Rachel True



Season 4 — Episode 9

This week, we finally got to witness Kathy confirming what she's been mentioning on the few talk shows she's not banned from: she and billionaire Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak have broken up. No big surprise since they had absolutely nothing in common, but I'm glad it was an amicable breakup and that they're still friends. Who wouldn't want to stay friends with Woz? How often does one befriend a billionaire? I thought this episode was a great way for us to bid farewell to Woz, at least when it came to him being the other half of the (according to Kathy) "power couple" of Kathy & Woz. When they ended the episode with the salute-to-Woz montage (a Woz-tage?), it was as if he had passed away. But since the relationship itself died, the Woz-tage was quite fitting.Although Woz seems like a really cool dude, he doesn't exactly exude personality and I wouldn't use the word "humorous" when describing him, so this very Woz-centric episode's laugh quotient wasn't quite as high as the aver... read more

Scoop! Lamman Rucker didn't stay...

Scoop! Lamman Rucker didn't stay unemployed for long after All My Children exposed Garret as "The Dragon" and killed him off. Starting Nov. 21, he'll appear in several episodes of the UPN sitcom Half & Half as Mona's (Rachel True) newest studmuffin, Chase. "I was killed on AMC on a Monday and booked [this show] on that Friday," Rucker tells TVGuide.com. "It's great! I'm really blessed that it was timed that way." Does the Half cast realize they have a genuine soap star in their midst? "Telma Hopkins definitely has [seen] my work in daytime," he smiles. "She even remembered my stint on As the World Turns. She's very supportive. There are quite a lot of soap fans in Hollywood!" read more

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