Ralph Celebrity Watchlist

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Sat Oct 8 9:00am
Cake BossEaster Basket Case(Season 6, Episode 11) TLC

Buddy makes an Easter-basket cake for a local charity; Mama comes home for a visit and a checkup.

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Sat Oct 8 9:30am
Cake BossButtercream Submarine(Season 6, Episode 14) TLC

Buddy bakes a submarine cake for the U.S. Navy Submarine Ball; Mauro tackles a request for a bat mitzvah cake.

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Sat Oct 8 10:00am
Cake BossFire and Ice(Season 6, Episode 12) TLC

Ashley challenges Buddy when the bakery gets an order for a fire-and-ice cake; a survivor of a subway construction accident requests a cake to thank the people who saved his life.

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Sat Oct 8 10:30am
Cake BossDown the Drain(Season 6, Episode 24) TLC

Buddy worries about Anthony and how his frequent mistakes will affect his career. Meanwhile, a client's boyfriend has an unusually large appetite; and an engaged couple want a tow-truck cake for their wedding.

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Sat Oct 8 11:00am
Cake BossGlow in the Dark Cake(Season 6, Episode 9) TLC

Buddy tackles a glow-in-the-dark zombie cake for a fashion show. Meanwhile, an order for a specialty cake at the Ridgewood, N.J., bakery is a hard one to fill due to the shop's limited supplies.

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Sat Oct 8 11:30am
Cake BossPimp My Cake(Season 6, Episode 20) TLC

A Roman-costume party requires a Coliseum cakeā€”and for Buddy and his team to get dressed up. Also: Buddy takes a yoga class; and gets an order for a lowrider cake that bounces.

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Sat Oct 8 12:00pm
Cake BossFiery Competition(Season 6, Episode 27) TLC

Joe gets a promotion at the firehouse, so Buddy celebrates by making a fire-truck cake that features a burning building. Meanwhile, the team bake a bocce-theme cake for a charity tournament, but they also take part as competitors.

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Sat Oct 8 12:30pm
Cake BossGator Bite(Season 6, Episode 17) TLC

Cakes include a replica of a 14-foot, 800-pound alligator for a New Jersey aquarium; and a pageant cake for a former Mrs. Jersey. Meanwhile, Mama prepares for a trip to Israel to receive medical treatment.

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