Sat Jul 4 11:00pm
The ListenerThe Brothers Volkov(Season 2, Episode 4) ION

A Russian consul general is murdered and his middle son confesses to the crime, but Toby isn't convinced the confession will close the case.

Sun Jul 5 12:00am
The ListenerInner Circle(Season 2, Episode 5) ION

A drug-racketeering probe has Toby dispatched to a cop bar to snoop on two detectives, but when one of the detectives collapses in the restroom and dies at the hospital, the case becomes a murder investigation.

Sun Jul 5 1:00am
The ListenerThe Magician(Season 2, Episode 6) ION

A judge is kidnapped and Toby meets a criminal mastermind during the investigation; Oz develops a crush on the hospital's head triage nurse.

Sun Jul 5 2:00am
The ListenerAce in the Hole(Season 2, Episode 7) ION

A CSIS agent's suspicious death kicks off a probe that exposes a high-stakes poker game, and the case pairs Toby with Michelle's estranged husband.

Tue Jul 7 11:00pm
The ListenerVanished(Season 2, Episode 8) ION

A wealthy businessman's baby goes missing after his SUV is hijacked en route to a hospital. There, Toby meets a gifted woman whose sketches seem to detail the child's kidnapping.

Wed Jul 8 12:00am
The ListenerJericho(Season 2, Episode 9) ION

Toby reads a reckless hacker who's linked to a blogger and a cyber-security expert during a cyber-crime investigation.

Wed Jul 8 1:00am
The ListenerDesperate Hours(Season 2, Episode 10) ION

Toby and Oz are taken hostage by two men posing as security guards, and a medical emergency may have the duo performing surgery.

Wed Jul 8 2:00am
The ListenerTo Die For(Season 2, Episode 11) ION

A mobster may be innocent of killing his partner, and Toby must dine with the star witness to help identify the real killer before the trial begins. Elsewhere, Oz minds a pet ferret for Sandy.

Sat Jul 11 11:00pm
The ListenerEye of the Storm(Season 2, Episode 12) ION

Toby and McCluskey investigate a government breach and try to determine who leaked a sex tape starring the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Sun Jul 12 12:00am
The ListenerReckoning(Season 2, Episode 13) ION

Unexplained suicides may be linked to a gifted young woman, and Olivia expresses concern for Toby's health in the Season 2 finale.

Sun Jul 12 1:00am
The ListenerThe Bank Job(Season 3, Episode 1) ION

A bank heist becomes a hostage situation, forcing Toby to use his telepathic abilities, in the Season 3 premiere.

Sun Jul 12 2:00am
The ListenerCold Case Blues(Season 3, Episode 2) ION

Toby's first official case finds him contending with Alvin Klein's skepticism as he attempts to solve a decade-old murder.

Tue Jul 14 11:00pm
The ListenerCurtain Call(Season 3, Episode 3) ION

Toby poses as a superstar's assistant after her life is threatened.

Wed Jul 15 12:00am
The ListenerThe Taking(Season 3, Episode 4) ION

A teenager's abduction is investigated.

Wed Jul 15 1:00am
The ListenerRogues' Gallery(Season 3, Episode 5) ION

Michelle goes undercover to bust a ring of art thieves.

Wed Jul 15 2:00am
The ListenerShe Sells Sanctuary(Season 3, Episode 6) ION

A cult is investigated after three young women vanish.