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Mon Jul 31 7:00am
Cake BossHurricane Sandy Strikes(Season 6, Episode 1) TLC

Season 6 begins shortly after Hurricane Sandy hits the East Coast in October 2012, as Buddy and his crew return to Carlo's to survey the damage and wonder how to fill clients' orders with no electricity.

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Mon Jul 31 7:30am
Cake BossCake Smash(Season 6, Episode 3) TLC

A life-size, wedding-dress cake is requested by a bridal shop, and the owners will give a free dress to the bride who can find a golden coin hidden inside. Meanwhile, Buddy bakes cakes for a cake-smash photo shoot.

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Mon Jul 31 8:00am
Cake BossSugary Slopes(Season 6, Episode 4) TLC

Buddy creates a ski-mountain cake—with a working chairlift—to be delivered for a birthday celebration at a resort in the Catskill Mountains. Meanwhile, Ashley's "Next Great Baker" nemesis, Paul, shows up after losing everything in Hurricane Sandy.

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Mon Jul 31 8:30am
Cake BossRebuilds & Raw Fish(Season 6, Episode 5) TLC

Buddy makes a sushi-boat cake for a Japanese restaurant; the crew work on a cake to raise money for hurricane relief in Hoboken, N.J.

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Tue Aug 1 7:00am
Cake BossSeeing Double(Season 6, Episode 6) TLC

The opening of a new bakery in Ridgewood, N.J., is complicated by an approaching blizzard and the training of a new team. Also: a birthday cake for identical twins.

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Tue Aug 1 7:30am
Cake BossWelcome Back Robin!(Season 6, Episode 2) TLC

Buddy is hired to bake a cake for "Good Morning America" host Robin Roberts for her return from medical leave. Meanwhile, Mauro fills an order for a spinning instructor who wants to honor his mentor.

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Tue Aug 1 8:00am
Cake BossFrom Russia With Cake(Season 6, Episode 8) TLC

Russian restaurateurs request a cake that resembles St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow. Meanwhile, Buddy's sisters try to stop the feud between archenemies Ashley and Paul.

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Tue Aug 1 8:30am
Cake BossFire and Ice(Season 6, Episode 12) TLC

Ashley challenges Buddy when the bakery gets an order for a fire-and-ice cake; a survivor of a subway construction accident requests a cake to thank the people who saved his life.

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Wed Aug 2 7:00am
Cake BossGlow in the Dark Cake(Season 6, Episode 9) TLC

Buddy tackles a glow-in-the-dark zombie cake for a fashion show. Meanwhile, an order for a specialty cake at the Ridgewood, N.J., bakery is a hard one to fill due to the shop's limited supplies.

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Wed Aug 2 7:30am
Cake BossCamp Carlo's(Season 6, Episode 15) TLC

A cake for a dodgeball team to celebrate their latest victory; a cake to mark the 20th anniversary of a summer camp for kids.

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Wed Aug 2 8:00am
Cake BossSnowed Out(Season 6, Episode 7) TLC

A new bakery's grand opening is threatened by a possible blizzard. Meanwhile, Mary fields an order for an action-hero volcano cake, but needs Ralph's help to lead the design process.

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Wed Aug 2 8:30am
Cake BossEaster Basket Case(Season 6, Episode 11) TLC

Buddy makes an Easter-basket cake for a local charity; Mama comes home for a visit and a checkup.

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Thu Aug 3 7:00am
Cake BossMuscles and Marriage(Season 6, Episode 10) TLC

Buddy bakes a life-size cake for a female bodybuilder; Mauro helps out with a surprise marriage proposal at the bakery.

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Thu Aug 3 7:30am
Cake BossButtercream Submarine(Season 6, Episode 14) TLC

Buddy bakes a submarine cake for the U.S. Navy Submarine Ball; Mauro tackles a request for a bat mitzvah cake.

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Thu Aug 3 8:00am
Cake BossMama's Birthday SurpriseNew TLC

Buddy goes to Atlantic City to help with a rebuilding project by Habitat for Humanity after Hurricane Sandy. Also: The family celebrate Mama's 65th birthday with a video and a special announcement.

Fri Aug 4 7:00am
Cake BossHair Raising(Season 6, Episode 13) TLC

A cake with a mustache is requested by a client; Buddy makes a cake for his son's First Communion.

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Fri Aug 4 7:30am
Cake BossCarlo's Cowboys(Season 6, Episode 22) TLC

A giant cake for a rodeo association features a cowboy on a horse; a couple are planning a surprise wedding and ask for a cake for their secret celebration.

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Fri Aug 4 8:00am
Cake BossOn the Road Again(Season 6, Episode 18) TLC

A cake for Willie Nelson's 80th birthday creates a scheduling conflict for Buddy when he realizes he has a prior commitment with his wife. Meanwhile, Buddy bakes a cake for his daughter's birthday.

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Fri Aug 4 8:30am
Cake BossBiceps and Birthdays(Season 6, Episode 26) TLC

A cake for a family of professional arm wrestlers gives Buddy a chance to flex his baking muscles; Mauro enlists his kids' help to plan a birthday surprise for his wife at the bakery.

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Mon Aug 7 7:00am
Cake BossNext Great Bride(Season 6, Episode 21) TLC

Ashley is getting married and Buddy is making the wedding and groom's cakes, but the brides vision includes taxidermy animals and table tennis.

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Mon Aug 7 7:30am
Cake BossDown the Drain(Season 6, Episode 24) TLC

Buddy worries about Anthony and how his frequent mistakes will affect his career. Meanwhile, a client's boyfriend has an unusually large appetite; and an engaged couple want a tow-truck cake for their wedding.

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Mon Aug 7 8:00am
Cake BossPimp My Cake(Season 6, Episode 20) TLC

A Roman-costume party requires a Coliseum cake—and for Buddy and his team to get dressed up. Also: Buddy takes a yoga class; and gets an order for a lowrider cake that bounces.

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Mon Aug 7 8:30am
Cake BossSicilian Samurai(Season 6, Episode 23) TLC

Buddy bakes a samurai cake for a martial-arts school in New York for its 50th anniversary; and a patriotic cake for the mayor of Jersey City, N.J.

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Tue Aug 8 7:00am
Cake BossIcing the Cake(Season 6, Episode 25) TLC

Buddy makes a goalie cake for the NHL draft to be delivered on live TV; and re-creates a wedding cake for a couple's 50th anniversary. Also: Momma returns from Israel with news about her health.

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