Dueling Work Out Videos
01:50 — Phaedra and Kenya shoot their own work out videos!
Pecs or Breasts?
02:03 — Kenya questions Walter's sexuality.
Stun Guns for the Ladies
01:57 — Phaedra explains there's a thin line between pain and pleasure.
Phaedra Offers an Apology
01:58 — NeNe is livid that Phaedra reached out to her family.
The First Season Is Always Difficult
01:58 — The ladies share to Porsha that the first season is always the hardest.
Never Seen Kordell This Upset
01:53 — Porsha's husband Kordell gets into an argument at Kenya's event.
Needing Another Housewife or Replace One
01:30 — The ladies reflect whether or not this season was a fun one and NeNe gives her thoughts on the possible future cast.
A Man of Many Talents
01:54 — Apollo explores the world of modeling.
Walter Dishes With the Guys
01:32 — Walter joins the Atlanta husbands and dishes on his relationship with Kenya.
Viewing Kenya's Music Video
01:12 — The ladies share their pointed thoughts on Kenya's Gone with the Wind Fabulous video.
NeNe and Kim Hug It Out!
01:36 — Though it's still unclear whether or not NeNe and Kim will ever be friends, at least they can hug it out at the reunion.
Kenya Takes It to Phaedra at the Reunion
02:20 — Kenya calls out Phaedra in front of Andy and the other ladies at the reunion.
Baller On a Budget and Just a Baller
02:11 — Kandi is curious and amazed at how Kim is spending money.
Dancing for Gregg
01:25 — NeNe shares the story of how Gregg found out NeNe worked at a strip club.
Emotionally Hard
02:03 — Porsha opens up about her miscarriage.
The Original Pregnancy Test
01:05 — Phaedra tells the other ladies about feeding your urine to a rabbit to determine pregnancy.
Insulting Kandi’s Ring
01:58 — Kandi breaks down when her mother disses her engagement ring.
The Bling Kandi Has, the Bling Kandi Deserves
02:02 — Kandi’s fiancé is brought near-to-tears by learning of yet another slight made against him by his soon-to-be mother in-law.
Shouting in Savannah
01:00 — The ladies deal with scary ghosts and even scarier conflict.
Confused by the Underground Railroad
01:43 — With some help from her fellow Housewives, Porsha learns that trains were not actually involved in the Underground Railroad.
Kenya vs. Phaedra and a Breast Pump
02:03 — Kenya seeks a peace accord with Phaedra, but Phaedra’s attention is elsewhere.
Getting Shut Out by Her Mother
02:04 — Kenya Moore reaches out to her dad to discuss her mother.
Peter: “We Can’t Continue Like This”
02:40 — Cynthia and Peter’s argument over money ends in shouting.
Does NeNe Have a Problem With Peter?
00:44 — Porsha auditions for Kandi’s musical, while NeNe and Peter get heated at Kenya’s event.
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