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Gayle Grills Rachael Ray about Oprah Feud

Gayle King may have been a guest on Rachael Ray's show to promote a new cook book, but that didn't stop her from seizing the opportunity to ask the annoyingly perky morning show host if the rumors about Rachel saying nasty things behind her old pal Oprah's back were true. Rachael, of course, claimed it was all tabloid lies. Come on O, if you really wanted to know, you shoulda asked Rachel yourself – no need to send your BFF to do your dirty work! read more

Rachael Ray Gets Busier with a Vacation

Food Network may have soured on Emeril Lagasse's Emeril Live — as part of a larger initiative leaning away from high-end chefs — but Rachael Ray is not only staying put, but as part of a new two-year deal the queen of EVOO has signed up for 13 episodes of a travel show called Rachael's Vacation (premiering in January 2008). Ray will continue on with her longtime hit 30-Minute Meals, but cut back from 80 to 60 new episodes a year. Slacker. — Ileane Rudolph read more

Rachael Ray: Tabloid Taunts Are Yucko

Rachael Ray by Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage.com

If you can't take the heat... um, complain about it on your talk show? That seems to be the celebu-chef's new motto. People reports that at a taping of her chatfest Monday, she lashed out at the tabs for printing story after story about how her marriage is in trouble. "Everybody gossips," she acknowledged, "but this stuff is hurting people's feelings who are in our families and friends of ours. They worry about us." Sounds like somebody needs a delicious Triscuit treat. — Ben Katner read more

Rachael Ray Leads One Yum-O! Life

Rachael Ray

Getting the host of The Rachael Ray Show (check local listings, ABC) to stop talking and answer questions isn't easy, but we managed to get Ray to tell us about her series' second sea­son, her new projects and those pesky tabloids. TV Guide: What's new on your syndicated show? Rachael Ray: We have "The Human Lab" segment, where we let viewers test-drive fashion, beauty products and gadgets. Lara Spencer (The Insider) has a weekly segment, "The Dish," about everything from celebrities to green products. We also have a "So You Think You Can Cook" compe­tition for home cooks. We'll send the winner to cooking school and then they'll be better than Rachael Ray! TV Guide: Aren't you a little less hyper lately?Ray: I don't shout as much be­cause I have very little voice left. I read more

Rachael Ray Leads a Coffee Run for Real-life Heroes

Rachael Ray

She has mastered the 30-minute meal. She's published cookbooks, dined all over the country with only $40 in her wallet, and started an organization to help kids and families feel healthy no matter where they live or who's cooking for them. But it doesn't stop there. During possibly one of the hottest weeks of the summer, Rachael Ray raised her iced coffee in the middle of a heat wave and sent a horde of helpers out to deliver free coffee throughout New York City as part of Dunkin' Donuts' "Running of the Cups" campaign to thank local heroes. Luckily, the perky chef sat down with TVGuide.com — in an air-conditioned room... phew! — to explain the reason behind this charitable event and why giving back is simply delish.

TVGuide.com: This really is a terrific cause....
Rachael Ray: Isn't this fun? It's such a cute idea, "Running of the Cups," and there's a couple of layer read more

Exclusive! Rachael Ray Has No Appetite for "Marriage Breakup" Talk

Rachael Ray and husband John Cusimano by Stephen Lovekin/WireImage.com

Celeb chef Rachael Ray was on vacation with her husband John Cusimano — planning their annual anniversary trip to Italy, no less — when the Internet lit up with a report that their marriage was in shambles, and that cooking-show cohort Colby Donaldson was perhaps to blame. "John and I were having a drink when it came up. I'm like, 'Sure glad I got that margarita first!'" Ray shared with TVGuide.com Tuesday morning at Dunkin' Donuts' "Running of the Cups" event in Herald Square. "It's silly," she says of the breakup talk, explaining that she and John "are the couple that makes everybody want to go brush their teeth because we're always kissin', huggy, touchy-feely.... "How, then, such a misinformed take on the state of their union? "I don't know where it comes from, and I don't really care," Ray told us. "I love my job and if the worst thing that comes out of it is gossip, who cares? People gossip if you're waitin' on a table in HoJo's. It just doesn't matter." — Addit... read more

Rachael Ray's Marriage Isn't Fried, More Love Notes

John Cusimano and Rachael Ray by Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage.com

A spokesperson for Rachael Ray puts a fork in a Perez Hilton report that the celebrity chef's marriage is (albeit yummy) toast. "That report is totally false," the rep tells TV Guide. "Rachael and [husband] John [Cusimano] enjoyed a happy Fourth of July in the Hamptons".... Songstress Nelly Furtado is engaged to Demacio "Demo" Castellon, the sound engineer who worked on her 2006 album Loose, says People.... Former Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson and his wife Kristin welcomed their first child, a son named Mason, on Tuesday. read more

New Sesame Street Features Ray, Fey, Spoof of Grey's

Sesame Street's Abby Cadabby by Rich Termine/PBS

Season 38 of Sesame Street, premiering Aug. 13, will feature a curriculum focusing on early literacy and language skills, PBS announced on Monday. The new batch will also feature Abby Cadabby in all 26 episodes (sounds like someone got a new agent), and kick off each episode with a "Word on the Street," which will be defined throughout the hour. There'll be occasional assists from the likes of Ellen DeGeneres and Jon Stewart.Speaking of famous human faces, guests for the coming season include Tina Fey, Rachael Ray, James Blunt and several New York Jets. Pop-culture spoofs include "Meal or No Meal," "American I," "A's Anatomy" and "GNN" with Anderson Cooper and grouch coanchors Walter Cranky and Dan Rather-Not. OK, that last bit just made me giggle. read more

Can I Be the Next Food Network Star?

OK, is this weird? I could watch the Food Network all day. I'm serious. I might have even spent a Sunday doing just that. Anyone else? (Ali, I know you're out there!) Now, I have no culinary experience aside from watching my grandmother whip up family-size entrees without measuring a thing or glancing at a cookbook. In fact, I'm pretty sure she could peel all the apples for her unbeatable pie blindfolded before I finish rolling out the dough. But despite my lack of entertaining or occasional cereal dinners (that's right, I admitted it), I crave the ability to perfect recipes, chop garlic super fast and pull biscuits out of the oven while viewers watch in admiration.Among my favorites on the Food Network are Giada De Laurentiis and her simple approach to Italian cooking; Paula Deen for the mere amusement of her endearing accent and mounds of butter; Bobby Flay for his masterful grill skills (I'll never forget the lobster quesadillas he made one day); and last, but not least, Rachael ... read more

Short Cuts: CSI: NY, Rachael Ray and More!

Tantrum-prone tennis great John McEnroe plays a dual role — including himself — on the May 9 CSI: NY.... Oh yes, bring out the skeletons. Rachael Ray: The E! True Hollywood Story premieres Saturday at 6 pm/ET.... HGTV debuts the new weekly series Spice Up My Kitchen May 15 at 10:30 pm. I just got a new wire-mesh letter holder at Container Store, does that count?.... Which classic TV "minisode" are you most excited to see? Vote in today's poll (bottom right). read more

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