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The Talk - Rachel Bloom on 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Wedding
02:12 — Rachel Bloom discusses her 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' character, Rebecca Bunch, planning her upcoming nuptials and a heart-felt encounter with a fan of the (more…)
Trump Reaches Out to CIA in Rambling Speech
07:06 — Mark Mazzetti, national security correspondent for the New York Times, talks with Rachel Maddow about Donald Trump's peculiar remarks at the CIA, and (more…)
Massive Marches Empower Advocacy Groups
05:13 — Anthony Romero, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union, talks with Rachel Maddow about the effects of the massive women's marches ac (more…)
Trump Oil Grab Policy Puts US Troops at Risk
20:43 — Rachel Maddow looks at how Donald Trump's continued mention of taking oil from other countries as a spoil of war makes those countries feel threatened (more…)
Pompeo Confirmed As CIA Director
01:05 — Rachel Maddow reports breaking news that the Senate has confirmed Mike Pompeo to be the new director of the CIA by a vote of 66 to 32.
Minnesota Governor Dayton Faints Mid-speech
02:07 — Rachel Maddow reports breaking news that Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton fainted while giving his state of the state speech, and is being kept overnigh (more…)
Let's Have Intercourse
02:20 — Watch the music video for "Let's Have Intercourse" from Rachel Bloom and Scott Michael Foster, then watch full episodes of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on The (more…)
US Sends Marines to Help Storm-struck Haiti
04:47 — Navy Rear Admiral Cedric Pringle, commander of the United States Southern Command Joint Task Force, talks with Rachel Maddow about what the U.S. is do (more…)
Trump Weakness On Syria Shows in Debate
01:05 — Chuck Todd, and Rachel Maddow remark on how Donald Trump turned away from the Aleppo debate question to offer his opinion on U.S. military strategy in (more…)
Giuliani Compromises Credibility for Trump
03:30 — Chris Matthews talks with Rachel Maddow about how Rudy Giuliani has changed in his role as surrogate for Donald Trump, sacrificing candor for flackery (more…)
More Endorsements for Clinton; Trump Shunned
02:37 — Rachel Maddow reports on a new set of historic endorsements for Hillary Clinton, including from The Birmingham News, The Columbus Dispatch, and a firs (more…)
Plan Ahead! Second Presidential Debate Sunday
00:09 — Rachel Maddow reminds viewers to join us on Sunday on MSNBC at 9pm ET to watch the second presidential debate live without commercial interruptions.
Mosul Not the End of ISIS in Iraq
01:40 — Courtney Kube, NBC News national security producer, fact-checks Hillary Clinton's debate answer about ISIS in Iraq and points out that even if the U.S (more…)
Trump Camp Pushes to Move Past Vulgar Tape
06:58 — A.J. Delgado, Trump campaign senior advisor, talks with Rachel Maddow about the Trump campaign's reaction to the release of a recording of Donald Trum (more…)
Trump 'avalanche of Lies' Includes Tax Claims
03:12 — Steve Liesman, senior economics reporter for CNBC, fact-check's Donald Trump's claims about his own and Hillary Clinton's tax plans, finding Donald Tr (more…)
Likelihood of More Trump Disgrace Threatens
08:14 — Rachel Maddow reports on recordings of other lewd and inappropriate Donald Trump behavior and identifies other likely sources yet to be made public ei (more…)
Who Wins the GOP if Donald Trump Loses?
04:18 — An MSNBC panel discusses what happens to the Republican Party if Donald Trump loses. Do the anti-Trump establishment politicians take the party back o (more…)
Trump Indiscretions Put Pence Brand at Risk
04:24 — Steve Schmidt, Republican strategist, talks about how Donald Trump's behavior and the newly discovered obscene tape put Mike Pence in the position of (more…)
Trump's Awkward Physicality Steals Headlines
01:52 — Rachel Maddow shares the front pages of the New York Daily News and the New York Post, noting that both remark on Donald Trump's odd, looming stage pr (more…)
Trump Contradicts Pence On Syria Policy
04:17 — An MSNBC panel discusses the way Donald Trump dismissed the opinion of his runningmate, Mike Pence, on Syria policy before presenting his own meanderi (more…)
Environmental Disaster Feared from NC Floods
02:29 — Rachel Maddow reports on devastating and deadly flooding in North Carolina following Hurricane Matthew and notes concerns by environmentalists and flo (more…)
Poll Shows Damage from Trump Tape Vulgarity
03:33 — Rachel Maddow reports on the results of the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, taken after the revelation of Trump's obscene remarks about wome (more…)
Lewd Trump Tape Lends Credence to Past Claims
19:09 — Rachel Maddow reports on a newly released tape of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump talking about womenin lewd, graphic terms, and looks at (more…)
Down-ballot GOP Questions Trump Value
03:18 — Steve Schmidt, Republican strategist, talks about how Donald Trump's debate performance and the trend of his campaign is being processed by down-ballo (more…)
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