. 3, with previews beginning Nov. 1 read more

At the Movies: Lights Out for Amber Tamblyn

Amber Tamblyn, whose The Grudge 2 opens this weekend — and whom I hope to Q&A later today, hint-hint to her publicist who may be reading — has joined Blackout, an indie thriller about three people trapped in a hospital elevator for almost 24 hours.... Also per the Hollywood Reporter: Randy Quaid is in talks to play the mentor of Gary the Tennis Coach, starring Seann William Scott.... Brit actor Paddy Considine will play a London journalist sniffing around the CIA in The Bourne Ultimatum, now filming in Europe and Africa. read more


Randy Quaid in Brokeback Mountain

Randy Quaid wants a piece of the back end. The actor has filed a lawsuit against Focus Features, claiming that Brokeback Mountain producers misrepresented the pic as a low-budget "art film" in order to secure his services at a cut rate. Court papers contend that the film in actuality had "traditional studio marketing and distribution" and are thus seeking an award for Quaid (who played boss man to Ennis and Jack) in the amount of $10 million. Focus Features has no comment on the pending litigation. read more

The Golden Globes are my ...

Question: The Golden Globes are my favorite awards show, mainly because they put TV and movie stars all together under one roof — and give them lots of booze. They can always be counted upon for great moments! But if one thing always irks me, it's the supporting actor TV category, which doesn't differentiate between drama, comedy or miniseries. And we end up with a field like this for Best Supporting Actor: Naveen Andrews, Lost; Paul Newman, Empire Falls; Jeremy Piven, Entourage; Randy Quaid, Elvis; Donald Sutherland, Commander in Chief. Seriously? We're putting Jeremy Piven's delightfully shallow superagent up against Andrews' painstaking dramatic portrayal of a tortured (no pun intended) former Iraqi soldier? In the same category? I am sure they must do this to get the time down on the program, but if they must lump TV-movies and miniseries together, can't they at least separate between comedy and drama (two drastically different media)? That would only add two awards to the program, ... read more

A long time ago I saw a ...

Question: A long time ago I saw a Western that I really enjoyed and want to buy it, but I can't remember the title. It was about this town where legends like Buffalo Bill and Jesse James went after they died to have another chance at life; the town is invaded by pillaging and terrorizing robbers, but they aren't allowed to fight back. Answer: I question the phrase "a long time ago" in reference to a film that debuted on cable in 1999, but the Western you want is called Purgatory. It's about a mysterious town called Refuge that is stranded between Heaven and Hell; if the deceased gunslingers can spend 10 years there without resorting to their old violent ways, they'll be forgiven their Earthly sins. The excellent cast includes Sam Shepard as Wild Bill Hickok, read more

Randy Quaid Shares Elvis' Secret Woes

Long before joining TV Guide, this reporter was working at the Sahara-Tahoe Hotel Casino in 1971 when Elvis Presley made his "northern Nevada debut." The casino was festooned with placards proclaiming "Elvis Summer Festival." And every front-of-the-house employee, from the craps dealers to the house-maids, was issued an Elvis Summer Festival Styrofoam faux straw hat. Failure to wear the hat while on shift meant termination — on orders from "Colonel" Tom Parker."That sounds right," says Randy Quaid, who's winning critical raves as the King's almost equally legendary manager in CBS' two-part Elvis miniseries. (Tonight's conclusion airs at 8 pm/ET.) "That's carnival time, with the straw hats and the banners. [Parker's] PR came from the tricks he learned when he promoted carnivals. He was the advance man, and he would go into the town a couple of weeks before the carnival arrived, put up all the poster displays, make deals with the grocer and v read more

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