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Sun May 1 8:00am
Finding Bigfoot: Further EvidenceSquatchiest State Contest ANIMAL

In an enhanced episode, the team split up for separate trips to Oregon and Washington state when they try to decide which area has the most Bigfoot sightings.

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Sun May 8 8:00am
Finding Bigfoot: Further EvidenceSearch for the Yeti ANIMAL

In an enhanced episode, the team go to Nepal in search of the yeti, an investigation highlighted by visits to monasteries to examine relics and explorations of forests in the Himalayas.

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Sun May 8 1:00pm
Finding Bigfoot: Further EvidenceMoonshine and Bigfoot(Season 2, Episode 1) ANIMAL

Footage of what appears to be the eyes of a Bigfoot brings the team to Kentucky to investigate reports of activity in Daniel Boone National Forest.

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Sun May 8 2:00pm
Finding Bigfoot: Further EvidenceHoly Cow, It's Bigfoot(Season 2, Episode 9) ANIMAL

In an enhanced episode, a video and reports from Utah State University bring the team to the Beehive State, where they ask an alleged witness to assist their investigation.

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Sun May 8 3:00pm
Finding Bigfoot: Further EvidenceHeart of Squatchness(Season 3, Episode 18) ANIMAL

In an enhanced episode, the team go to Vietnam to search for the Wildman, a hairy, bipedal beast allegedly similar to Bigfoot that has been the subject of reported sightings deep in the jungle.

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Sun May 8 4:00pm
Finding BigfootThe Booger Hole(Season 8, Episode 8) ANIMAL

The team goes to Mississippi for the first time and meets a BFRO investigator with a fresh approach to analyzing reports of alleged Bigfoot activity.

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Tue May 10 2:00pm
Finding Bigfoot: Further EvidenceBest Evidence Yet(Season 4, Episode 2) ANIMAL

In an enhanced episode, the team return to Florida to check on a location in the state's panhandle to see if there is any new evidence since their last visit.

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Tue May 10 3:00pm
Finding Bigfoot: Further EvidenceBig Sky Bigfoot(Season 4, Episode 5) ANIMAL

In an enhanced episode, the team travel to Montana, where they set up a trap using fake deer.

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Tue May 10 4:00pm
Finding Bigfoot: Further EvidenceCoal Miner's Bigfoot(Season 4, Episode 12) ANIMAL

In an enhanced episode, the team return to West Virginia to investigate recordings of alleged Bigfoot howls, and use a radio show to reach out to witnesses who have stories of sightings to share.

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Tue May 10 5:00pm
Finding Bigfoot: Further EvidenceBeast of the Bayou(Season 5, Episode 5) ANIMAL

In an enhanced episode, the team return to Louisiana to examine a photo of an alleged Bigfoot taken by a trail camera, and later explore a national forest with help from a local drum line.

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Tue May 10 6:00pm
Finding Bigfoot: Further EvidenceSouth Jersey Sasquatch(Season 4, Episode 11) ANIMAL

In an enhanced episode, the team go to New Jersey, where they search an old cranberry bog for evidence, and hold a town meeting to gather witnesses to alleged Bigfoot activity.

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