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Rahm Emanuel On Police Morale and the Spike in Shootings
05:21 — Mayor Rahm Emanuel speaks about the spike in shootings and poice morale in an interview with the Chicago Tribune.
Report blasts Chicago PD's treatment of minorities
02:28 — Chicago's police department was hit with a blistering report on its treatment of minorities. A task force called by Mayor Rahm Emanuel found that the (more…)
Chicago teachers stage strike over lack of funding
01:45 — Public school teachers in Chicago staged a one-day walkout Friday to protest budget cuts. The teachers are mad at Mayor Rahm Emanuel over the lack of (more…)
Sanders: Chicago Mayor On Wrong Side of History
07:12 — Bernie Sanders gives his thoughts on Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and what he's doing to try to attract more minority voters.
Sanders Ad Hits Clinton's Ties to Rahm Emanuel
01:01 — MSNBC's Jonathan Capehart shares details from Bernie Sanders new ad.
Clinton On Rahm Emanuel: It's 'Up to the People of Chicago' if He's Still Credible
01:00 — Hillary Clinton discusses the future of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel
The Credibility of Mayor Rahm Emanuel
04:06 — Chris Hayes looks at what Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel knew about the fatal police shooting of an African American teenager and when he knew it.
WH Chief of Staff: President 'Confident' in Rahm Emanuel
00:36 — White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough discusses the city of Chicago and how the president remains confident in Rahm Emanuel's ability as mayor.
Report: Emanuel's Office Suppressed Dashcam Video
06:58 — The Daily Beast reporter Justin Glawe joins Chuck Todd to discuss his story about Chicago city attorneys, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the timeline for the (more…)
Chicago mayor revamping police training
02:01 — As protesters demand his resignation following a series of deadly police shootings, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is calling for cops to use their guns a (more…)
Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago
06:15 — Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced a new plan to reform the city’s police department. Has his leadership been effective amid fatal police shootings (more…)
Chicago Mayor Announces New 'de-escalation' Tactics
04:29 — Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announces major changes in tactical training of police officers to build trust with citizens.
Rahm Emanuel to Announce Major Police Training Overhaul in Chicago
00:26 — Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is expected to announce a 'major overhaul' of how city police officers are trained.
Outrage Grows Over Fatal Police Shootings
06:09 — Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel will return early from Cuba as pressure mounts in the city following two deaths from police shootings on Saturday. Demonstr (more…)
Emanuel Returns to Work As Resignation Calls Grow
04:16 — Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is returning to work Tuesday following the deaths of two city residents at the hands of police. This is as calls for his re (more…)
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