Rahm Emanuel

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Rahm Emanuel On Architecture and Urban Planning
04:50 — Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel talks to the Tribune's Blair Kamin about architecture and the role it plays in urban planning, as they walk through the new (more…)
International Tourists Key to Chicago's Future
05:07 — The Chicago Tribune looks at the city's uphill battle to attract more foreign tourists to the area. In 2013, Chicago was ranked ninth as a U.S. destin (more…)
Mayor Re-election & Year-late Footage. Timing?
07:00 — Too coincidental that the long-delayed release of a damning dashcam video comes during Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s re-election bid?
Chicago Mayor Announces New 'de-escalation' Tactics
04:29 — Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announces major changes in tactical training of police officers to build trust with citizens.
Rahm Emanuel Election Night Victory
03:01 — Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel addresses supporters on election night at the Plumbers Local 130 union hall on April 7, 2015, in Chicago.
Will Chicago Citizens and Police Reconnect?
01:21 — Former NYPD officer Eugene O'Donnell joins NBC's Craig Melvin to discuss Chicago's unfolding protests, as demonstrators call for the resignation of Ma (more…)
Chicago Releases More Dashcam Video
03:28 — More protests are planned Friday after more dashcam videos were released by the Chicago police in the Laquan McDonald shooting. Mayor Rahm Emanuel is (more…)
Obama, Communicator in Chief
Barack Obama used his talents as a writer and storyteller to craft some of the most iconic speeches in presidential history.
Obama, the Family Man
Michelle, Malia, and Sasha are a source of support and stability in Barack Obama's life. Take a closer look in this web exclusive.
Who Is Barack Obama?
Take a deeper look at the 44th President's disposition in this web exclusive.
Election Night 2008
Revisit the exhilaration and emotion across America after Barack Obama's historic election in 2008 in this web exclusive.
Obama's Legacy
Obama's colleagues and friends reflect on his legacy after eight years in office in this web exclusive.
After the Presidency
Barack Obama outlines his future plans as a citizen in this web exclusive.
Chicago Mayor, Trump Talk Future of Immigration Policy
00:57 — Former Obama chief of staff and current Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel met with Trump to convince him of the merits of the current immigration policies.
Chicago to Add Nearly 1,000 Police Officers Amid Violence Surge
01:38 — After repeated calls to boost the police force in a city that has seen a dramatic surge in murders, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration announ (more…)
Chicago Mayor Emanuel’s Approval Ratings Plummet As Shootings Surge
01:37 — Recent pollings shows Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel with 25 percent support in a year where close to 3,000 people have been shot in Chicago — an average (more…)
Why Rahm Emanuel Won't Step Down
05:38 — Calls for Rahm Emanuel's resignation in Chicago continue to grow, with calls for a proposal in the state legislature to recall him. The Morning Joe pa (more…)
Trouble for Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel
02:22 — The MTP panel discuss whether Chicago Major Rahm Emanuel can withstand pressure to resign over a police scandal.
Outrage Grows Over Fatal Police Shootings
06:09 — Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel will return early from Cuba as pressure mounts in the city following two deaths from police shootings on Saturday. Demonstr (more…)
Chicago Officials Give McDonald Case Update
09:49 — Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy provide an update on the Laquan McDonald case, with McCarthy saying the officer wh (more…)
Questions Linger Over Laquan McDonald Investigation
06:32 — Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel may have fired the police superintendent, but questions still remain surrounding the investigation into Laquan McDonald's d (more…)
The Unanswered Questions On McDonald's Death
05:17 — Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel faces growing criticism over his handling of the police shooting death of Laquan McDonald. State Rep. La Shawn Ford, who in (more…)
Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago
06:15 — Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced a new plan to reform the city’s police department. Has his leadership been effective amid fatal police shootings (more…)
Chicago Protests Call for Mayor Rahm Emanuel's Resignation
00:32 — Rahm Emanuel has come under fire as allegations of extreme misconduct in the Chicago Police Department surface and many accuse City Hall of a cover up (more…)
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