Tue May 26 11:00pm
The ListenerLockdown(Season 3, Episode 10) ION

A lethal virus is unleashed, and Toby and the IIB search for its source.

Wed May 27 12:00am
The ListenerCaptain Nightfall(Season 3, Episode 11) ION

A vigilante gets disguised as a superhero and tries to halt an outbreak of destructive home invasions.

Wed May 27 1:00am
The ListenerThe Bro-Code(Season 3, Episode 12) ION

Oz seeks help for his childhood pal who witnessed a murder, but then Oz's life is put in jeopardy.

Wed May 27 2:00am
The ListenerThe Shooting(Season 3, Episode 13) ION

Michelle's job is in jeopardy after she shoots a suspect, and Toby tries to prove she was set up with a bad tip.

Sat May 30 11:00pm
The ListenerBlast From the Past(Season 4, Episode 1) ION

The fourth season opens with Toby and Michelle investigating a string of high-tech thefts in Vancouver, where Toby encounters an ex-girlfriend who may be linked to the main suspect.

Sun May 31 12:00am
The ListenerThe Blue Line(Season 4, Episode 2) ION

Toby and Michelle deal with a difficult new police superintendent while tracking a gang of dangerous robbers.

Sun May 31 1:00am
The ListenerEarly Checkout(Season 4, Episode 3) ION

Toby's girlfriend suspects that her coworker was targeted after writing a derisive exposé.

Sun May 31 2:00am
The ListenerCold Storage(Season 4, Episode 4) ION

Toby and Michelle search for a killer who may have stolen national defense secrets.

Tue Jun 2 11:00pm
The ListenerBuckle Up(Season 4, Episode 5) ION

Toby goes undercover in order to chase thieves who are pretending to be police officers.

Wed Jun 3 12:00am
The ListenerWitness for the Prosecution(Season 4, Episode 6) ION

Toby and Michelle are faced with a potential conspiracy after the key witness in a mob-related murder trial is killed.

Wed Jun 3 1:00am
The ListenerCaged In(Season 4, Episode 7) ION

Toby is a witness to the death of a promising young mixed-martial-arts fighter.

Wed Jun 3 2:00am
The ListenerThe Illustrated Woman(Season 4, Episode 8) ION

Toby uncovers a web of corporate espionage and blackmail while investigating a mysterious woman's death.

Sat Jun 6 11:00pm
The ListenerLove's a Bitch(Season 4, Episode 9) ION

A British spy is murdered, and the victim's activity on an online dating site may be linked to the crime.

Sun Jun 7 12:00am
The ListenerThe Long Con(Season 4, Episode 10) ION

Toby and Michelle join forces with a con artist in order to hunt down a human trafficker who's giving them the slip.

Sun Jun 7 1:00am
The ListenerHouse of Horrors(Season 4, Episode 11) ION

An actor is murdered during the filming of a supposedly cursed horror movie.

Sun Jun 7 2:00am
The ListenerFalse ID(Season 4, Episode 12) ION

An investigation into the murder of a Latin crime boss hits a snag.