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Sandy a "massive storm" threatening storm surges, power outages
03:47 — WFOR Chief Meteorologist David Bernard and CBS News' Chip Reid and Elaine Quijano with the latest on Hurricane Sandy as the storm makes its way toward (more…)
Chicago plans lawsuit against Trump administration
02:15 — Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said the city plans to sue the Trump administration over threats to withhold money from so-called "sanctuary cities." It's (more…)
McCain: "Nobody died in Watergate," did in Benghazi
01:07 — Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., questions whether the Obama administration was involved in a cover-up of what broke down in the Benghazi consulate attack.
Obama jokes about shutdown, Rahm Emanuel while hosting Chicago Blackhawks
02:34 — President Obama honors his home team 2013 Stanley Cup champions Chicago Blackhawks at the White House.
Emanuel takes office
02:55 — Rahm Emanuel was to be sworn in today as mayor of Chicago, ending the 43-year Daley Dynasty. Erica hill speaks with Cynthia Bowers about the challenge (more…)
International Tourists Key to Chicago's Future
05:07 — The Chicago Tribune looks at the city's uphill battle to attract more foreign tourists to the area. In 2013, Chicago was ranked ninth as a U.S. destin (more…)
Rahm Emanuel On Architecture and Urban Planning
04:50 — Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel talks to the Tribune's Blair Kamin about architecture and the role it plays in urban planning, as they walk through the new (more…)
Mayor Re-election & Year-late Footage. Timing?
07:00 — Too coincidental that the long-delayed release of a damning dashcam video comes during Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s re-election bid?
Chicago Mayor Announces New 'de-escalation' Tactics
04:29 — Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announces major changes in tactical training of police officers to build trust with citizens.
Rahm Emanuel Election Night Victory
03:01 — Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel addresses supporters on election night at the Plumbers Local 130 union hall on April 7, 2015, in Chicago.
Will Chicago Citizens and Police Reconnect?
01:21 — Former NYPD officer Eugene O'Donnell joins NBC's Craig Melvin to discuss Chicago's unfolding protests, as demonstrators call for the resignation of Ma (more…)
Chicago Releases More Dashcam Video
03:28 — More protests are planned Friday after more dashcam videos were released by the Chicago police in the Laquan McDonald shooting. Mayor Rahm Emanuel is (more…)
Chicago mayor on new high school graduation requirement proposal
05:25 — Chicago high school students may soon need to create a plan for their future in order to graduate. Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced a new proposal that wo (more…)
Can Chicago police regain trust?
02:51 — Chicago is on edge after police shot 17-year-old Laquan McDonald to death. A group of retired police officers is challenging Mayor Rahm Emanuel, askin (more…)
Chicago teachers prepare to strike
00:48 — Chicago teachers could be headed for another strike if they cannot reach a deal with the Mayor Rahm Emanuel for a new contract. CBSN's Kristine Johnso (more…)
#CBSN10: CBS News Trending Stories
00:30 — Protesters demand Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel resign, Trump denies he's a bigot, and more stories you're clicking on.
Protestors storm downtown Chicago demanding mayor's resignation
02:01 — Not satisfied with a police officer's indictment in the fatal shooting of teenager Laquan McDonald or the resignation of Police Supertintendent Gary M (more…)
Despite apology, calls for Chicago mayor's resignation grow
02:41 — Hours after Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel apologized for the police shooting death of Laquan McDonald, hundreds of demonstrators clogged the city's stree (more…)
Chicago teachers stage strike over lack of funding
01:45 — Public school teachers in Chicago staged a one-day walkout Friday to protest budget cuts. The teachers are mad at Mayor Rahm Emanuel over the lack of (more…)
Report blasts Chicago PD's treatment of minorities
02:28 — Chicago's police department was hit with a blistering report on its treatment of minorities. A task force called by Mayor Rahm Emanuel found that the (more…)
Chicago mayor revamping police training
02:01 — As protesters demand his resignation following a series of deadly police shootings, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is calling for cops to use their guns a (more…)
Chicago mayor offers new civilian oversight plan for police
02:04 — Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced a new civillian oversight plan for the city's police department Wednesday. The plan is meant to restore trust in (more…)
Chicago's top cop dropped
02:44 — Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has dismissed police superintendent Garry McCarthy from the force, as gang violence and distrust in the police have both ri (more…)
Obama, Communicator in Chief
Barack Obama used his talents as a writer and storyteller to craft some of the most iconic speeches in presidential history.
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